How to Manage Resource Pricing

Mazévo allows billing administrators to easily maintain the pricing of resources with the Manage Pricing tool. The Manage Pricing tool shows the price for each resource for each pricing plan. In addition, you can filter this view to a single plan.

Managing Resource Pricing

To manage resource pricing:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Pricing Plans.
  2. Select Manage Pricing.
  3. Select the Resources tab.
  4. Optionally, select a Pricing Plan from the dropdown to limit the results to a single plan.Editing Resource Pricing Information
  5. To edit/set the pricing for a single resource, click on the resource description and enter/adjust the pricing information.
  6. To edit/set the price for multiple resources simultaneously, use the checkboxes to select the resources and then select Apply Price on the pop-up menubar. 


To edit pricing information, a user needs the security role of Billing Administrator.



For additional pricing information, see this article on pricing plans.