How to create a new event

This article will describe the steps necessary for an Event Planner to create a new event in Mazévo.


A user that has the Event Planning role has access to the ‘Add New Event’ process on their main dashboard.  This article will give an overview of the different types of events (single day, multi-day, multi room) that can be created in the system.

Here are a few different scenarios that describe events:

  • I need a room next Tuesday at 10am for my meeting. (1 event, 1 occurrence)
  • I need a room next Tuesday and Wednesday from 8am - 5pm for my meeting. (1 event, 2 occurrences)
  • I need a room every Tuesday afternoon for the 2 months. (1 event,8 occurrences)
  • I need 2 rooms next Tuesday afternoon from 1pm to 3pm. (1 event, 2 occurrences)
  • I need a room every Sunday from 8am to 10am for the next year.  (1 event, 52 occurrences)

Each one of the above examples is called an event in the system.  Each room and date/time that is booked or blocked is called a booking.  A single event can have 1 or more bookings associated to it.  There is no limit to how many bookings an event can have defined.  That said, it may help to logically break some really really large events into smaller pieces for easier editing, but that is purely up the to event planner.

Basic Flow of creating an Event

  1. Who? - Enter the Organization, the User/Owner of the Event and the number of attendees.
  2. When? - Enter the Date(s) and time of the event.
  3. Where? - Select the Building(s) to look at for available space.
  4. Where? - Select room(s) to book from the list of rooms that are available on the requested date(s) and time.  
  5. What? - Enter name of Event, Event type (optional), Status and pricing plan for the event and press Book Room.


Below are several videos that show the event creation process in action:

1) Simple  - single day, single room

Add Event - 1 day 1 room


2) Simple - 2 days, single room


Add Event - 2 days 1 room


3) Advanced concepts 

Add Event - Advanced