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Say goodby to complex, bloated systems that take forever to figure out. Mazévo has everything you need to manage your busy operation in one easy to use platform.

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Room & Resource Scheduling

The job is tough for modern schedulers; either you're juggling dates, locations, and details using a mishmash of calendars and systems, or you're stuck with tools that are powerful but impossible to use. But it doesn't have to be that way.

With Mazévo, all your scheduling information is in one easy-to-use, complete scheduling platform. You'll save valuable time and never double-book an important event because you can't see everything going on.



Mazévo partners with several best-in-class organizations to seamlessly integrate with digital signage, HVAC, access control systems, student information systems and more.

The Mazévo API lets your developers build robust integrations that lets you stay connected to the systems you are already using.


Events Calendar

A master calendar for your entire organization. Publicize everything you have happening to your community with detailed online event calendars.

mazevo monthly calendar

Event Billing & Invoicing

Create and send quotes, produce detailed invoices and track payments and deposits from the same place you manage your events. Mazévo provides complete event revenue tracking from initial quote to final invoice.

find invoices payments

Facility Request Forms

Gather all the event details you need with easy-to-use facility request forms. With Mazévo's built-in event request process, you can be sure that you collect all the event details you need without wasting time tracking down additional information from your customers.

Reporting & Analytics

Keep your staff in the loop with the information they need to set up and prepare flawless events with hard copy and electronic reports delivered right to their phone. Get full visibility into your events process so you can make better business decisions and deliver exceptional results.

analytics chart events per room

Workflow & Approval

Get notified of events requiring multiple approvals so nothing is forgotten. With Mazévo’s workflow tools you have a birds eye view of the event approval process so events are approved quickly and nothing falls through the cracks.

mazevo event management approval process

Academic Classroom Scheduling

Sync Mazévo with your student information system and make the best use of your space, with a modern, easy-to-use suite of scheduling tools. Watch Overview ⬇️ (1:37)


academic courses mazevo
Customer service is extremely helpful. They always get back to me right away. Within an hour or so. Nice to have the ability to get help when we need it.”
Matt Dizinno - University Scheduler Drew University