Combo Rooms: What They Are and How to Create Them

A combo room is a room that can be divided into smaller components, typically using air walls or other types of movable dividers.


When creating a combo room, the system understands how the components are related and manage availability accordingly. 

So, if one component of a combo room is not available, the combo room is also unavailable. Similarly, if the overall combo room is booked, each of its component rooms is booked as well. 

For example, imagine that you define a Grand Ballroom that is made up of Ballroom A, Ballroom B, and Ballroom C. If Ballroom B is reserved for a particular date and time, the Grand Ballroom is also unavailable for that date and time. However, the availability of Ballrooms A and C is not affected by the reservation. 

In the scenario above, other combo rooms could be created from the components. For example, you could create a room called Ballroom AB that is made up of just those two components.

To create a combo room:

  1. First, create the component rooms.
  2. Go to Settings > Rooms. A list of all rooms in the system is displayed.
  3. Click Add Room.
  4. After filling in the information on the Details tab, click Components.
  5. Check the box indicating that the room has components. 
  6. Select the component rooms and click Save.

Additional Information

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