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How to Save Time Scheduling Classrooms with the Mazévo Course Importer

Jan 14, 2020
Posted by: Bryan Peck
Topic: Product, Topic: Courses
If you schedule events and activities for a college or university then I don't have to tell you that your job can be, ah..."complex" at times. Especially when you consider all the people, departments, services and priorities involved. This is especially true if you need to schedule a classroom for...
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Video: The Importance of Accessing a Room Scheduling System Anywhere

Jan 8, 2020
Posted by: Bryan Peck
Topic: Mobile
According to the Pew Research Center the overwhelming majority of Americans, 96% now own a cell phone of some kind. And for many, the phone has become the primary way they access the internet. To illustrate this, the most recent surveys indicate that more email is read from a mobile device now than...
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7 Ways Taking Event Requests Online Benefits Your Organizations

Dec 31, 2019
Posted by: Dean Evans
Is your organization still using a paper form or simple digital document to take reservation requests? The requester completes the form and submits it in person or via email, and then your staff reviews the information and keys it into your scheduling system? If so, you’re not alone. Many of the...
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Mazévo Announces New Request Process for Desktop and Mobile Users

Dec 18, 2019
Posted by: Bryan Peck
You have spent the time, energy and political capital putting the systems and processes in place so that your users can make requests online and free up tons of valuable time for you and your staff. There is only one problem. You are just as busy as ever. People still call, email or stop by your...
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How Mazévo is Creating a Cloud Native Platform for your Scheduling Success

Dec 11, 2019
Posted by: Bryan Peck
Here at Mazévo, the rest of the team and I have been very busy over the last few months introducing tons of new features. We love showing off our latest improvements like event billing or the Mazévo mobile app. While new features are great we also know that it is the value that those features...
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New Feature: The Mazévo Activity Log

Dec 4, 2019
Posted by: Bryan Peck
Topic: Product, Topic: Event Processing
There is nothing worse than being the last to know about important changes to upcoming events. This is especially true for events in the near future. Not responding to important changes is a recipe for event disaster. With the new activity log in Mazévo you now have a way to stay up to date on your...
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