Churches today have many types of spaces they need to manage. This includes meeting rooms, gymnasiums, multi-purpose facilities, classrooms, and outdoor areas. And they often make these spaces available to church members and staff, as well as to outside individuals and organizations on a rental basis. But whoever the meeting host is, the goals for schedulers are the same:

  • Coordinate the use of rooms and resources efficiently
  • Improve communication among
    staff and space users
  • Streamline the approval process
  • Provide an exceptional experience for meeting hosts and attendees

It’s a tall task, but one that’s totally achievable with an advanced scheduling system.

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4 Signs It's Time to Implement a Modern Scheduling Solution

Churches tend to be excellent stewards of their budgets, and will continue to use a resource like their scheduling system as long as possible. However, at some point it benefits the church, its members, and meeting and event attendees to implement a modern scheduling solution.


Your system is running on an aging server somewhere and not in the cloud.


Your not sure how much longer your software will be supported.

You can't access the event schedule from a tablet or phone.
It’s difficult and time-consuming to get new system users up to speed.

And, to make matters worse, when you start searching for a new, cloud-based system, you can’t find one that fits your budget.
The good news is that all of these issues can be addressed with the right scheduling solution!

The Functionality Your Church Needs to Manage Events Effectively

When your scheduling solution has the appropriate features and functions, you can manage meetings and events much more efficiently and provide exceptional service to hosts and attendees. That includes:

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Accessible Online Calendar.

Greatly reduce event-related inquiries by making meeting and event details easily accessible online.

Built-in event request process.

Managing room reservation requests efficiently is important, so having a system with a built-in request process is essential.

Defined approval workflow.

Getting necessary approvals for events can be a labor-intensive task, but having features that support that process makes it easier.

Detailed setup reports in paper and electronic form.

Your setup crew and others who help with events can be much more efficient when setup reports are easy to view and print.

Smartphone/tablet access.

For staff members who are away from their desk, being able to access your scheduling solution and see current setup information from their phone or tablet is a must.

A PC- and Mac-friendly solution.

You don’t have time to deal with compatibility issues.

Resource inventory feature.
Having accurate numbers on the availability of resources (chairs, tables, data projectors, etc.) at all times prevents overbooking and also helps you do more with less.
Facility rental capabilities.
If you rent your space to outside individuals or groups, it’s vital that you have a way to manage those events and bill for them if you charge a fee.

Getting Started With Mazévo Is Simple

Moving from one scheduling system to another can be challenging. However, we can provide assistance that simplifies and streamlines the process.

There are many reasons that getting started with our scheduling solution is easy, including that Mazévo is completely web-based. That means you don’t have to buy a new server or install software on multiple user computers. We set you up with your own secure, fully managed space in the cloud and access to Mazévo, and away you go!

We can also convert—or provide assistance as you convert—data from certain other systems to Mazévo. No time-consuming, manual rekeying of information!

So, the days of system transitions that took many weeks, if not months, are gone. You can literally be up and running in Mazévo in a matter of days.
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Who’s Using Mazévo?

Some of the most well-run scheduling departments use our advanced, web-native event management solution. You’ll find Mazévo at many churches, including:

gender road christian church
Gender Road Christian Church
Intown Community Church
st peter chanel
St. Peter Chanel
christ episcopal
Christ Episcopal Church
park cities baptist church
Park Cities Baptist Church
University of Minnesota, Student Unions
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New Thinking in Event Management From an Industry Pioneer

Mazévo Founder Dean Evans designed one of the first scheduling systems for churches in the late 1990s. It revolutionized the way religious organizations managed meetings and events.

After stepping away from the scheduling industry for a while to enjoy some time with his family, Dean noticed that today’s systems have become cumbersome collections of complex functions “bolted on” to outdated frameworks from decades ago. And, he knew churches deserved better.

Joining forces with scheduling software veterans like Mazévo Co-Founder and VP of Sales Bryan Peck, Dean launched the company to, once again, transform the industry using the latest technology to produce a lean, powerful, intuitive, and cost-effective scheduling solution.

Experience Mazévo for Yourself!

One of the beauties of a fully web-based scheduling solution like Mazévo is that you don’t have to imagine what it would be like using it—you can experience it!

Contact us today to schedule a live, online demo.

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