Post EMS Conversion Cleanup

Several configuration items in Mazévo will need attention after an EMS Conversion. Therefore, you will need to review the items below before allowing users access to the system.

Data Requiring Post-Conversion Attention

The items below should be reviewed and modified as appropriate after an EMS-to-Mazévo conversion:


All EMS Statuses will transfer during the conversion.  However, all Statuses will need to be assigned to one of the four request behavior types (Pending, Booked, Canceled, Denied) and you should review the two flags, Display on Book and Display on Public Calendar, and set them appropriately.

If your account is using standard security for web requesters, there are four special status records that need to be flagged.  The four special statuses that need to be flagged are: 

  • Request - Select the status that the system will use for all new requests.
  • Confirmed - Select the status that will be used as the default for 'confirmed' events.
  • Canceled - Select the status that will be the primary canceled status.  
  • Conflict - Select the status that will be used for managing conflicts.  This must be a status type of canceled.

Building Hours

Building Hours will need to be entered in Mazévo since they don't transfer during the conversion.

User Security

EMS Administrators will convert to Mazévo Global Administrators.  All other EMS User accounts will transfer over as Event Planners - View Only.  Review and edit these users to adjust their Mazévo permissions.

Everyday User

Everyday users will convert with the Requester View Only role.  To allow users to begin requesting, they will need to be assigned to a security policy.  In addition to creating and assigning policies, Mazévo will need to be configured to allow requests.  See this article on setting up Mazévo for requesting.


Taxes need to be set on buildings and service providers via manage taxes.  The Apply Tax field for rooms, resources, and groups is set during conversion.

Service Charges

Service charges need to be set on service providers via manage service charges. The Apply Service Charge field for resources and groups is set during conversion.


Messages will need to be assigned a proper message type (Confirmation Header/Footer or Invoice Header/Footer or Email Body) before they can be selected for use during the creation of Confirmations and Invoices.

Resource / Room Exclusions

Resource Room Exclusions should be renamed for easier identification.  In EMS, a room had a list of resources that were excluded from use in the room.  During the conversion, if two or more rooms have the same list of excluded resources, Mazevo will combine the list of resources into an exclusion list with the name of Exclusion List X, where X is a sequential number ( i.e., 1, 2, 3). Changing the exclusion list name will make maintenance easier for future list changes.

Invoicing Departments

Invoicing Departments will need to have the building, status, and service provider filters set.  One or more of the departments needs to include room charges.


Under Account Settings, you can upload your logo and set your primary color for branding purposes.  The logo is displayed on confirmations, invoices, room cards, and the room sign, while the primary branding color is displayed on confirmations, invoices, and the daily operations report.