How to Mark Events as VIP

This article describes how to flag an event as a VIP event. You can filter for VIP events in various tools in Mazévo.


When an event planner creates an event, they can indicate whether it is a VIP event. By default, events are not considered VIP unless the event planner marks them as such. Event planners can also edit existing events to mark them as VIP.

To mark an event as a VIP event when creating it:  

  1. On the last screen of the Add New Event process, click the VIP Event checkbox.
  2. Click Book Room.  

VIP Event - Creating new event-1

To mark an existing event as VIP:

  1. Open the event in the event editor and click Change.
  2. Click the VIP Event checkbox to check or uncheck it as appropriate.
  3. Click Save

VIP Event - Changing Flag on existing event

Locating VIP Events

You can find VIP events in Mazévo using these tools: