Overview of the EMS Conversion Process

Mazévo can convert your EMS data directly into your new system, relieving you of the need to enter all of your configuration and event data manually.


The process of converting your EMS data into Mazévo is quite simple. The conversion will take approximately one day from the time we receive the data until you can log in and start working. 

We perform two conversions.  The first conversion is for testing purposes so that you and your team can explore Mazévo and become familiar with the various processes.  This includes creating events, printing reports, and adjusting any configuration elements. 

The second conversion, with a fresh copy of your EMS data, will be the final conversion.   At this point, all reservation processing in EMS will need to stop. Once the final conversion is complete, you will be live in Mazévo for desktop users of EMS. Finally, a little bit of configuration will be required to get the requesting functions ready for everyday users (we call them requesters), which can take a day or two depending upon the complexity of your requesting process used in EMS.  

Mazévo can start the onboarding of users before the final conversion, so they hit the ground running once the conversion is complete.


What data is converted?

During the conversion, we transfer the following data into Mazévo:

  • All reservation data - Reservations, Bookings, Service Orders, Service Order Details
  • Groups, Contacts
  • Buildings, Rooms, Room Setups, Room Types, Book Views, Pricing
  • Categories, Resources, Resource Exclusions, Packages, Pricing
  • Event Types, Statuses, Group Types, Messages, Reminders, Holidays
  • Pricing Plans, Calculations, Departments
  • Invoices, Payments, Deposits
  • Desktop Users, Everyday Users

For a more detailed description of the data converted see this article.

What data is NOT converted

We typically convert two years of historical data, and during the process, we don't convert configuration items that haven't been used within that time period of data being converted.  For example, if a resource was used in 2015 but hasn't been used on a reservation after that, we don't bring that resource over.  This applies to all configuration items.  

We can also adjust which buildings/rooms and the corresponding reservations are imported.

Here are other configuration items that are not converted:

  • Images attached to Buildings, Rooms, and Resources
  • Floors, Features, and Areas
  • Sales Categories, PO Numbers, Billing Reference, Comment Types, and Payment Types
  • Reservation Audit History, Emails, Attendees, and Attachments and Comments
  • Notification Rules, Group Notification Rules, and No Show Notifications
  • Room Card Formats, Memorized Report Settings, and Query Builder 
  • UDF Definitions and UDF's on Reservations


What items need to be adjusted after the conversion

After the conversion, there are a few configuration items that need to be updated in Mazévo. However, most of these adjustments only take a few minutes (not days!).

  • Adjust security for users 
  • Upload a logo and set the primary color for reports
  • Set building hours, if you have them
  • Adjust statuses - set request behavior
  • Adjust taxes/service charges on buildings and service providers
  • Adjust messages by setting the message usage type
  • Adjust invoicing departments to set appropriate locations and providers

For a more detailed description of these adjustments, see this article.