December 14, 2023

Updates for Processing Requests


Day At A Glance Updates

Filter by Room Tag

You can now filter all the Day At A Glance functions by room tags. Previously, you could only filter by building.

Filter Requests by Status

You can now filter the list of pending requests by one or more statuses. This is helpful if you have a lot of pending requests or only want to view requests with a specific status.  

Event Editor Updates

New Booking Grouping Option

You can now group the bookings appearing in the event editor. This can be helpful if your event has a large number of bookings.

event editor group by columns demonstration

Search by Date

The booking search box will now allow you to search by typing in a date (i.e. 12/15/2023)

See Conflicting Bookings

For bookings that are in conflict, you can now see what other bookings are in the room by clicking an information icon.

conflict information pop up

Secondary Approval Updates

New History of Event Changes

You can now see a complete list of event changes that require your approval when viewing bookings. Previously, it could be challenging to understand why you were being asked to approve an event if it was for a change/update that took place.

Approval History Increased to 90 Days

You can now see up to 90 days of past approvals you have given under My Approvals. Previously, you could only see 30 days.

Configuration Updates

New Tool to View All Room Resource Exclusions

This tool provides a single list of every resource you have excluded from being used in specific rooms. This makes managing and updating your resource exclusions easier, especially if you have an extensive list.

Bug Fixes

We fixed several issues in this release, including the following

  • A user-preferred email was not consistently updating when using SSO
  • Copying bookings with resource packages would sometimes cause Mazévo to hang or the package to not copy correctly. 
  • Find invoices would not always display the correct organization's invoices.
  • Mazévo was not properly recording the history of changes to contacts associated with organizations. 


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