How to Change the Components of a Combo Room

Mazévo supports the use of combination rooms. Combination rooms are individual rooms combined into a bigger room, for example, a ballroom. Once booked, changes to the combined room are locked.


A combo room's components can only be changed if there are no bookings in the combo room or the components. This includes canceled bookings. Once a combo room has a booking, it is "locked," and you can no longer edit its components. To unlock it, you must remove all events from the combo room and its components.

You may delete a combo room as long as there are no bookings in the combo room itself (including canceled bookings). Bookings in the component rooms do not prevent you from deleting a combo room.

To edit a combo room:

  1. Use the Find Events tool to find all bookings in the combo room and its components. This involves using the Search field at the top of the list of bookings returned in a search to filter down to those in a specific room.
  2. Move any bookings found to a room that is not the combo or any of its components by opening and editing them. 
  3. Go to  Settings > Rooms.
  4. Click the name of the combo room to edit it. 
  5. Click Components.
  6. Click the X next to a component room name to remove it from the combo. Click in the Select Rooms field to add rooms to the combo.
  7. When finished making changes, click Save.

Please see What Is A Combo Room? for more information.