How to Find Requests

Requests can be easily managed from the Mazevo dashboard by using the Requests tool. The Request tool displays a list of all requests waiting to be processed by event planners.


On the Mazévo dashboard, the Requests tool has specifically been designed to allow event planners quick access to all requests waiting to be processed.  The requests are displayed in the date/time order that the requests were submitted into the system and filtered by building.

From the Requests tool, event planners can open each request in the Event Editor, review the request's details, and then finally either approve or deny the request.  Approving the request sets the status of bookings to a confirmed status while denying the request sets the status to canceled.  When the request is approved or denied, the requester will receive an email to that effect.

If you are using secondary approvals, the list of requests will be grouped by the event's overall approval status.


Viewing and processing pending requests 

  1. Navigate to Day at a Glance > Requests.
  2. Optionally select buildings to be displayed.  By default, all buildings will be included in the display.
  3. Click on the Event Name to open the request in the Event Editor.
  4. Review the event and press Approve or Deny.


Other tools to view and find requests

Requests can be found in the following tools: