Government agencies, hospitals, performing arts facilities, non-profits, libraries, athletic facilities… very different organizations that share one, common need: They have to be able to manage their reservable space efficiently and effectively.

That includes:

  • Scheduling rooms with no double bookings
  • Tracking room setup details
  • Improving communication—internally and with customers
  • Managing facility rentals and generating invoices

Outdated methods and systems may enable these types of organizations to “get by,” but a higher level of performance is attainable with the right scheduling software.

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You Want to Provide Outstanding Service but Are Struggling. 6 Indicators Your Software Is the Problem.

You’ve got a great team, good processes in place, and a firm commitment to serving your customers and your organization well. But despite your best efforts, you feel like you’re coming up short. Is your software holding you back? Here are signs it may be:

Your system is limited in what it can do.
You’re not sure it will be supported going forward.
Your IT department doesn’t want to maintain the software.
Training new users is difficult and time-consuming.
You can’t access the system from a tablet, phone, or Mac.
You’ve had to create convoluted workarounds just to get work done.

What’s more, you haven’t been able to find an advanced-yet-affordable solution to replace your existing software.

Well, you’re in luck! There’s a leading-edge, cloud-native scheduling system that can address all those pain points and more.

The Features Your Team Needs to Manage Events Effectively

Stop wishing for powerful meeting and event scheduling functionality and start benefiting from it! Mazévo provides:

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All event details in
one place.

No hunting through disparate systems for that key piece of information.

Built-in online
event request forms.

Customers must be able to reserve a room and resources quickly and efficiently from their computer or mobile device.

Setup details accessible from a phone or tablet.

Efficiency skyrockets when
crews always have up-to-date information handy.

Comprehensive reports
and analytics.

In order to schedule rooms
and resources effectively,
you need data to drive
your strategy.

Online calendar.

Dramatically reduce event-related inquiries by making always-current details easily accessible online.

Event billing capabilities.

Generate and send invoices quickly, efficiently, and confidently, knowing that the system is
tracking all the details for you.

A PC- and Mac-friendly solution.

You don’t have time to deal with compatibility issues.

Resource inventory management functionality.

Knowing what resources you have available at all times prevents overbooking and also helps you do more with less.

Graphical event book.

Get a big-picture perspective
on event activity at a glance.

Reports at your fingertips.

Providing data to anyone
who needs it takes just
a few clicks.

Getting Started With Mazévo Is Fast and Hassle-Free

You’re constantly pulled in several directions at once and have no time or energy for a long, complicated scheduling solution implementation. We get it! That’s why we’ve made it simple to move from other systems to Mazévo.

There are many reasons that the transition to our scheduling solution is easy, including that Mazévo is completely web-based. That means you don’t have to buy new equipment or install software on user computers. Our team sets aside a secure, always-accessible, fully managed workspace in the cloud for your system, and you’re ready to go!

We can also convert—or help you convert—data from another system to Mazévo. No time-consuming, error-prone, manual rekeying of data!

So, say goodbye to the time when a system transition took many weeks, if not months! You can be making reservations in Mazévo in just days.

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New Thinking in Event Management From an Industry Pioneer

Mazévo Founder Dean Evans created one of the first meeting and event scheduling solutions in 1986. It revolutionized the way space was managed and was adopted by leading organizations of all kinds in the U.S and around the world.

After stepping away from the scheduling industry to enjoy some time with his family, Dean saw that today’s systems have become clunky collections of complex functions “bolted on” to outdated frames from decades ago. And, he knew scheduling professionals deserved better.

Joining forces with scheduling software veterans like Mazévo Co-Founder and VP of Sales Bryan Peck, Dean launched Mazévo to, once again, transform the industry using the latest technology to produce a lean, powerful, intuitive, cost-effective scheduling solution.

Experience Mazévo for Yourself!

One of the great things about a completely web-based scheduling solution like Mazévo is that you don’t have to picture what it would be like using it in your environment—you can experience it!  

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