Rooms: What They Are and How to Create Them

Rooms are the spaces that you schedule within Mazévo.

The term covers both traditional rooms (meeting rooms, classrooms, etc.) and spaces like athletic fields or pools that can be booked for events.

To create a room:

  1. Go to Settings > Rooms.  A list of all rooms in the system is presented. 
  2. Click Add Room to create a new room.

To edit a room:

  1. Go to Settings > Rooms.  A list of all rooms in the system is presented. 
  2. Click on a Room to edit it.

Note: When a room is created, it is immediately available to request/reserve, as long as the user has the right security level to access it. 

Room Attributes

To define a room you need to enter the room name and building.  You can also set various attributes or properties for the room:

  • Room Type: If room types are defined in the system, you can categorize a room by assigning a room type.  Room types can be used to filter the list of rooms while creating new events or while generating reports.
  • Room Notes: Room notes are used to describe features  that requesters might want to see while searching for rooms for an event.
  • Minimum and Maximum Capacity: The minimum and maximum capacities for the room. Mazévo will use the attendance number you enter when making a request to automatically limit the rooms it shows you that will fit your event.
  • Room Image: This image will display to event requesters.
  • Setup and Teardown Time: Mazévo automatically adds this time to the beginning and end of each new event as 'buffer' time.  Event planners can override this default time when creating events, while requesters can not.
  • Requestable: If the room can be requested by users check this box.  The requestable flag can also be set for multiple rooms at the same time (see below).
  • Security Level: A users security level will determine if they are able to book the room or not. See A Guide to User Security in Mazévo.

Requestable Rooms

You can limit which rooms you allow your users to make requests for if you are using Mazévo to take requests.

To mark a room as requestable:

  1. Click the box next to the room name
  2. Choose Requestable > Yes from the menu that appears

Room Tags

A room tag is a  label that can be applied to rooms. See Room Tags: What They Are and How to Create Them