How to Manage Your Resource Inventory in Mazévo

This article explains how to configure and track your inventory.


Mazévo can keep track of how many resource items you have in use at any given time. This enables you to manage your inventory more effectively.

To configure inventory quantities:

Each resource that you define in Mazévo can have an associated quantity. You specify that quantity when defining or editing the item.

  1. Click Settings > Resources.
  2. Click an existing item to open it or click Add Resource to create a new item. 
  3. Click the Inventory? check box.
  4. Indicate the quantity and click Save.

To reserve resources for a booking:

For information on reserving resources for a booking, see: How to Add Resources to an Event

To check resource quantities on an event:

You can use the Inventory feature to ensure that the resources assigned to a booking aren't overbooked. Mazévo compares the total inventory quantity for each item to the number assigned to all bookings that are taking place at the same time to determine if an item is overbooked.

  1. Open the event.
  2. Click the box next to one or more bookings. You can select all by checking the box at the top of the column.
  3. Click Inventory.

Mazevo Check inventory on booking

If any resources are overbooked, you'll see a message that lets you know how many items are assigned to be used at that time and how many you have. If not, the system displays the message, "No resources are overbooked!"

Mazevo overbooked inventory

To check resource usage for a period of time:

To check resource usage for all events over a specific time period, you use the Resource Usage report. This report shows resource usage both for items that have an inventory associated (e.g., tables and chairs) and items that do not have an inventory associated (e.g., catering items).

  1. Click Reports > Resource Usage.
  2. Select or enter a date range.
  3. Select Quantity Used or Quantity in Use (Inventory). (See explanation below.)
  4. Select the buildings, statuses, service providers, and resource groupings you want to include on the report.
  5. Click Run.

The Quantity Used version of the report shows a list of all the resources in use for a given time period. This is often used by catering departments that are trying to plan ahead. It's a great report for answering questions like, "How many turkey sandwiches do we need to make on Thursday?"

The Quantity In Use (Inventory) version of the report shows what is being used throughout the day by time. It's a great report for seeing if you've exceeded the available inventory of your resources throughout the day. mazevo resource usage report with inventory

Clicking the graph icon displays a graph of the item's usage throughout the day. mazevo resource usage graph icon

mazevo resource usage daily graph