Import Contacts and More Find Event Tools

Jul 26, 2021 7:22:00 PM / by Bryan Peck

Import Contacts and Organizations

You can now import a list of contacts and the organizations they are associated with from a text file into Mazévo.


The Amount of Text Allowed in Resource Notes is Increased.

Previously if you attempted to enter notes over 1,000 characters, you received an error.


New Advanced Find Events

The more Filter options and advanced filters have been combined into a single advanced option when using Find Events. The new advanced option allows you to view booking information or resource information and will enable you to save your filters, columns, column order, and column groupings.


Improvements to Find Courses

There is a new seat fill percentage column and new ways to filter the list of courses.


Academic Book Improvements

We recently introduced the Academic book to see courses scheduled in a room throughout the week. With this update, there have been several minor improvements to the Academic Book. You can now view other events that are also meeting in a classroom, and the color of the class or event now corresponds to its status color.


This release also includes various bug fixes.






New Room Availability Tools for Requesters & Academic Book

Jul 2, 2021 5:21:37 PM / by Bryan Peck

Just in time for your return from your 4th of July Holiday.  😎 New scheduling updates from Mazévo.


What's New

Request Form - New Availability Tool

Those making multi-day requests will now be able to choose an alternate room when their preferred room is not available on some dates. 

date not available - pick another room


Mazévo Academics - New Academic Book

If you are uploading courses to Mazévo, you now have another way to view them. The Academic Book will allow you to view all courses happening in a classroom during any given week. 

mazevo academic book



Billing Updates

Event Editor Deposit Tab - New Deposit Filters and Export

You can now filter out your applied deposits or look for a string of text in your list of deposits on an event. You can also export all deposits on an event. 


Find Deposits Now Includes Event ID

You can now see and export a list of deposits with the event ID. Previously the Event ID was not displayed.


Other Updates

Show Notes on Invoice for Service Provider

Generally, notes or special instructions associated with a resource will not display on an invoice. There is now an option on the service provider to have the notes associated with their resources display on an invoice.


Manage Operations - New Filter to Only Show Changed Events

When reviewing bookings in Manage ops you can now limit the list to only show changed events since you last checked. 


Integration with Visix Signs

Mazévo can now send a room's schedule of events to Visix Electronic Paper Room Signs


New Room Setup Icon

There is a new question mark icon to represent a specific type of room setup. 


Other Bug Fixes and Improvements


Enhanced Statuses and More Tools for Requesters

Jun 16, 2021 5:50:46 PM / by Bryan Peck

June has been a busy month for our software developers. They have cranked out several new options and features to make your scheduling more efficient. Read on for the list of updates. 

Updates to Mazévo Statuses 

If your organization relies on statuses to help you with workflow, you probably rely on statuses to keep things running smooth. With this update, you now have more control over how your statuses work with your scheduling process and how they are used to display event information online and on reports.


New Status Settings for Advanced Security Policies

You can now select specific statuses applied to new requests, changed requests, and canceled requests. This gives you more control over which statuses are used when managing event requests than the previous method.  


New Option for Requests That Do Not Hold Space 

You can now allow requests that do not block space. This allows multiple requests for a room to "stack up" for the same date and time, allowing an event planner to determine who should be allowed to use the space. 


Event Planners Can Now Schedule Rooms With Statuses That Don't Block Space 

You can now select an event status before choosing a room. This allows you to select a status such as "Lost Business" or "Wait List" that does not reserve the space. Previously you would have had to edit the event after you entered it.  


Select Status From Approve/Deny Buttons in Event Editor

When processing a new request, pressing the approve or deny buttons will give you a choice of which approved or denied status you wish to select if you have more than one defined. Previously Mazévo chose the default status automatically.  


Updates to the Event Request Process

Requesters Can Now Distinguish Canceled vs. Denied Requests

Requests that an event planner denies will now display as "Denied" to the requester. Requests that the requester cancels will show as canceled.  


Prevent Requesters From Making Changes to Events

You can now selectively lock events, preventing them from being edited by a requester. A lock icon indicates to all parties that a requester can't change the event.  

Screen Shot 2021-06-16 at 5.29.06 PM


Requesters Can Now Edit Setup Type and Count

Requesters can now edit setup type and count for individual bookings. When editing the setup count, Mazévo will limit them to changing the number to an amount that the room can hold if you have defined the room's capacity.


Requesters Can View and Add Secondary Contacts to Events 

A requestor can now view the secondary contact on an event. They can also add a secondary contact to an event that doesn't have one.  


Requesters Can Now Move Bookings to Rooms in Another Building 

Previously they could only update their bookings to rooms in the same building 


Resources Now Grouped for Requesters 

If you are using resource groupings to organize your resources, these will now display to the requester. Previously only an event planner would be able to see the resource groups.  


Other Updates

Changed Color of Events in Combo Rooms 

Events booked in a combo room will appear lighter in the room components than they did previously. This should make it easier to distinguish which room the event is in at first glance.  


Contact Phone Number Now Displayed to Operations Staff

When viewing a booking in Manage Operations or in the Mazévo Mobile App, you will now see the contact's phone number.


New VIP Indicator on Daily Ops Report 

When viewing the daily ops report, you can now tell which events are VIP events.  


Updates to the Banquet Event Order Report 

  • The BEO will now print service orders on separate pages if desired 
  • The Event Coordinator and their title will now display in the header of the BEO 
  • A new footer is displayed that indicates the date, time, and initials of the person who generated the BEO 
  • The BEO header information will now display on each page 


Discounts Now displayed on Revenue Analytics Report 

The revenue Analytics report now has a column for gross amounts and discount amounts. The Amount column has been renamed to Net Amount.  


New Amount Columns in Analytics Report 

When reporting on revenue, you will now see columns for gross amount, discount, net amount, tax, service charge, and total revenue. 


Various Bug Fixes

New Academic Integration

May 25, 2021 10:05:28 AM / by Bryan Peck

With this update, colleges and universities can transfer course information directly to Mazévo through the Mazévo API (Application Programming Interface). Previously course information had to be uploaded via a text file as a manual process.


Limit Requests for Inventoried Items to Your Total Inventory.

Mazévo will now limit requests for inventoried resources so you can't request more of an item than the total in inventory. The maximum allowed is also displayed to the requester. For example: if you have a total of 20 chairs, a requester would never be able to select more than 20.

Screen Shot 2021-05-25 at 9.40.15 AM


This update also includes other bug fixes and improvements.


Better Event Questions, Book Updates, Improved Internal Emails & More

May 11, 2021 8:13:43 PM / by Bryan Peck

We have been keeping our software developers busy lately! This update includes a list of enhancements to Event Questions and other changes suggested by Mazévo customers.

Event Questions

New Event Question Sort Order

You can now choose the order you want event questions to display to requesters.


New Dependent Questions

You can now have questions that will appear based on how you answered a previous question. For instance, you can ask, "will food be served at the event?" If the answer is yes, two other questions could appear to collect more detail. Example: What kind of food will you be serving? Where are you ordering food from?


Event Planners Can Now Submit Answers to Event Questions

If an event planner is scheduling an event on behalf of someone else, they can now enter a response to event questions. Previously they could only enter answers to questions that they manually added. They can also edit or change responses to questions that requesters submitted.


Event Questions Now Display in Find Events

You can now filter and search for events based on event questions.


Updates to the Event Book

New Ways to Filter Rooms

You can now choose to see only rooms with bookings, only rooms without bookings, or specific rooms in the event book.


Add Past Events From the Book

You can now add events that occur in the past while in the event book. Previously you would have to use the Add New Event function to add a booking for a time-frame in the past.


Email Updates

Automatically Send Copies of Confirmation Emails to Departmental Email Address

When you send a confirmation to a customer, you can now have a copy of that confirmation automatically be sent to a departmental email address. Previously Mazévo would only send a copy of the confirmation to the user who sent the confirmation to the customer.


Opt-Out of Receiving Copies of Confirmations

Individual Event planners can now opt-out of receiving copies of the confirmations that are sent to their customers.


New Request Notifications Are Now Sent to Department Email Address

Previously these notices were only sent to individual event planners


Scheduled Email Messages Can Now Accommodate up to 3,000 characters.

Previously the limit was 1,000 characters.


New Variables for Scheduled Emails

You can now include the first booking room and first booking end time in the subject or body of scheduled emails.



Drill Into Specific Events

You can now open events from Analytics & Resource Usage Reports with a click. Previously you could see the individual event, but you had to enter the event number to open it manually.


New Sort Option for Daily Ops Report

There is a new option to show a combined list of events happening in different buildings.


We removed the "People" Column from the Daily Ops Report

We did this for the sake of clarity.


Other Changes

Find Invoices - New Column for Organization Type

There is a new column in Find Invoices to display organization type.


Find Invoices - Export Event ID

When exporting invoices to Excel, the report will now include the Event ID with the other event information. Previously Event ID would not display once exported.


New Setup Style Icons

There are four new setup style icons to select from.

4 New Setup Icons


Add Logo and Messaging to the Login URL for Your Organization

With this update, you can now include your logo on your organization's login page. Please contact Mazévo support to enable this feature for your organization.


SSO Updates

We made several enhancements to SSO to accommodate various Mazévo customer configurations.


Bug Fixes

The following issues are fixed in this release

  • In specific instances, special dates were displaying on the wrong date
  • Resource notes added by a requester are now displayed
  • Deleted deposits are no longer shown on the confirmation
  • The blank page printing at the end of reports has been removed
  • Deleted resources are no longer counting against inventory use
  • Mobile ops users can now view room diagrams that are PDF files
  • Other bugs preventing optimal scheduling




Improved Messaging & Branding Options & Even More Calendar Goodies

Apr 21, 2021 5:15:11 PM / by Bryan Peck

Messaging Updates

New Ability to Customize System Emails.

You can now customize the text in the following emails for your organization.

  • Confirm Email
  • Confirm Email Change
  • Email Address Changed
  • Forgot Password

This gives you the ability to adapt the messaging for your organization and let your users know who to contact if they run into questions or problems.  

You can also now add your organization's logo to these emails.


New Login URL for Your Organization

You can now direct your users to go to a login page that is specific for your organization. (i.e.,  www.your-org.mymazevo.com). This will allow you to add your logo and control the messaging that appears when logging into Mazévo.


New Login Alert Message

Global administrators can now add a custom message that will appear for all their users when they log in to Mazévo.


New Text Formatting for Scheduled Emails

You can now format the text and add web links to your scheduled emails.


Public Calendar Updates

Requesters can now add and edit calendar details

We recently introduced calendar details which means you can include an event description, images, and links on your public calendar. With this update, your requesters can now add these details to their events. 


New Review Calendar Details Tool

A new tool allows you to review calendar details submitted by requesters before publishing them to your public calendar.


The Public Calendar Now Shows Related Bookings

When viewing an event's details on the public calendar, a new "Other Bookings" tab shows all future bookings for the event.


Calendar Setting Name Changes

Calendar Properties are now named Calendar Details.

Calendar Filters are now named Calendars.


Other Changes

Show or Hide Notes when Setting the Order of Resources

A new check box allows you to display or hide notes when setting the sort order of resources on a booking.


Turn Off Automated Request Approved or Denied Emails.

When a request is approved or denied, Mazévo will immediately notify the requester of the change. You can now turn off these automated notifications, giving you more control over the timing and messaging to your requesters. Please contact Mazévo Support if you want to turn off these email messages for your organization.


Updates to Single-Sign-On

This update includes several enhancements to single-sign-on to make it easier to configure for your organization, including automatically setting requester access based on their role within your organization.


Various Bug Fixes

We eliminated several bugs in this update that may have affected your scheduling enjoyment. 😀

More Updates to The Public Events Calendar and SSO.

Apr 6, 2021 4:51:28 PM / by Bryan Peck

Calendar Details (Properties) Can Now be Sequenced

With the recent addition of Calendar Properties to your public event calendar, you can now add detailed event descriptions, links, and images to your events. This update allows you to sequence the properties in the order you wish them to display.


Copy Calendar Properties

When you copy an event, the calendar properties will now automatically be copied as well.


New Single-Sign-On URL Option

We can now configure SSO in Mazévo to utilize a URL that is specific for your organization. This allows you to direct all your Mazévo users to your Identity Providers login page automatically. Previously you needed to ask your users to provide their email address first before being redirected to your identity provider's login page. Contact Mazévo Support if you wish to configure SSO to use this URL.


The Request Menu has Been Removed for Global Administrators. 

The request menu will now only display for those that have the Requester security role.


Public Calendar, Catering and Other Event Management Updates

Mar 27, 2021 2:04:29 PM / by Bryan Peck

New Public Calendar Display Options

With this release, you can now add additional marketing information to your events that display on the public calendar for your organization. Additional information includes images, links, and text fields. You can also select which of your users can edit this information on your public events. Please contact Mazévo Support to enable this option for your account.


mazevo public calendar detail


New Catering Features

This round of updates includes several features that will assist catering departments in managing their services.

Banquet Event Order Report

You can now create a Banquet Event Order (BEO) for any booking. The BEO will display a single booking on a page with all services you have configured to show. The BEO is configured in settings with Confirmation Templates. Once configured, click the "Email" link on the event to view the BEO.

Screen Shot 2021-03-27 at 1.58.44 PM

Suppress Pricing on Confirmations and Banquet Event Orders

You now have an option to hide the pricing on your confirmation or BEO documents.


Resource Usage Report - Tag Filtering

You can now filter the Resource Usage Report by resource tag. Previously you could only filter by service provider. This gives you finer control over what you want to display on the resource usage report.


Resource Usage Report Publishing

You can now publish the resource usage report. Publishing creates a link to the report, which you can share with others.


Find Events Filtering by Event Coordinator

You can now use Event Coordinator as filtering criteria when displaying a list of events.


New Resource Sequencing on Bookings

You can now edit the sequence that resources will display and print on individual bookings.


Enhancements to Add New Event

New Icon for Special Dates

There is now an icon next to any date with an associated Special Date when adding new events. Clicking the icon will display what the Special Date is.

Screen Shot 2021-03-27 at 12.45.49 PM


All Buildings Option

There is a new option to search for space across all buildings instead of selecting each facility individually.


Other Changes

Add Links to Mazévo Messages

You can now add web links to messages on the confirmation, invoice, and email messages you send from Mazévo.


Message Size Increase

The maximum text size of messages has been removed. Previously messages were limited to 1,000 characters.


Billing Worksheet Report

When generating invoices, you can now preview charges for invoices as a batch. Previously you had to preview invoices before you generated them one-at-a-time.


Room Diagram Uploads

You can now upload a room diagram file with a booking. Previously you could only save the URL to the location of the room diagram on the booking.


New Create an Account Link

You can now allow someone to create a new account and request space without intervention. Previously, the only way someone could request a room was to manually set them up with a user account first or use SSO. If you wish to enable this capability, please contact Mazévo support.


New Menu Group for Requests and Approvals in Web App

There is a new menu group for requests. This will display to any user who is a global administrator or has the option to request space. Previously global administrators could never see the request menu items without logging into the mobile app.


Updates to the Event Editor, Reports, Mazévo Ops & More

Mar 5, 2021 5:07:44 PM / by Bryan Peck

Event Editor Improvements

Expandable Panels on the Event Editor

The event editor's top portion (event section) has been updated to include expandable panels to hide the event's lesser-used information.

Screen Shot 2021-03-05 at 4.14.21 PM

Improvements to Task Tab of Event Editor

There is a new filter to hide tasks that are associated with canceled bookings in the event editor. We also made some minor adjustments to how tasks are displayed to make them more consistent throughout the system.

Add Resources Performance Improvements

If you have a large number of resource items defined in Mazévo, it should now be faster to load your list of resources when adding them to bookings.

Report Improvements

New Rolling Date Range in Reports

You can now run all future-facing reports (i.e., Daily Ops Report, Event List, etc.) for today plus a specified number of days. This information will also be saved when you publish the report.

Resource Note Improvements

Resource notes and special instructions now display in the Mazévo Operations app. Special instructions are also called out with a label to make them stand out.

New Special Instructions Label on Confirmations

If a resource has special instructions, it is now called out on the confirmation with a label of "special instructions."

Confirmation Room-Diagram Link Improvement

The link for a room diagram is now highlighted in a different color on the confirmation to make it stand out to the customer.

Mazévo Ops Improvements

New Status Filter in Mazévo Ops

You can now show or hide events in the Mazévo ops app based on their event status. Previously only bookings with a status of "confirmed" displayed in the ops app.

New Expansion View in Review Events

The Review Events tool now allows you to expand and collapse bookings to see details. Previously Mazévo displayed these details in a new window.

New Multi-select in Review Events

You can now check off multiple bookings and review them at the same time. Previously you had to drill into each booking individually to review.

More Improvements...

New Change Date Tool in the Book

The Event Book now includes a tool to edit the time of a booking quickly.

Configure Single-Sign-On (SSO) and Non-SSO accounts.

You can now configure some of your users to use Single-Sign-On while creating other accounts that don't use SSO. Previously once you turned on SSO, you could only create accounts that utilized SSO. As an example, now you can have all students and staff use SSO while allowing your service providers that have an external email to login with an email and password.

New Ability to View Data Across Multiple Mazévo Tenants

If your organization has more than one department that uses a separate instance of Mazévo, you can now run a single report to display all bookings in each tenant. This feature is currently in Beta, so contact Mazévo support if you are interested in learning more.

Browser Tab Improvements

If you leave an event open in a browser tab, it would sometimes refresh, and another event would appear. This has been corrected.


New Public Calendar Options

Feb 19, 2021 4:31:30 PM / by Bryan Peck

New Public Calendar Links

You can now create customized links to your public calendar of events that only show events in specific buildings or with a particular event type or status. The new public calendar will also automatically display your organization's logo and use your primary branding color. The new options can be found in Settings > Calendar Filters

Screen Shot 2021-02-19 at 2.49.17 PM


With this update we also made several changes "under the hood" to improve performance and fixed a number of minor bugs.


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