How to Disable a Room in Mazévo

Remodeling and major maintenance can cause rooms to go 'off-line'. In these situations, you may need to temporarily (or permanently) remove a room from the system to prevent new bookings from using the room. Here's how to accomplish this in Mazévo.


Occasionally, the need will arise to prevent a room from being booked by requesters and event planners. There are several ways to accomplish this in Mazévo. The options are:

  • Create bookings for the dates you want to block the room from being used
  • Add a room closure to block the room from being used
  • Disable the room 


Creating bookings to block the room

This method is typically used to block a room for a very short duration (one to two days). Just create a new event for the date and time you want to block the room. You may want to use a special status to remove the bookings from any analytical reports. 


Using Room Closures to block the room

Room closures, found in Settings > Rooms > Room Closures, allow you to take a room offline for any period. Just select the room, starting date/time, and the ending date/time and the room will not be available to book by any user. Removing or changing the closure is as simple as editing or deleting the room closure record. See this article for more information on closures.


Disabling a room

A more permanent way to remove a room is to set the room's disabled flag. A room marked as disabled will no longer appear in the following tools:

  • Add New Event
  • Add New Request
  • Event Book
  • Event Editor - when changing the room on a booking

Bookings in a room marked as disabled are still displayed on reports and Find Events.


To set the disabled flag on a room:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Rooms.
  2. Select the room to be disabled by clicking on the room.
  3. Check the Disabled checkbox.
  4. Press Save.