How to Send a Confirmation

In Mazévo, you can quickly email or print a confirmation that details the dates, times, resources, and pricing information for events. You can send emails to any contact on the event or any manually entered email address.


Here are the steps to send the confirmation:

  1. Select what to send - The entire event or selected bookings.
  2. Format the confirmation - Select the confirmation template, header, and footer message.
  3. Send, Copy Link or Create PDF. 


Selecting what bookings to send

To send all bookings, click Email at the top of the event editor. This option includes all non-canceled bookings regardless of the booking date. Confirmation for entire event-1


To send only selected bookings, use the checkboxes to select bookings and then click Email from the popup menu.

Confirmation for selected bookings


Formatting the confirmation

By selecting a Confirmation Template, you can customize the heading and overall format of the confirmation.  

Confirmation Preview

The template determines:

  • Heading information - The department name and address
  • Format - Confirmation or Banquet Event Order
  • Services - Which service providers to include 
  • Pricing - Should pricing be suppressed. 
  • Reply-to Email 
  • Document Title - This is used to set the title of the document (Confirmation, BEO, Quote, Proposal)

Confirmation templates are defined here: Settings >  Events > Confirmation Templates. Also, you can upload the logo displayed at the top of the confirmation in Account Settings.


Using Add Header Message and Add Footer Message messages, you can include standard blocks of text on the confirmation.  The text is displayed either before or after the list of bookings. Messages are printed in the order in which they are selected, but you can drag and drop the messages to change the sort order.

An administrator can set header and footer messages to default for every confirmation. The default setting is found in Settings >  Messages.


Send, Copy Link or Create PDF 

After selecting the template, heading messages, and footer  message, you need to select from one of these actions:

  • Send - Allows the email to be customized
    • Add a message to the email body.
    • Add Attachments 
    • Select Recipients
    • Send
  • Copy Link - Copies a URL to the clipboard for use in other systems (Email).
  • Create PDF - Opens the confirmation in a new browser window in a PDF format.

Adding a message to the email body

From this screen, you can add a message to the email body. 

Adding a message to the email body

You can enter an optional message or select a predefined message from the drop-down.  Selecting a message from the drop-down will append the message text to the existing text in the message field. 


Adding Attachments

To add attachment(s), press the Attachment icon to add one or more attachments to the email.

Adding Attachments


Selecting the recipients

Mazévo automatically displays a list of all contacts associated with the organization. By default, the primary contact for the event is selected as the "To" recipient. You can select other contacts by using the checkbox and set the To, Cc, or Bcc accordingly.

Including other contacts on a confirmation


Adding additional email addresses 

You can add other email recipients by typing the email address next to the Add button above and clicking Add. After adding the recipient, set To, Cc, or Bcc.

Adding addtional email addresses

When adding additional addresses, the addresses will be saved in your personal address book for quick use when sending other confirmations.