Overview of the Public Calendar

Mazévo has a built-in calendar that is available to the public to view a list of events. Each event can have additional marketing information added by a calendar manager to enhance the event's information.


Mazévo has a public calendar that is accessed via a link placed on your public website.  The default link for the calendar is found in Account Settings.  The default view has daily, weekly, monthly list views and a monthly calendar view. All events with a confirmed status that are not private are displayed.  

There is a system-wide option to hide the organization name and the primary contact name. The calendar is also branded with your logo and primary color by default. 

By defining a Calendar, you create a unique link (URL) that is filtered by buildings and event types and can also limit the views (Daily, Weekly, and Monthly) available to the user.

Each event can have additional details defined for marketing purposes.  These details can include images, text, and links to other sites.  


Calendar Example

Public Calendar SampleClicking on the event name will display the details for the selected event.  The elements labeled Description, Facebook, Target Audience, and Event Sponsors are examples of calendar details.

Public Calendar with Properties