How to Copy a Booking

Mazévo allows you to easily copy bookings from one event to another, a new event, or even the current event.

To copy a booking:

1. Locate and open the event that contains the bookings you want to copy using any of the tools in Mazévo. Learn how to open an event.

2. Select the booking(s) to be copied and select the Copy tool from the toolbar.

How to copy a booking

3. Select the destination for the copied bookings. The target can either be an existing event, a new event, or the current event.  If you select New Event, it will be a copy of the current event.  

Copy Bookings screen 

4. Enter the new date for the copied booking(s).  

5. If you have a conflict status defined, you can have Mazévo set the status of booking(s) that are not available to conflict rather than canceled.

6. Press Copy to complete the process.  Mazévo will open the destination event in a new tab on the browser.



Optionally, from the Booking Editor screen, you can copy an individual booking by pressing the copy button as shown below:

Copy Booking from the booking editor


If the room is not available for the new booking(s), Mazévo will set the status to canceled


For more details on how to copy the entire event, see this article.