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Mazévo Partners

Partnering With the Best in the Business

At Mazévo, we enable scheduling departments and events professionals to do their jobs with greater efficiency and effectiveness—and less stress. Often that means partnering with other industry-leading service providers to deliver truly comprehensive scheduling and event management solutions.

 We’re proud to call these great companies Mazévo partners.


7 Point Solutions

7 Point Solutions is a software integrator specializing in expanding the functionality of your event software. Their decades of experience have helped hundreds of organizations streamline and improve their operations with customized integration solutions. Solutions include payment processing, student engagement platform integrations, and more. 


N2N Illuminate

N2N offers an “integration platform as a service” or iPaaS called Illuminate. It minimizes the time and effort required to integrate with your Student Information System by facilitating secure communication between the academic scheduling functions in Mazévo and SIS leaders like Banner®, Colleague®, PeopleSoft®, Jenzabar®, and Workday®.

Events2HVAC Logo

Streamside Solutions | Events2HVAC

Streamside has provided building automation products for more than two decades. Their Events2HVAC™ application helps Mazévo customers save time and money—and better meet their environmental goals—by automatically controlling the operation of heating and air conditioning systems based on Mazévo room schedules.


Visix Digital Signage

Visix provides complete digital signage solutions that automatically display real-time schedules of events from Mazévo on units outside meeting rooms or on large displays in common areas. The company has been in business for over 40 years and deployed more than 4,000 systems on three continents.


DAX by Detrios

DAX from Detrios empowers higher education institutions to operate more safely by integrating critical campus systems with advanced access control capabilities. Our integration with DAX enables the automated locking and unlocking of doors based on Mazévo event schedules, which saves your team time and enhances facility security.

Learn More About Our Partners... or Become One

How do Mazévo customers benefit from our relationships with these companies and integration with their products? Contact us today to find out.

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