What are the Pricing Methods available in Mazevo?

There are 3 different pricing methods available when defining prices in Mazévo. They are Unit Price, Hourly Pricing, and Half Day/Full Day.

What are the pricing methods?

  • Unit Pricing - A flat price for each unit consumed or used.
     Unit pricing example
  • Hourly Pricing - The charge amount is calculated as the price multiplied by the number of hours the item is in use. Hourly pricing can also have a minimum and maximum charge amount.  A percentage discount can be specified as well.
    Hourly Pricing Example
  • Half-Day/Full-Day Pricing - If the booking is for 4 hours or less, the half-day rate will be applied, otherwise the full-day rate is applied.  Half dayfull day example

What items can have a price?

Rooms and Resources can have pricing defined.  Each room or resource can have one or more prices defined by creating different pricing plans.


Where do you define pricing for Rooms and Resources?

To define prices goto Settings > Pricing Plans > Manage Pricing.