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Create a Public Calendar (List) of Events

This article explains how to publish a list of events that is accessible to those outside of your organization

Accessing the Public Calendar

Mazévo provides a list of events for display on your public website.This event list is accessed from a URL which you can post to your public website. The URL is automatically generated for you and is available from the Account Settings page in Mazévo.

Account Settings Menu Item

Please note that you must be a Mazévo administrator to access the settings page. One the account settings page you can copy the URL for the Public Calendar or view the public calendar by pressing the view button. If there is no public calendar link displayed press the view button to generate the link.

Public Calendar Link

Choosing Events to Display on the Public Calendar

You can choose which events to display and which events to hide based on privacy setting. For more information on how that setting works please see Making Events Public or Private.

The public calendar will display the following information in day, week or month view: Event Name, Start Time, End Time, Building, Room, Organization and Contact.


Public Calendar Screen Shot


Using Filters and Searching the Calendar

A public user can filter the calendar to display events in specific buildings or event types. They can also search the calendar to find just the events they are looking for. Calendar Search Bar-1

Note that the search bar will search across every field on the screen including: Event Name, Start Time, End Time, Building, Room, Organization and Contact.