School systems are busy organizations that not only have countless internal meetings and events to schedule, but often allow community groups and individuals to use their space, as well. Managing all of that activity—from receiving and processing requests, to coordinating services and executing events—requires a scheduling solution that:

  • Makes it easy to book rooms and resources efficiently
  • Enables effective communication among team members and with event hosts
  • Streamlines the approval process
  • Handles all aspects of pricing and billing
  • Helps ensure an excellent experience for customers and users alike

Outdated scheduling systems and manual processes can’t deliver on these expectations. But our advanced, web-based system addresses all these needs and more.

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Your Current Approach to Scheduling Isn’t Making the Grade: 6 Indicators

If you’ve been using the same scheduling system for a while, you’ve probably gotten used to its shortcomings. But by sticking with it, you’re doing your team and your customers a disservice.

Here are six signs it’s time to make the move to a better, cloud-based, cost-effective solution:

Your current system is hard to navigate, so processes take longer than they should.
You can't view the schedule of events from a mobile device.
It’s difficult to train new users on the system.

Your customers are saying it’s difficult to book space or coordinate events with you.

The software company you’re dealing with does not support the system well, often leaving you waiting for help.

Your system is running on an aging server somewhere and not in the cloud.

Fortunately, all of these problems can be eliminated by making a smooth, stress-free transition to the right room and resource scheduling solution!

Easy-to-Use K-12 Facility Scheduling Solution

No more struggling to gather and present information on how your space is being used. Mazévo’s powerful reporting capability means that information is always at your fingertips.

See Mazévo in Action
See what is happening at a glance

Get a big-picture perspective
on event activity at a glance.

A PC- and Mac-friendly solution.

You don’t have time to deal with compatibility issues.

Measure your impact

No more struggling to gather and present information on how your space is being used. Mazévo’s powerful reporting capability means that information is always at your fingertips.

Consolidated Facility Calendar

Make information on events available online automatically to keep people informed and reduce the number of calls you get.

Recover costs and increase revenue

Billing, invoicing, and payment tracking, Mazévo handles it all in a streamlined process.

Built-in facility
use request forms.

Receiving reservation requests and ensuring the proper approvals are granted is easy with built-in forms and workflows

A scheduling one-stop-shop

No more making entries in multiple systems, and all the risk of errors that comes with it. Plus, the system prevents costly and embarrassing double bookings.

Schedule All Types of Facilities

Mazévo can handle the scheduling of any type of space with ease: athletic fields, meeting rooms, classrooms, cafeterias, outdoor spaces, etc.

Produce flawless facility use permits

Producing permits for your customers takes just a few clicks.

Getting Started with Mazévo is Easier Than You Might Think

Nobody enjoys moving to a new scheduling system. So, you’ll be happy to know that we make it simple to switch to Mazévo from other systems.

How do we do that? For starters, Mazévo is completely web-based. That means you don’t have to buy new hardware or install software on user computers. We simply give you secure access to fully managed space in the cloud, and you’re ready to start using the system!

We can also convert—or provide guidance as you convert—data from certain other systems to Mazévo. No time-consuming, manual rekeying of information.  

If you’re a veteran of painful system transitions that took many weeks, if not months, you can say goodbye to those days!

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New Thinking in Event Management From an Industry Pioneer

Mazévo Founder Dean Evans designed one of the first scheduling solutions for higher education in 1986. It revolutionized the way meetings and events were managed and was adopted by thousands of organizations of all kinds around the world.

After stepping away from the scheduling industry for a while to enjoy some time with his family, Dean saw that today’s systems have become unwieldy conglomerations of complex functions “bolted on” to outdated chassis from decades ago. And, he knew scheduling professionals deserved better.

Joining forces with scheduling software veterans like Mazévo Co-Founder and VP of Sales Bryan Peck, Dean launched the company to, once again, transform the industry using the latest technology to produce a lean, powerful, intuitive, and cost-effective scheduling solution.

Experience Mazévo for Yourself!

One of the best things about a web-native scheduling solution like Mazévo is that you don’t have to imagine what it would be like using it in your K-12 school or district—you can experience it!

Contact us today to schedule a live, online demo.

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