02-02-2023 Several Improvements to Make Scheduling Easier

Feb 2, 2023 7:15:00 AM / by Bryan Peck

New Features

Event Editor - Add Services for Multiple Service Providers

You can now add resources from multiple service providers with less effort. After adding resources to your bookings, Mazévo will ask you if you would like to add more resources. This reduces the number of clicks needed when adding more resources to those bookings from other service providers.


Upload Documents to Organizations

You can now upload and attach documents (such as insurance certificates) to organizations. There is also an optional expiration date you can log as well.


New Default Billing Contact

You can now store a default billing contact with an organization. When you book an event for that organization, the billing contact will automatically be added to the event.


New First Booking Column on Find Invoices Page

The find invoices page now includes a column for the first booking date on the invoice.


Approvers Can Now Opt-Out of Approval Reminder Emails

Your approvers can now opt out of receiving nightly reminder emails for approvals. They will still be notified initially of new approvals.


New Approval History

Those who approve requests will now be able to see approvals (or denials) of events they have provided for bookings up to 30 days in the past. Previously there was no way to view approvals for events that had already happened.


View Only Requesters Can Now See the Event Book

Users whose accounts are set as a "view only" requester will now be able to see the event book. Previously they did not have this option. This is configured by selecting a security policy for the user that includes the rooms you wish them to see in the book.


Room Type Visible to Requesters

The room type field is now visible to those who are making requests. This is displayed when they view the room's information.


Academic Updates

New Last Imported Column on Academic Terms

If you are importing courses from a text file, you will now see the date of the last upload you did on the terms page.


Final Exam Scheduling (BETA)

If you have a direct integration with your Student Information System (SIS), you can now schedule your final exam rooms in Mazévo. This also includes a final exam room optimizer that will automatically find the rooms matching your final exam requirements. This feature is in Beta, so contact us if you want to try it out with your account.


Bugs Fixed

We fixed several issues with Mazévo, including the following.

Resetting pricing is now working correctly for resource packages.

Some statuses were causing a no data to print error when attempting to generate an invoice. This has been resolved.



01-23-2023 New Meeting Check-In and Academic Updates

Jan 23, 2023 7:15:00 AM / by Bryan Peck

Event and Operations Updates


New Meeting Check-In (Beta)
One way to monitor and reduce the number of meeting no-shows is to require the meeting organizer to check in before their meeting. Mazévo now allows you to enable a check-in process for specific rooms, which means meeting organizers can check in from their mobile devices once they arrive for their meeting. If the organizer does not check in, the meeting will be automatically flagged as a no-show in Mazévo for reporting purposes. This feature is currently in Beta. Contact Mazévo Support if you would like to try it out.
Number of Bookings on My Events
Requesters will now see the number of bookings they have requested for each event on My Events.
Select All Option for Building Hours Exceptions
When event planners are notified of exceeding building hours for a series of bookings, they can now acknowledge the exception for all the bookings at once. Previously they had to recognize the exception for each booking individually.
Resize Columns on Review Events
You can now resize the columns on review events in operations. Previously the column size was fixed.
Filter by Service Provider on Review Events
You can now filter the list on the review events page by service provider.
New Date Selection on Activity Log
The activity log can now look for changes to bookings for today plus a set number of days.


Academic Updates

The following updates apply to Mazévo's academic tools.

View History on Academic Courses
You can now view the history of changes to academic courses.
New Academic Analytic Reporting
If you use Mazévo to manage classroom assignments, you now have additional reporting options to monitor classroom utilization. Mazévo's Academic Analytic tools let you analyze and report on instructor, subject, classroom, and course type utilization.
New Academic Conflicts
The academic conflicts page on Day at a Glance has been updated to make it easier to view and verify conflicts. It will now display a separate list of courses in conflict and bookings that have been bumped. In addition, Mazévo now displays course information instead of individual course dates for each conflict. If a class conflicts with another course, you now have a shortcut to retry the room assignment and see if the room has become available.
New Auto Process Option for Courses
If you are automatically synchronizing Mazévo with your SIS, you can now have Mazévo automatically process changes after reimporting a term. These changes include enrollment, instructor, date, time, location, canceled, and new courses. Previously you had to process these changes manually.


Bugs Fixed

This update includes several fixes and improvements, including:
Improving Mazévo's performance when managing a large number of building hours
Mazévo was not creating a PDF version of the calendar when clicking the Create PDF button.

01-09-2023 New Analytics Option and Download Events to Calendar

Jan 9, 2023 7:30:00 AM / by Bryan Peck

New Features

New Analytics Option - Event Origin
You can now use Mazévo's analytics functions to tell you how many bookings were entered by requesters and event planners or imported using the academic tools.
New Download Events to Personal Calendar
You can now add bookings from Mazévo to your personal calendar. This option is available in the Mazévo public calendar and under My Events for requesters. This function will download a .ics file of the booking for the user's personal calendar (i.e., Outlook or Google Calendar).
API Updates for Contacts
We added new options when using the Mazévo API to read or update contact information. See the API documentation for details or contact Mazévo support.

Bugs Fixed

We fixed several bugs in this release, including:
An issue with Day At A Glance that would cause it to hang in specific circumstances
A problem with security policies that would allow bookings outside of permitted hours in some cases
An issue with the Event Book that would cause it to go unresponsive

Other Performance & Stability Improvements

We recently made some updates and changes "under the hood" of Mazévo to ensure Mazévo continues to perform well both now and into the future.

12-20-2022 Update to Day At A Glance Dashboard and Scheduled Emails

Dec 20, 2022 11:22:24 AM / by Bryan Peck

Day at a Glance Updates

With this update, you now have the ability to tailor how you use Day At A Glance.


New Day At A Glance Configuration

You can now configure the Day At A Glance page to show you the functions you use most. You can also choose a favorite function that will display by default when you visit the Day At A Glance page.


Access Find Events and Published Reports From Day At A Glance. 

You can now add shortcuts to saved Find Events Views and Published Reports in Day At A Glance.


Save Day At A Glance Settings

Once you have configured the Day At A Glance settings above, you can save them for use by other Mazévo users.


Other Updates


Improvements to Mazévo Ops on tablets

We made some user interface improvements to the Manage Operations screen when accessing it from a tablet or iPad device.


New Scheduled Emails for Bookings

You can now have Mazévo automatically send emails to your customer before each of their bookings when they have a series of bookings scheduled. Previously you could schedule these emails to only go out before the first booking of the event.


Bugs Fixed


We fixed several bugs in this release, including a few bugs with Mazévo's academic scheduling functions and how it syncs with the student information system.


12-02-2022 Improved Filtering on Reports & Calendar

Dec 5, 2022 7:21:30 AM / by Bryan Peck

This update includes several changes to how you can filter and save your settings.


Save Your Filters on the Activity Log

You can now save your filters on the activity log. - Mazévo will save these filters under "My Views." You can also make them available to others under "Public Views."


The Activity Log is Now Available to View Only Event Planners

Previously the activity log was available to event planners that could create events and global administrators.


Pricing Plan Filter Now Available on Analytics and Revenue Analytics

You can now filter your results on Analytic reports by Pricing Plan.


New "Select All" Option When Setting Filters

You can now select all items in the list when configuring your filters. This is especially handy when you have a long list of things, and there are just a few that you don't want to select. This option is available on all Reports, Find Events, Event Calendar, and Activity Log filters.

Screenshot 2022-12-04 at 2.00.31 PM


Save Your Filters on the Event Calendar

Event Planners can now save filters on the Event Calendar. Mazévo will save these filters under "My Views." You can also make them available to others under "Public Views."


New Shift + Click to Select Multiple Check Boxes

You may now select (check) multiple consecutive rows in a grid by holding down the shift button when you click a row. NOTE: You must click the row you want, not the checkbox. This technique does not work by clicking the checkbox directly.



Bug Fixes

This update contains various bug fixes and performance improvements.

Thanks for using Mazévo!



11-22-2022 Accessibility Improvements

Nov 22, 2022 7:00:00 AM / by Bryan Peck

Accessibility Updates

With this release, we have improved compliance with Section 508 and WCAG 2.0 to ensure that our products are accessible to those with disabilities. Many of the accessibility improvements in this release will not be visible under normal conditions. However, if you use assistive technology such as screen readers or alternative input devices, these changes will make your work easier.


Other Updates

New Deposits by Department

When logging an event deposit, you will now have the option to specify an invoicing department that received the deposit. The deposit will be applied when generating an invoice for that department. If you don't select an invoicing department, the deposit will be applied automatically on the next invoice you generate for the event. 


User Initials and Time Stamp on Confirmation and Billing PDFs

When you generate a PDF for confirmations, Invoices, and Billing Worksheets, the initials of the user who generated the PDF and the time/date the PDF was generated appear on the document.


Bug Fixes

This update contains various bug fixes and performance improvements.

Thanks for using Mazévo!


11-08-2022 Accessibility Improvements

Nov 9, 2022 7:00:00 AM / by Bryan Peck

Accessibility improvements

With this release, we have improved compliance with Section 508 and WCAG 2.0 to ensure that our products are accessible to those with disabilities. Many of the accessibility improvements in this release will not be visible under normal conditions. However, if you use assistive technology such as screen readers or alternative input devices, these changes will make your work easier.


Other Changes

Changes to How Building Hours are Configured

You will now see two tabs when configuring building hours, a tab for all dates and a second for specific dates. This makes viewing and managing your building hours easier, especially when you have an extensive list.


Event Editor - Improvements to Changing Multiple Bookings

When changing the date, time, or status of multiple bookings, Mazévo will now warn you if you cannot make the change for all your bookings because it would cause a conflict. You will also be asked if you want to apply the update to the bookings where the room is available. 

Previously Mazévo would alert you that the room was unavailable and prevent you from making any changes.


Bug Fixes

This update contains various bug fixes and performance improvements.

Thanks for using Mazévo!


10-24-2022 New Messaging for Requesters that Need Help & Other Updates

Oct 24, 2022 7:00:00 AM / by Bryan Peck

New Requester Support Message

You can now configure custom messages for your requesters, so they know who to contact if they have questions about submitting a request. Currently, if they run into trouble, there is no way for them to find out who to reach out to in your organization.

They will now see a need help link at the top right corner of Mazévo that they can click to get help.

 new need help link for requesters

 We recommend you configure this message today with your department's contact email and phone number. Any Mazévo Global Administrator can configure this message by clicking on Account Settings.

 new need help message box for requesters



New Overbooked Resource Inventory Notification

Event Planners will automatically receive a pop-up notification if the equipment they are adding or changing on an event has been overbooked. Previously Mazévo would display a notice stating that some of your items may have been overbooked and a link to check the inventory. That message has been removed, and you will now automatically see what items have been overbooked. When copying an event, you will also be alerted if any of your items are overbooked.


Other Changes

Better Handling of Incomplete Requests

If a requester starts a request and selects a room but never completes the request process, Mazévo will create an incomplete booking. These bookings are automatically canceled after one hour if the requester doesn't finish their request. Previously a Mazévo Event Planner could have confirmed the incomplete request, but Mazévo would still cancel it after one hour. Mazévo will now ask the event planner if they want to mark the request complete (to avoid it being automatically canceled) before confirming.


Improved Messaging for Room Capacity Violations from the Event Book

If you add a new booking from the Event Book outside a room's minimum or maximum capacity limits, Mazévo will now provide a message letting you know. Previously you received a cryptic "room not available" message that told you nothing about the capacity.


Service Provider Selector Improved

When selecting a service provider from the event editor, there will be a blank selector drop-down. Previously it always showed you the first alphabetized name in the list.


View Academic Room Details

You can now view an academic room's capacity, image, and other details from the Optimizer, Course Editor, and Academic Book


View Day At A Glance From the Phone

You can now access Bookings, Requests, Approvals, and Tasks from the phone.


Operations - Upload Images to Services From Your Phone

Operations users can now upload images from their phones when using Mazévo in their phone's web browser.


Bugs Fixed

The following issues are now fixed in this release.

  • Mazévo was not honoring the resource grouping sort order. 
  • The event list and daily operations reports left a lot of blank white space at the bottom of some pages. 
  • The activity log was not displaying the date added/modified column when exported to excel.
  • Marking events as complete in operations was sometimes causing other events to be labeled as complete simultaneously. 
  • Mazévo allowed users to click the generate invoice button multiple times resulting in duplicate invoices. 


10-10-2022 Subscribe to Published Reports & Other Updates

Oct 10, 2022 7:30:00 AM / by Bryan Peck

New Subscribe to Published Reports

Users can now subscribe to published reports. They will receive an email daily with a link to the published report. The creator of the published report can also subscribe other Mazévo users to the report if they wish.


Mazévo Room Sign - Changes to the Update Interval

The Mazévo Room Sign will now automatically update with new data every five minutes instead of every minute as it did previously. It will only update between 6:00 AM and 10:00 PM throughout the day, which can be overridden on the room sign profile if necessary.


Approvers Can Now See Event Questions

Users with the approver role can now view responses to event questions. Previously they could only see bookings and resources on the event they were approving.


Improvements to Entering Special Dates

You can now enter a date range when defining your special dates. Previously you could only enter one date at a time. Mazévo will also automatically hide any special dates in the past.


Improvements to Mazévo Experience on the Phone

We have continued to enhance the way Mazévo works from your phone's browser.


Bugs Fixed

The following issues have been corrected in this release.


The daily log report showed the incorrect time submitted.

Users were receiving a room not available error when trying to add bookings to an existing event under certain conditions.

Users were receiving a room not available error when moving bookings that didn't block space.

When copying security policies, Mazévo was not copying the security group statuses.

The Close Building function was not canceling all the events when executed.

In rare instances, Mazévo was allowing requests to be placed for rooms that already had a booking in them.

Bookings exported from Day At A Glance had no associated start and end times.

Some bookings were being dropped from the event list when exported to PDF.

09-26-22 New Event Book Sort Order & Other Updates

Sep 26, 2022 7:00:00 AM / by Bryan Peck

Event Book - New Room Order Option

Each Mazévo user can now set the order that rooms display in the event book. Previously the order was either alphabetical or based on max room capacity.


Create Invoices - New Hide Invoices with Zero Total. 

Mazévo will no longer display invoices with a $0.00 balance by default. You can still choose to view and generate these invoices if you wish.


Create Invoices - New First Booking Column

When viewing a list of events to be invoiced, there is a new column that displays the first booking date on the invoice. Previously there was no way to see this information unless you clicked on the invoice to preview it.


Requesters - New Alert Message for Requesters with No Associated Organizations

Suppose a Mazévo user attempts to make a request, and they are not associated with any organizations. In that case, they will now receive a message that their account is not yet configured to make requests and to contact their scheduling office to get their account updated.


Requesters - New Request Received Message

A message now displays once a request has been submitted, letting the requester know their request has been received.


Event Editor - New Option to Remove Setup Diagram

If you had uploaded a room setup diagram to a booking, you now have an option to remove it if you no longer need it.


Day At A Glance - New Export option on Bookings and Academic Conflicts

An Export option has been added to bookings and Academic Conflicts


New Report Export Options

All the Mazévo reports have been updated to allow you to export the information into Word, rich text, or other formats. Previously you could only export a report into PDF.


New API Calls

Several new API calls allow you to update Mazévo with individual organizations, contacts, and their associations.


Bug Fixes

The following is a list of issues that we resolved with this update.


  • Some rooms were displayed that shouldn't have been in the event book for requesters.
  • Incomplete requests were not being canceled in Mazévo. Requests that are not complete are automatically canceled after 60 minutes by default. 
  • Users could sometimes submit room requests without selecting a room setup style. 
  • Adding new bookings to an event was not triggering any required approvals. 
  • Canceled bookings appeared in the body of the email when sending confirmations. Canceled bookings should only appear when a user explicitly chooses to show them on confirmations. 
  • An error would be encountered when editing building hours in certain instances. 
  • Bookings in shared/always available rooms were not displaying correctly in the Event Book in Firefox. 
  • Mazévo prevented users from changing bookings' setup and teardown time in specific circumstances.
  • Mazévo would produce an error when trying to run some reports for 90 days or more.
  • Invoices would display a blue bar when viewed from the event editor. They will now show the correct branding color for your organization.

 The following items were previously fixed since the last Mazévo release on 8/30/22

  • Mazévo would become unresponsive when running find invoices for payments or deposits
  • Confirmations were displaying the incorrect number of hours when calculating prices
  • Confirmations were not showing room charges if you configured tax calculations in a specific way.
  • Footer messages would not show on the confirmation if the user decided to hide pricing on the confirmation


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