March 30th Release - Enhanced User Security & New Reports

Mar 30, 2020 4:39:18 PM / by Dean Evans

New Advanced User Security - With this release you now have more control over the specific rooms someone can request through Mazévo. Previously all your rooms had to play by the same set of rules when requested. You can now set rules on an individual room determining when it can be requested and for how long. You can also create different room rules for different sets of users (e.g., staff vs. students).

Additional Limits on How Far Out Requests are Accepted - You can now set a fixed date in the future for how far out you wish to take requests. Previously you could only set a rolling date, for example, 60 days from today. This is available in advanced and standard user security.

New Layout for User Security - The window you use to edit a user's security has been changed and some of the user security roles have been simplified. This was done to make things easier to understand and accommodate the other mentioned changes in user security.

New Service Provider View in Activity Log - The activity log can now be used by service providers (AV, catering, facilities etc.) to see new and changed services. They can view the changes that have been made to services over any time frame including the last day or last week.

Reports Now Use A Darker Font Color. Previously the reports used a dark grey font. The new black font will make the text easier to read when printed.

New Room Card Report - Mazévo will now print a list of events taking place in a specific room. The report is designed to be placed outside the room and will display the all the events happening in the room for one or more days.

mazevo room card report

New Service Order Report - The Service Order Report displays a single service for an event. It includes all of the details for the service including the date, time, customer, contact and time of the service and details about the equipment required and service itself.

mazevo catering service order report

Analyze Events by Status in Analytics - There is now a way to analyze the the number of events, hours, revenue and attendance by the booking's status (confirmed, cancelled, tentative etc.)

Performance Improvements to Find Events and Event Editor - The event editor and find events pages will now open and load quicker.



March 9 Release - Improved Report Printing, Event Descriptions & More

Mar 9, 2020 5:42:47 PM / by Bryan Peck

This update is a collection of changes based on customer feedback that will allow you to schedule better using Mazévo. There are some updates to billing functions and a new event description as well. Read on for details.

What's Improved

Print Reports from Browser Window - You can now print a report from your browser without having to save it to PDF first. You will see a new button called Create PDF which will open the report in a separate browser tab. You can print the report directly from that browser tab or save it as a PDF.

New View In Book Button - There is a new "view in book" button in the event editor next to every booking. This allows you to quickly view a booking in the event book without having to navigate through multiple screens.


open in book


View Room Information When Adding an Event - If you are adding a new event you can now click a room name to display more information about the space including the default room setup time, room capacities, notes about the room and a room image.

Improvements to Viewing Unpaid Invoices - When using the Find Invoices function you can now choose to view only invoices that have an outstanding balance. This will allow it to function as an accounts receivable ageing report. Previously the find invoices function would display both paid and unpaid invoices.

New Invoice Header and Footer Messages - You can now create invoice header and footer messages. These messages will display on any invoice you generate. You can also create multiple messages and use them interchangeably.

See Total Charges From Event Editor - The event editor now displays the total charges for an event. When you hover over the charges you will see the subtotal and any taxes and or service charges that are being applied.


room scheduling event editor charges


New Event Descriptions - You can now add an event description when adding a new event. The event description will be displayed on the public events calendar and anytime you open and event to view it's details.

New Bookings Summary in Confirmation Emails - Confirmation emails now display a summary of the first 10 bookings of an event in the body of the email. Previously the email only displayed the date and time of the first and last bookings.


room scheduling confirmation


New Progress Indicators on Web and Mobile Request Forms - There is a new progress indicator on the room scheduling request form. This progress indicator is displayed on both the web and mobile app. It will show those making requests how far along in the process they are.


room scheduling progress indicator






February 25 Release - New Automated Event Approval Process

Feb 25, 2020 3:24:00 PM / by Dean Evans

Automated Approvals

There is a new optional approval process for scheduling events. If there are multiple people in your organization that need to review and approve events before you confirm them, you can now manage that entire process in Mazévo.

Mazévo can automatically prompt others in your organization for approval based on the size of the event (attendance), the services required, type of event or location. Approvals can be granted from the web or the approver's mobile device through the Mazévo app.

An event planner will have the ability to monitor the approval process and quickly identify events that are still pending approval or have been approved/declined by other approvers.


What's Improved:

New Single Sign On (SSO) Support in Mazévo Mobile

If your organization utilizes SSO you can now leverage that from both the desktop and the Mazévo Mobile app.

New Revenue Analytics Report

If your organization uses Mazévo to keep track of charges and fees for rooms, services, equipment or catering you can now create a summary report of all those charges. The new Mazévo Revenue Analytics Report will display the item, amount, event name, customer, internal account code, billing code and event ID.  This report can also be exported to excel if needed.



February 6th Release - Putting More Information at Your Fingertips

Feb 6, 2020 3:19:09 PM / by Dean Evans

We made several small improvements with this release which will put more scheduling information at your fingertips and make it easier for you to navigate around in Mazévo.

What's Improved

Room Not Available Explanation - If you are allowing users to make room requests through Mazévo there will be times that the room they want is not available. This can happen for a variety of reasons, for instance the room may be booked by another event or the building is closed that day. There is now a link on the request form so the user can see the reasons why a particular room is not showing up.

Enhancements to the Resources Tab of the Event Editor - When viewing resources under the resource tab of the event editor the resources are now grouped by booking. They were previously sorted by date and location. The new grouping will make it easier to see at a glance which resources belong to specific bookings. There is also a new colored bar to the left of the resource also represents the status of the booking. Previously you would have had to click on the bookings tab to see what the status was.

mazevo event editor resource tab groupings


Event Calendar Indicates Special Dates - There is a new star icon that appears on the event calendar to denote holidays and special dates. Hovering over this icon will display the name of the holiday.

Tab Key Enabled When Entering Times - This is for users that prefer to type in the time to a time field instead of picking the time from a list. Previously if you typed in a time into a time selection field you still had to click the time you wanted from the drop down display with your mouse.

Create New Tab Icon - There is now an icon available to event planners that will open Mazévo in a new tab in your web browser. Previously if you were working on an event and wanted to navigate to another function in Mázevo there was no easy way to do it without leaving the page you were working on. Now you can just click the new tab icon and a second Mazévo tab will open for you to work in.


mazevo new tab icon


Default Start Page Now Displays on Menu Bar - A link to the users default start page now appears on the menu bar at the top of the page.


mazevo default start page item


Text Labels Added to Menu Items in Mobile App - Previously there was only an icon with no text.

mazevo mobile menu text labels


Meeting Room Details Available From Event Book - You can now click a room name in the event book to view a rooms minimum and maximum capacity, the default time to setup and teardown the space, the room image, the room notes and the room setup styles that can be accommodated along with their capacities.

View All Public Events From Mobile App and Web - You can now view all scheduled events from the mobile app and web page if you do not have the event planner role. The view will be limited to only public events. Private events can still only be viewed by an event planner.


January 30 Update - Support for Single Sign On

Jan 30, 2020 7:36:52 PM / by Dean Evans

Support for Single Sign On Added.

Single Sign On (SSO) provides a way for users at your organization to login to multiple applications without having to remember separate passwords for every system they use. With SSO your team members have just one account to use across all systems. Mazévo now supports SSO identity providers that use SAML 2.0.

January 21 Release - Room Setup and Capacity Enhancements

Jan 21, 2020 4:40:18 PM / by Dean Evans

With this release there are several improvements to how room setup configurations and room capacities are managed in Mazévo. These changes will ensure both your event planners and event requesters are getting the best information about the room and seating styles for their events. Read on to learn more.

Room Setup Icons

With this update you can now add icons to your room setup configurations in Mazévo. The icon provides a graphical representation of the seating style which is displayed to both your customers and and to your staff. Previously the setup style was represented by text label only.

mazevo end user seating styles and descriptions


mazevo setup icon on event editor pageThe icon displays next to the seating style title for the event planner


New room capacity based on room setup.

You can now indicate which types of setup styles a room can accommodate along with how many people the room will hold in that configuration. Mazévo will also now prompt for room setup during the request and scheduling process and will only display rooms that can accommodate both the room setup and the required number of people.

Screen Shot 2020-01-21 at 4.07.54 PM


New default setup and tear down times for rooms

You can now specify a default setup and tear down time for each room. These times will be added automatically when an event planner or requester selects a room. Event planners are able to override the default if desired. Previously the setup and tear down time were always set manually.


What's Improved

New Event Notes

You can now add notes to events that are only visible to other event planners in Mazévo. These internal notes are not visible to customers or those who can only view (but not edit) events in Mazévo.

New Private Event Flag at the Booking Level

You can now mark individual bookings as private. Previously you could mark events as private which made every booking on the event private.

Determine the Event Types That Can be Added to Requests

There is a new "requestable" flag you can set for event types. This allows you to determine which event types can be associated with new event requests.

An Easier Way to Add Bookings to Existing Events

You can now update the event name and event type when adding a booking to an existing event. Previously this had to be done in multiple steps after the new booking was added. This change saves you time and mouse clicks.

New Date Selector on Event Book

The way that you change dates on the Event Book has been updated to be more efficient requiring less clicks than the previous method. Less clicking = 😀




January 6, 2020 Release

Jan 6, 2020 4:21:30 PM / by Dean Evans

New Mazévo Course Importer

The new Mazévo Course Importer allows you to upload a list of academic courses from your student information system into Mazévo. This eliminates the need to manually enter your academic classes.

The course importer will automatically identify and flag any conflicts between courses and other classes or events. It will also identify any course "cross listings" where a course is listed two or more times in the SIS under different course numbers.

We also introduced a Find Courses tool that allows you to view all course information separate from your events.

mazevo academics find courses

What's Improved

  • You can now included cancelled bookings on the confirmation document. Previously only bookings with a "book space" status were included.
  • You can now show "credits"on a confirmation in the form of adding items with a negative quantity. A negative item quantity will create a negative item price which will be subtracted from the event total on the confirmation and invoice.
  • An organization's billing code will now display and can be edited during the process of adding a new event. Previously you would only see the billing code after the event was created.
  • The Daily Ops report now has more flexibility in what information is displayed. You can now display bookings that have no services attached when filtering by service provider. You can also limit the report to a single service provider yet still show other services tied to the booking. For instance catering may want to see room setup details in addition to the catering order when they print the Daily Ops report
  • You can now filter by event type on the Daily Ops report and Event List reports.
  • The Day at a Glance page has been updated. Previously clicking an item on the page would take you to a new page to view the list of information. You would have to click the back button or the Day at a Glance button to get back to the page once you viewed the list. Now clicking a Day at a Glance item such as Requests will display all the requests in a list on the same page. You will also be able to see the date and time that a new request was submitted to Mazévo. This saves you from having to go look at the events history to see the date submitted.


December 13, 2019 Release

Dec 13, 2019 4:45:44 PM / by Product Development

Multiple Contacts Can Now Be Associated with an Event

Previously Mazévo would only allow you to store a single contact with your event. With this update you can now associate as many contacts as you need with an event. You will notice that the contact on all your events is now the "Primary Contact" and you can now add other secondary or billing contacts as needed.

Anyone who is listed as a secondary contact on an event will be able to view the event if they have a Mazévo user account. They will not be able to make changes to these events however. Only the primary contact can submit changes through Mazévo.

multiple contacts on an event


Request Resources and Answer Questions from the Web

The last release gave mobile users the ability to request resources and services from their mobile device. Why should mobile users have all the fun though? This release provides the same functionality as our mobile app has from the web.


What's Improved

  • Incomplete requests now visually identified. With the last update we introduced the concept of incomplete requests. These are requests that a user has started from their Mobile Device or the web that they did not finish. Those will now display in Mazévo with an icon to let an event planner know that the request is incomplete and not finished.
  • Users who do not finish their request from the mobile app will now receive a reminder notification on their phone after one hour to complete their request.
  • With this release you can now create longer confirmation messages. Previously you were limited to 500 characters for a message. That has been increased to 4,000 characters.
  • You will now see an indication of how many characters are allowed when you create a new confirmation message. Previously the box would just turn red when you went over your limit but you couldn't see what the limit was.
  • Changes to service requests results in pending status. With the last release we introduced the ability for your users to request services and also edit services after they submit their request. If the user edited their service the event planner was not made aware of those changes. We tied up this loose end and now if the user adds a resource/service, changes a quantity or note or deletes a resource the event will be placed back into pending status and the event planner will be notified via email of the change.
  • You can now click the number in the days available column when adding a new event. This will show you any conflicts that are preventing you from having the room. Previously you would have had to click the conflict tab to get this information.
  • Booking date added and booking added by now displayed in the activity log. Previously you would have had to open the booking and navigate to the history tab to see this information.
  • There is a new search filter box in the activity log. Often you are given a large number of results when you are viewing the activity log. The search works the same as on other screens by allowing you to filter the list down to match what you type in the box.
  • You can now decide which if any of your organizations users can make requests for without having to individually associate a user contact to an organization. Previously your users could only make requests for organizations that they had been specifically associated with by an event planner or administrator.



November 27, 2019 Release

Nov 27, 2019 4:52:10 PM / by Bryan Peck

With this update we have made several changes including a expanded request process in the mobile app enabling you to collect more information about event and service needs.

Request Services and Resources from Mobile App

Your users will now be able to request equipment and services such as room setup for their event in the Mazévo mobile app. You will now see a requestable column in resource settings where you can select which of your resources people can request through Mazévo. This will allow a requestor to select what they need, enter a quantity and any notes about the equipment/service. They are also able to go back later and update their selections if necessary.

Add Questions on Request Form

You can now ask questions, called "event questions", as part of the request process. When someone is making a request in the Mazévo mobile app they will be prompted to answer any questions that you have configured. The question can be configured to ask for a text response or to choose an answer from a list. You can also choose when to ask a specific question. Questions can be set to display to all users when they make a request or only when a specific location or resource is requested. You will see event questions under the events menu.

What's Improved

  • You can now allow requestors to finish incomplete requests. With the addition of resource requests and questions there may be some instances where a requestor has started the request process but did not complete their request. Those requests are saved, and the user will be prompted to complete the request the next time they login to the mobile app.
  • You can now designate which rooms in a building your users can request. Previously you could only designate which buildings they could request rooms in. Now you have control over exactly which rooms in that building they can request.
  • You can now "tag" resources with a keyword or term. These tags can be used to determine when a specific question should be asked to requestors.
  • The event billing code will now display on the confirmation and invoice.
  • When viewing an event, you can now check resource inventory on all your bookings and make sure that there is no overbooked equipment or items on the event. To use this new feature, open an event and check the box next to one or more bookings. You will see a button that displays "✔️ Inventory"
  • There is a new report called Event List that allows you to print a list of events for a given date range. The report will display start time, end time, event name, room and organization. Special dates will also be displayed.
  • The check boxes in Mazévo have been made easier to see by adding a darker outline around the box.
  • The filters in find event have been updated to remove the accordion style and replaced with a list of filters that you can click to select.
  • You can now filter by room in Find Event. This replaces the need to filter by building first and then use the search bar to filter by room as a second step.
  • When you are adding new events to the system today's date will no longer automatically be selected on the calendar. We love saving you unneeded clicks!
  • You can now view changes made in Mazévo in the last seven days, fourteen days and last month. This gives you more options than today and yesterday which were there before.

What's Fixed

  • Fixed a bug where part of the confirmation header or footer text would be cut off and not displayed when exporting a confirmation to pdf.
  • If you attempted to export special dates previously, you probably noticed that the actual date didn't show, just the name of the special date/holiday. The next date is now exported with the list of special dates.
  • When exporting the event calendar, the name of the month did not display just the calendar grid. This has been fixed and now the calendar will display the month and year at the top.



November 1, 2019 Update

Nov 1, 2019 4:52:11 PM / by Product Development


New Activity Log

The new activity log feature allows you to review any event changes in the system that have happened in the last day. Users can now pull a complete list of all the events that have been added or changed. Opening the event will reveal what has changed by highlighting the change as below.

Activity Log of Event Changes

Hovering over a highlighted item will give you specific details about what has changed, the old and new value, and who made the change. Resource items that are deleted are also noted and displayed.

Introducing Room Tags

Room Tags provides more flexibility with how you categorize your spaces. By applying a tag to a room you can now quickly pull up all the rooms with that tag in the event book. This is helpful when you have a lot of rooms or your rooms are spread out amongst multiple buildings. You can also use tags to search for events with find events or the calendar and they are used to find available space in add new event.

Add Multiple Messages to Confirmations

You can now predefine multiple confirmation header and footer messages. There is also no limit on the number of messages you use on the confirmation. Messages can be added on the fly or can be added automatically.


What's Improved

  • New Billing Code - You can add a 50 character billing code to the an organization in Mazévo now. When you book an event the organizations billing code will transfer automatically to the event so you don't have to re-enter the information.
  • New Account Code - You can add a 50 character account code to all rooms and resources in Mazévo.
  • You now have the ability to view rooms in multiple buildings in the event book without having to switch back and forth between buildings.
  • The Event ID is now displayed in more areas around Mazévo providing you more information at a glance. You will now see the event ID displayed in find events, the event book and create invoices. The event ID also will display on the daily operations report.
  • A new column has been added to Special Dates configuration called Next Date. The next date column allows you to see the next time that special date will occur. The list of special dates is also sorted in date order by default instead of by name of the special date.
  • The contacts list now includes a column for the number of organizations that contact is associated with in Mazévo
  • A print option has been added to the monthly calendar view. This will allow you to create a PDF copy of the calendar for printing or sending as it appears on your screen.


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