Overview of Mazévo Course Importing

Mazévo allows you to import class data from an external system. Importing courses creates course records and course booking records that enable event planners to utilize classroom space without creating scheduling conflicts.


These academic functions/processes involve using three specialized tools in Mazévo. Below is a brief description of each tool.


This tool's primary function is to import course data into Mazévo. This involves creating a new term that specifies the date range that the courses span and any exclusion dates (think holidays) for the term. Also during the import process, you "match" buildings and rooms in the import data with buildings and rooms in your Mazévo data. Once a building and room have been matched, you won't need to match that combination again, as it is stored for future imports. 

The import reads course data from a specially formatted text file and creates course records and bookings along with any cross-listings that may be present in the data. 

Normally, courses are created with a special status of Academic Booked. If the importer finds a conflict in the import data, the conflict is assigned a status of Academic Conflict. If an event is using space that a course needs, that event booking's status is changed to Academic Conflict.  Courses take precedence over events.

If you need to update courses in Mazévo with a new course file, click the Reimport link. Mazévo will delete all of the courses you imported previously and create new course bookings using the same term start date, end date, and excluded dates.

Find Courses

Find Courses, like Find Events, allows you to search for courses that have been imported. You are able to sort and filter the results, and also export the course information in PDF or Excel format.

Course Editor

The course editor, like the event editor for events, allows you to view and change course data. If you need to cancel a course, change the room, or change the time, the course editor is the tool used to accomplish those tasks.

Academic Statuses

There are three specialized statuses used with the academic tools in Mazévo:

  • Academic Booked
  • Academic Cancelled
  • Academic Conflict

These statuses can only be used in conjunction with academic tools, with the exception of Academic Conflict. Existing events are changed to this status by the Course Importer if they are in conflict with a course.

An event planner can change the status of an event that has the Academic Conflict status, but can't change an event to the Academic Conflict status. More information on academic statuses can be found here.

Security Roles

There are three special security roles used with the academic functions of Mazévo:

  1. Academic Admin - This role allows a user to manage academic statuses.
  2. Academic Manager - This role allows the user to import course data and manage term data.
  3. Academic Planner - This role allows the user to manage course data after the import via the course editor.