How to Change the Pricing Plan for an Event

Select a new pricing plan for an event by opening the event and editing the event properties.


To change the pricing plan for an event, you open and edit the event, and then select the new plan. If you want to update all of the prices on the event based on the the new pricing plan, you can do that as well.

To change a pricing plan:

1.  Locate and open the event you want to change. 

2.  Click Change Event.

Edit Event - Open


Edit Event - Change Event

3.  Select a pricing plan from the Pricing Plan drop-down list. 

Edit Event - Change Pricing Plan

4.  Click Save.

5.  To change the pricing on bookings, check the box beside them. The checkbox at the top of the column can be used to select/unselect all bookings. 

Edit Event - change pricing - reset prices on bookings-1

6.  After you've made your selections, click Reset Price.