Billing and Invoicing Overview

Mazévo provides a complete billing system allowing you to create one or more invoices for an event along with tracking of payments and deposits.


The billing and invoicing features of Mazévo allow for the creation of one or more invoices for an event.  In addition to creating invoices, Mazévo can also track payments and deposits.

Setting up Invoicing and Billing

Prior to generation of invoices in Mazévo, there are 3 items that should be setup to facilitate a quick and easy billing process.  

1. Pricing Plans

First, you'll want to setup one or more pricing plans.  Pricing plans allow you to set prices for rooms and resources.  If you charge different prices for the same room or resource based upon the type of user or event, you'll need to setup more than one pricing plan, one for each different price that will be charged.  Examples might include Internal and External plans.

2. Sales Taxes and Service Charges (Optional)

Next, if you charge sales tax or a service charge on rooms or resources, you'll need to configure Mazévo to calculate the tax or service charge on the appropriate items. 

3. Invoicing Departments

The next step will involve the creation of one or more Invoicing Departments.  Invoicing Departments are used to separate the invoicing process based upon buildings and service providers.  For example, if you send out a one invoice for catering charges and another invoice for room charges and AV charges, you'll need to create two invoice department records.

Creating Invoices

Now that your setup is complete, you can start creating invoicing for your events.  Creating invoices is a quick and easy process.  Selecting a date range to invoice and an invoicing department is all that is required to locate the events that should be invoiced.  The date range and invoicing department will determine which location and service providers charges will be included on the invoice.  Mazévo automatically eliminates event details that have been previously invoiced or fall outside the date range.  

After Mazévo collects the event and event details that could be invoices, Mazévo will display the results, by event, allowing you to review each preliminary invoice.  If the invoice data looks ok, you'll generate the invoice and send a pdf to your customer.

Deposits and Payments

Deposits will be automatically applied to new invoices on an event by event basis.  Deposits are payments made in advance of the creation of an invoice.

Payments can be optionally applied to invoices to reduce the amount 'due' for an invoice.  

You can use Find Invoices and Payments to locate invoicing and payment data for reporting purposes.