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EMS Conversion: List of Data Converted From an EMS Database

This article details the data that is transferred into Mazévo from an EMS database during the conversion process.


In order to switch from EMS to Mazévo, the data from your old system must be converted to the format used in the new scheduling solution. This process, which we perform for you, is quick and easy. Once we've received your data, most conversions can be completed in less than 24 hours.

Most EMS data items can be pulled into Mazévo. In general, the vast majority of configuration settings defined in EMS will be transferred, as will the majority of reservations, bookings, and service orders. However, some items will require attention on your part following the conversion. This article provides details.


Note: Conversions include one year of booking history and all future bookings.


Tip: It's a good idea to review and "clean up" your EMS data before converting to Mazévo. This includes marking as "inactive" any records that shouldn't be converted.

Table of Contents

Configuration data that is converted

Reservation data that is converted

Post-conversion cleanup

Data that is not converted

Configuration Data

The following configuration items are transferred in an EMS-to-Mazévo conversion:


  • Building Name
  • Building Timezone
  • Date Added / Added By

Room Types

  • Description
  • Date Added / Added By


  • Room Name
  • Building
  • Combo Room and Combo Room Components 
  • Setup and Teardown Time
  • Room Type
  • Minimum and Maximum Capacity (at the room level)
  • Account Code 
  • Date Added / Added By

Room Views (converted as Room Tags)

  • View Name (as tag on room)

Setup Types (converted as Room Setups)

  • Setup Description
  • Date Added / Added By

Setup Type by Room (converted as Room Setup by Room)

  • Room
  • Setup Type
  • Maximum Capacity 

Event Types

  • Event Type Description
  • Date Added / Added By

Group Types (converted as Organization Type)

  • Group Type Description
  • Date Added / Added By


  • Status Description
  • Status Type (Booked Space, Cancelled)
  • Date Added / Added By

Status types of Wait List and Info Only are changed to Cancelled.

Status Colors will need to be set after the conversion.

Holidays (converted as Special Dates) 

  • Date
  • Description
  • All Buildings
  • Date Added / Added By

Only Holidays in the future are converted

Cancel Reasons 

  • Description
  • Date Added / Added By


  • Message Description
  • Message
  • Date Added / Added By

Reminders Types (converted as Task Definition) 

  • Description
  • Due Date Method and Days
  • Notes
  • Date Added / Added By

Departments (Confirmation Templates)

  • Department Name
  • Address
  • City, State, Zip
  • Email Address
  • Phone

Categories (converted as Service Providers)

  • Description
  • Buildings where service is available
  • Date Added / Added By

Category Buildings (which buildings can a category be used in)

  • Service Provider - Buildings

Category Groups (converted as Resource Groups)

  • Description
  • Date Added / Added By

Category Service Types  (converted as Resources marked as service descriptions)

  • Description
  • Date Added / Added By


  • Description
  • Notes
  • Group
  • Category
  • Inventory?
  • Inventory Quantity
  • Account (Account Code)
  • Date Added / Added By

Resource Packages 

  • Package Name
  • Resources included in package
  • Package Pricing Flag
  • Date Added / Added By

Resource / Room Exclusions 

  • List of resources to exclude from a list of rooms

Menu Item Selections (future)

Pricing Plans

  • Description
  • Pricing for all rooms in the plan
  • Pricing for all resources in the plan
  • Date Added / Added By

Accounts  (converted as Account Code on Rooms and Resources) 

  • Account Code

Billing References (converted as Billing Code on Organization and Events) 

  • Billing Code

Calculations (converted as Tax Codes and Service Charges) 

  • Calculation Description
  • Rate
  • Room Taxable (from Room Calculations)
  • Resource Taxable (from Resource Calculations)
  • Group Taxable (from Group Calculations

Departments (converted as Invoicing Department) 

  • Department Name
  • Address
  • City, State, Zip
  • Email Address
  • Invoice Prefix/Suffix
  • Next Invoice Number
  • Phone


  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone
  • Global Admin
  • Date Added / Added By
  • Global Admin (if admin in EMS)
  • Event Planner - View Only (all other users)

Only EMS users that have an email address are converted.  Users that are EMS Admins will be global administrators while all other desktop users will be converted as Event Planners with a view-only role.  

Web Users (converted as Users with Request View Only role)

  • First name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address


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Reservation Data

Groups (converted as Organizations)

  • Group Name
  • Address, City, State, Zip
  • Phone
  • Group Type
  • Pricing Plan
  • Billing Reference (as Billing Code)
  • Date Added / Added By

Group Contacts (converted as Contacts and de-duplicated)

  • Contact First/Last Name
  • Contact Email
  • Contact Phone

Reservations (converted as Events)

  • Event Name
  • Group
  • Event Attendance
  • Pricing Plan
  • 1st Contact (Primary)
  • 2nd Contact (Secondary)
  • Billing Contact (Billing)
  • Billing Reference (as Billing Code) 
  • Date Added / Added By

Note: Reservation ID and the email address entered on a reservation are converted into a "conversion" note.


  • Booking Date
  • Event Start / End Time
  • Reserved Start / End Time
  • Room
  • Status
  • Event Type
  • Booking Event Name
  • Room Setup
  • Setup Count
  • Private (Based on the settings from the room, status, and event type for the booking)
  • Cancel Reason (for canceled bookings only)
  • Date Added / Added By

Service Orders and Service Order Detail (converted as Booking Resources)

  • Category
  • Service Type
  • Service Count
  • Service Start / End Time
  • Resource
  • Quantity
  • Pricing (Method, Pricing, Discount, Min Charge, Max Charge)
  • Notes

Reminders (converted as Tasks)

  • Reminder Type
  • Due Date
  • Note
  • Assigned User



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Data Requiring Post-Conversion Attention

The items below should be reviewed and modified as appropriate after an EMS-to-Mazévo conversion:

  • Status Colors / Default statuses for Request/Confirmed/Cancelled
  • Building Hours will need to be re-added
  • User Security (role assignments for those who aren't Global Administrators)
  • Everyday User Security (create and assign Security Policies)
  • Taxes need to be reviewed.  Tax code needs to be set on buildings and service providers via manage taxes.  The Apply Tax field for rooms, resources, and groups are set during conversion.
  • Service Charges need to be reviewed.  The service charge code needs to be set on buildings and service providers via manage service charges. The Apply Service Charge field for resources and groups are set during conversion.
  • Messages - Messages will need to be assigned to proper message type (Confirmation Header/Footer or Invoice Header/Footer or Email Body)

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Data That Is Not Converted

The following items are not converted from EMS to Mazévo:

  • Building, Room and Resource Images
  • Floors 
  • Features / Room Features
  • Areas
  • Sales Category
  • Payment Types
  • PO Numbers
  • Reservation / Booking History
  • Reminder History
  • Invoicing / Payment Data
  • Attachments
  • Reservation Attendees
  • Reservation Emails
  • Group Notifications Rules
  • Notifications Rules
  • No Show Notifications / Rules
  • Room Card Formats
  • Memorized Reports Settings
  • Query Builder 

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