How to Send a Confirmation

Send a confirmation by opening an event, or one or more of its bookings, and clicking the Confirmation button.


The confirmation is a document that provides details about an event. You can send a confirmation either for an entire event or for one or more bookings within an event.

To send a confirmation for an entire event:

1. Locate and open the event. (See this article on how to find an event.)

2. Click Confirmation.  This will include all non-cancelled bookings for the event, including historical bookings, on the confirmation.

3. Click Send or Download PDF as appropriate. 


Confirmation Button

To send a confirmation for selected bookings:

1. Locate and open the event. (See this article on how to find an event.)

2. Check the box next to the booking(s) to be included on the confirmation. Use the checkbox at the top of the column to select/unselect all bookings.  You can select any booking, regardless of its status or booking date.   

3. Click Confirmation in the header bar just above the list of bookings. (Note: If you click Confirmation at the top of the window, you will produce a confirmation for all bookings.)

4. Click Send or Download PDF as appropriate.

Send Confirmation Specific Booking

Including Message blocks on the confirmation:

1. After generating the confirmation but prior to sending it, you can modify which messages will be included on the confirmation.  When the confirmation preview is displayed it looks similar to this:

Confirm msg 1

2. You can add predefined message blocks to either the heading (before the bookings) or the footer (after the bookings) by pressing the Add Header Message or Add Footer Message links.  Here is an example of adding a header message:

confirm msg - add header

NOTE:  Messages will be printed in the order that they are selected. 

NOTE:  Header and footer messages can be set to default for every confirmation.  The default setting is found in Settings >  Messages.


3. Below is an example of a confirmation with multiple messages.  

Confirm msg - overview 2

To send a confirmation to one or more recipients:

1. With the confirmation displayed, click Send.

Send Confirmation Button

2. Type a message if appropriate.

3. Mazévo automatically displays a list of all contacts associated with the organization. By default, the primary contact for the event is selected as the "To" recipient. You can add other email recipients by typing the email address next to the Add button above and clicking Add.


Email Event Confirmation Dialog

4. After selecting all desired recipients, click Send.