What Triggers Inventory Checking in the Event Editor

Mazévo manages the inventory of resources and alerts you when changes are made to an event that may impact the current inventory of the resources in use on the event

The triggers

Mazévo will display an alert when you are editing an event and make a change that may affect the inventory of resources used by the event.  If the following conditions exist, you will receive the alert:

Booking Date - The date of the booking(s) must be for today or any date in the future. Past bookings, before today, don't maintain inventory.

Status - The booking status (s) must be a 'booked' space status (one that blocks space). Bookings in a canceled status don't maintain inventory.

Resources must have an inventory quantity.   


Changes that trigger the alert

  • Changing the date or time of a current/future booking in a booked space status.
  • Changing the status of a booking to a status that books space.
  • Adding a new inventoried resource.
  • Change the quantity of an inventoried resource.