How to change the pricing plan for an event

Change the pricing plan for an event by opening the event and editing the event properties.


To change the pricing plan for an event, you'll need to open the event, press Change Event and then select the new pricing plan for the event and press Save.  If you would like to change all of the prices on the event, select all bookings and reset pricing.

Step 1 - Open Event

Locate and then open the event that needs to be changed.  After opening the event, the screen below will be displayed, press the Change Event button:

Edit Event - Open

and the following screen will be displayed:

Edit Event - Change Event

Step 2 - Select a new pricing plan from the drop-down list

Edit Event - Change Pricing Plan

and then press Save.


Step 3 - Optional - Change the pricing on bookings

Select the booking(s) that need to have the pricing changed and press Reset Pricing.

Edit Event - change pricing - reset prices on bookings-1