How to change the room on a booking

Changing the room on a booking is accomplished by opening an event, selecting the booking(s) to change, selecting 'Change Rooms' and picking a different room from the list of available rooms.


To change the room for a booking, you'll need to open the event, select the bookings to change and then select the new room for the booking(s).  


Step 1 - Open Event

Locate and then open the event that needs to be changed.  After opening the event, the screen below will be displayed:

Changing Event - Open

Step 2 - Select the booking(s) to change

Select the bookings to change by checking the check box to the left of each booking.  To select all bookings, use the check box in the grid heading (left of the column, Start Date). 

Changing Event - Select bookings

Step 3 - Select the tool - Change Room

After selecting the bookings to be changed, press Change Bookings, Change Rooms to bring up a list of available rooms in the same building.

Changing Event - Select tool


Step 4 - Select new room and save changes

After selecting the new room, press Save.

Changing Event - Select new room