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Confirmation Updates and Simplified Event Lookups

Sep 19, 2020 12:23:04 PM / by Bryan Peck

Changes to the Event Confirmation

New Confirmation Header - The layout of the confirmation header will now show more information in less space. The header also now displays the Event Coordinator if used. 

Screen Shot 2020-09-19 at 9.52.21 AM

Confirmation Colors - You can now change the booking bar's background color on the confirmation. The Event ID also has a new background color to make it stand out.

New Event ID Number Scheme - The event ID was previously a six-character alphanumeric, which was hard to say and remember. The Event ID is now simplified always to include a letter followed by four digits. (example A3789)


Simplified Event Lookups

New Simplified Filter on Find Events - The Find Events filter is now simplified to only show the fields used most for searching, Organization, Contact, and Room. It also displays the most common time frames for searching. Previously you were always presented with a dozen options to choose from when searching for events. If you preferred the old searching method, more power to you, it is still available, and Mazévo will remember your preference the next time you search. 

Other Updates

New Room Tag Editor - If you are a fan of Room Tags, you have a new simplified way to view and manage them with a new Manage Room Tags tool. 

New Resource Usage Summary - Want to know how many times a piece of AV equipment was used last month? You can now with the new Resource Usage Summary Report. Drilling into the total on the report displays a list of the bookings utilizing the equipment.

New Skip Setup Option When Booking Multiple Rooms - When you are booking a room for an event, you may not always know the type of room setup at the time of booking. The new Skip Setup button will tell Mazévo to stop asking you for the room setup if you need to book multiple rooms at once. 

Add New Contact from Event Book - When adding a new event from the event book, you can now add new contacts on the fly. 

Updates to Mazévo Ops - There are several updates to Mazévo Ops to allow for more flexibility in how you manage operations through Mazévo.

Managers Can Change Service States to Completed - Changing the state of a service to "In Progress" or "Completed" can now be done by a manager. This ability was previously only available to those with a worker role. 

New Setting to Not Allow Workers to Set Service State - This is for organizations where Managers are the only ones to indicate the completion of a setup or service.

Managers Can Mark Events as "Ready" - A manager can now indicate when all services and setups are reviewed and completed for an event by clicking the Ready button. You will see a new column in Manage Operations that shows which events marked as Ready.

New Icon for Changed Events in Manage Operations - The Manage Operations Page now has a column that will indicate if an event has changed since it was last reviewed. 

Additional Information for Scheduled Emails - There is a new column for the recipient of a scheduled email (primary contact, secondary, etc.) and a timestamp to displaying the sent time of the scheduled email.

Analytics Filters Displayed - The settings used to create a report for analytics are now displayed. Previously if you published an analytics report, you could not see the filter settings. 


What's Fixed

We fixed a bug where the request form displayed a service provider with no resources available to request.

When adding a new event, the Best Available Search will now display all alternate rooms regardless of the setup type chosen. 

Disabled rooms will no longer display when managing pricing or room setups.

The booking editor window is now organized more logically.

September 2020 Updates to Help You Schedule Better

Sep 4, 2020 4:14:58 PM / by Bryan Peck

Event Book Improvements

With this release, there are several updates to the Event Book to make it easier to view and work with schedules in a large number of rooms.

See More Events and Rooms in the Event Book - The new Zoom Out feature allows you to view an entire day and more rooms on the page.

mazevo event book zoomed out


Event Book Filter - The Book's search bar now allows you to search on more than just the event name. You can now filter the Book by the event name, organization, contact, status, room, and room type.

mazevo event book search bar


Event Book Tool Tip - The pop up in the Event Book now displays the organization name and contact name.

Event Book Sequencing - You now have the option to sort the rooms that display in the Book by size/capacity. Previously the rooms were only sorted alphabetically.

Open Room Setup Diagram from Book - When right-clicking on an event, there is now an option to display the room diagram if one is attached to the booking.

Open Events to Booking - When opening an event from the Book or Find Events, the booking is highlighted in the event editor for quick reference.

event editor highlight booking


More Tools for Working with Organizations in Mazévo

There are now many more ways to make it easier to work with your organizations and customers in Mazévo.

Add a Contact - There is a new add a contact function available while working with organizations. Previously you could assign an existing contact to an organization, but if you wanted to add a brand new contact, you needed to go to another page. You can now do this all from one place.

View Events - You can view all of an organization's current and past events from the Organization page.

Add New Event - You can now add a new event from the Organization page.

New Restricted Organizations - Do you have a group that didn't pay their bill the last time they used your facilities? There is a new restricted checkbox on an organization that will prevent you from scheduling new events for that organization. When you restrict an organization, you can also add notes to indicate why they can't schedule new events.

New Event Coordinator Field - You can now designate an event coordinator for your events. You can also assign a default event coordinator for an organization. When you book events with that organization, the default event coordinator will be used.

Other Updates

Cancel Reason Note - When using cancellation reasons, there is now a note field to indicate who canceled the event and additional details.

Room Tags Available on Reports - You can now filter the Event Schedule, Daily Operations, and Service Order reports with room tags.

New Internal Room Notes - There is now an Internal Room Notes field on rooms. These notes are only available to event planners in Mazévo. They can be viewed by clicking on a room in the Book or from Add New Event.

New Exports on Day At A Glance page - You can now export requests and approvals to Excel or PDF from the Day At A Glance page.

New Building Filter on Day At A Glance - You can now filter the Day At A Glance page by Building. Previously any event planner or global administrator would see all requests and approvals regardless of where the event is taking place.

Open events with EMS Reservation Number - If you have events converted from EMS, you can now use the EMS Reservation Number to open the event rather than the Mazévo Event ID.

Email Opt-out of New Requests and Changes - A user can now select not to be notified of new event requests and changes to requests.

New Notification of Unread Messages - Those requesting space through the web app will now receive email notification when they have an unread message from an event planner.

New Copy Booking Button - There is now a Copy Booking Button on the Booking Editor Page.

New Copy Resource Notes Button - There is now a button to Copy Resource Notes to the clipboard from the Resources tab of the Event Editor or Booking Editor page.


What's Fixed

Corrected a bug causing Security Policies to work incorrectly.

Fixed an issue that would cause the Mazévo Course Importer not to import courses successfully.

Fixed a problem with the Mazévo Course Importer that allowed you to import courses with no Academic Statuses defined.


Enhancements To Mazévo Ops

Aug 11, 2020 4:12:57 PM / by Bryan Peck

With this release, Mazévo Ops get some new features, and there are new ways to view event information for those making requests as well as a public calendar view.


Mazévo Ops, New Work Items Feature - Mazévo Ops already provides an easy way to deliver event details to your setup staff via their phones. With this update, you can now deliver other non-event-related tasks to them as well. They can mark these tasks as completed and add notes, just like event-related tasks. 


Attach Photos to Work in Mazévo Ops - When your staff is setting up or cleaning up after an event, they now have a way to capture photos and log those as part of the activity. The images and any notes are viewable by managers within Mazévo. 


Mazévo Ops, New Work Log - The Work Log allows you to see the status of all work items in Mazévo. You can see who performed the setup and when it was started, completed, and view any notes and pictures submitted with the work. 


New Event Book for Requestors - Those making requests for events in Mazévo now have access to the Event Book to view space availability before the begin making a request. The event book will only display room availability and will not show any details about the event like the event name or who booked the space. 


mazevo requestor event book


New Public Event Calendar View - Mazévo's public list of events now includes a monthly calendar to view all public events. 


mazevo monthly event calendar


New Icons for Room Setups and Service Providers - Mazévo displays icons for service providers and room setups throughout the system. You now have three new icons to choose from for your service providers, notes, miscellaneous, and other. 


mazevo service provider icons


There are also two new icons to choose from for room setup. 


mazevo room setup icons 2


New Change Date Tool - If you need to change the date of multiple bookings simultaneously, Mazévo now lets you change all the bookings to a specific date. Previously you could only move the bookings forward or backward a specific number of days, weeks, months.


What's Fixed

  • Using your browser's zoom control on the Add New Event page in Mazévo would make the calendar date picker display incorrectly.
  • When creating a resource with no resource grouping, you can now enter the inventory for that resource.
  • Disabled contacts were showing in the list of active contacts when you tried to send a confirmation.
  • Some people were having trouble adding more than one confirmation template. This is now fixed.

Improvements to Accessibility

Jul 30, 2020 9:49:58 AM / by Bryan Peck


Software that is accessible for everyone, including those with disabilities, is not only good business; it is also required for many organizations. Many of the accessibility improvements in this release will not be visible under normal conditions. However, if you use assistive technology such as screen readers or alternative input devices, these changes will make how you work with Mazévo easier. 


New Shortcut for Adding Setup Diagrams to Bookings

Previously adding a room diagram to a booking meant you would have to navigate through multiple windows to add the diagram. Yes. We admit it was relatively hidden. Now you can add the setup diagram directly from the Event Editor and clicking "Change Setup Diagram" under the change bookings menu.


Various Bug Fixes and Other Improvements 

Thank you for your feedback!


Enhancements to Mazévo Ops

Jul 16, 2020 3:57:45 PM / by Bryan Peck

With this release of Mazévo, there are several enhancements for your operations staff to give them the event setup information they need. Ops functions are now even more flexible and can be accessed from any phone, tablet, or desktop device.


Review Events and Manage Operations Now Available in your Web Browser. Previously these functions were only accessible through the use of the Mazévo Mobile App.  


Manage Operations Simplified. Previously there were separate functions to assign staff and view completed work. These functions are now a single item called Events. From here, you can also view the status of each service delivery noted with a colored indicator next to the service provider. 


manage operations


Operations Staff Can Now View All Work. Previously a manager would need to assign operations staff to set up or teardown specific events within Mazévo, or staff would not be able to see the booking. Now your team can view all scheduled events and services even if they are unassigned. They can also assign the setup or teardown to themselves as needed.


"My Work" is Now "All Work."  This is to accommodate the above change. A user can now filter the list of bookings in All Work to just themselves as desired. 


New Notes Field for Workers on Bookings. When a worker is performing a setup, they can now enter notes about what they did or noticed. 


New Filter for Review Events and All Work When you are using Review Events, you can now filter the list of events by building. When you are using All Work, you can now filter by building and service providers.


July 2020 Beautification

Jul 2, 2020 3:25:14 PM / by Bryan Peck

There are several enhancements this month to improve the beauty and functionality of your scheduling experience.

You can now choose a monthly occurrence pattern when adding a new event. - Previously you could choose to have an event repeat monthly as long as it was on the same day every month. (i.e., the 8th of the month). Now you can choose to have an event recur on a specific day of the week each month. (i.e., Second Tuesday).

New My Tasks Button on Day at a Glance Screen - You can now access your tasks from the day at a glance screen. From here, you can complete, delete, or reassign tasks.

Improvements to Analytics - You can now publish and save analytic reports for use later by yourself or other staff members. You can also drill into the results on the data panel of analytics to see the individual bookings that make up a result.

New Button to Change Resource Notes - Resource notes are notes that appear by default when you select a resource. Now event planners and override and change these when adding resources.

You Can Now Search for, and Report on Events By Organization Type - The organization type field now appears on Find Events, Activity Log, Analytics, and Revenue Analytics.

New Pricing Method: Half Day/Full Day - If you charge for rooms or resources by day or half-day, this pricing method will calculate the correct price for you automatically.

New Move and Copy Bookings Functions - You can now move bookings from one event to another new or existing event. You can also copy individual bookings to other events with a new date.

Search for Events by VIP Flag - If you have marked an activity as a VIP event, you can now search for these in the Find Event tool.

Change Bookings to a Specific Date - Previously, if you wanted to change the date on a single booking, you could only move that booking a set number of days or weeks forward/backward. Now you can choose a specific date to transfer the booking to.

More Status Colors to Choose From - You have always been able to choose the colors of your statuses (confirmed, canceled, etc.) in Mazévo, but you were limited to 20 colors to choose from. Now you can choose from an almost unlimited number of colors.

Task Definition Notes Now Display To End-Users - Previously, these notes were not visible to end-users. Now, these notes will display when you hover over the name of the task.

See Attendance Numbers When Adding Resources - An event planner can now see the attendance for the event or booking when they are adding resources. Previously they would have had to close the Add Resources window to view this number.

New Scheduled Emails, Event Book Tools and Billing Updates

May 26, 2020 4:07:08 PM / by Bryan Peck

Introducing Scheduled Emails


With this update, you can now have Mazévo automatically send emails to your customers before and after their event. Examples include automatic reminders to customers to communicate important event details before their function or a post-event survey sent after the activity. 


These email messages can be scheduled automatically by Mazévo based on your settings or scheduled manually when you are editing an event. 


Brand-new Tools in the Event Book

mazevo room scheduling software event book


This release includes several improvements to Mazévo's Event Book that allow you to add and edit bookings without having to leave the page. Right-clicking on a booking will open a menu allowing you to change the time or the room quickly. Double-clicking on any open area of the book will enable you to create a new event on the fly. 


Two other helpful features have been added to make it easier to view events that may fall outside of a standard workday. The book now has expanded viewing times. It now shows an entire 24 hour period starting at midnight. Previously the book only displayed events during the hours of 7:00 AM to 8:30 PM.  


The book also now visually displays building hours. The times outside of your building's operating hours are indicated with grey shading, making them stand out. Previously the building hours were listed, but there was no shading for a visual reference. 


Shared Rooms


Let's face it. The last thing you want is for your scheduling system to allow you to accidentally double book a room. There are times however, that you may need to have two groups share the same space at the same time. For instance, you may have two conference groups that will be having lunch in the cafeteria at the same time. With the new Shared Rooms function in Mazévo, you can now allow two confirmed bookings to be in the same room at the same time. 


Billing Improvements


new complete column on the Create Invoices page makes it easier to tell if an event has any future bookings. Seeing if an event still has future bookings is helpful if you have events that recur regularly, i.e., a weekly meeting. Knowing if an event with multiple bookings is complete can help you determine when it is appropriate to bill the client. 


There is a new organization type column on the Create Invoices page. This makes it easy to distinguish external customers from internal groups that you may have a different billing process for. 


There is a new payment type for Electronic Funds Transfer. This new payment type is in addition to the existing payment types of cash, check, credit card, and "other." 


You now have an option to bill for a single activity more quickly. Previously you would have had to perform a search across a specified date range for an event and then select the event from a list to generate an invoice. Now you can enter the event number without having to search.


New Requestable/Reservable Indicator in Request Form


When someone is making a request for your space in the Mazévo app, they can now see if the room is reservable or requestable. Reservable rooms are automatically approved for use as long as the room is available at the time the individual is requesting the room. Requestable facilities require the approval of your event staff before being confirmed for use. 


March 9, 2020 Release - Better Report Printing, Event Descriptions & More

Mar 9, 2020 5:42:47 PM / by Bryan Peck

This update is a collection of changes based on customer feedback that will allow you to schedule better using Mazévo. There are some updates to billing functions and a new event description as well. Read on for details.

What's Improved

Print Reports from Browser Window - You can now print a report from your browser without having to save it to PDF first. You will see a new button called Create PDF which will open the report in a separate browser tab. You can print the report directly from that browser tab or save it as a PDF.

New View In Book Button - There is a new "view in book" button in the event editor next to every booking. This allows you to quickly view a booking in the event book without having to navigate through multiple screens.


open in book


View Room Information When Adding an Event - If you are adding a new event you can now click a room name to display more information about the space including the default room setup time, room capacities, notes about the room and a room image.

Improvements to Viewing Unpaid Invoices - When using the Find Invoices function you can now choose to view only invoices that have an outstanding balance. This will allow it to function as an accounts receivable ageing report. Previously the find invoices function would display both paid and unpaid invoices.

New Invoice Header and Footer Messages - You can now create invoice header and footer messages. These messages will display on any invoice you generate. You can also create multiple messages and use them interchangeably.

See Total Charges From Event Editor - The event editor now displays the total charges for an event. When you hover over the charges you will see the subtotal and any taxes and or service charges that are being applied.


room scheduling event editor charges


New Event Descriptions - You can now add an event description when adding a new event. The event description will be displayed on the public events calendar and anytime you open and event to view it's details.

New Bookings Summary in Confirmation Emails - Confirmation emails now display a summary of the first 10 bookings of an event in the body of the email. Previously the email only displayed the date and time of the first and last bookings.


room scheduling confirmation


New Progress Indicators on Web and Mobile Request Forms - There is a new progress indicator on the room scheduling request form. This progress indicator is displayed on both the web and mobile app. It will show those making requests how far along in the process they are.


room scheduling progress indicator






October 8th, 2019 Release - Updates to Confirmation & Billing

Oct 8, 2019 10:55:00 AM / by Bryan Peck

New Confirmation and Invoice Layout

The layout of the confirmation and invoice documents received a major overhaul. Event details are now printed right next to the event information instead of being separated in a separate section of the document. This makes it much easier to understand and verify all the details of the event.

More Options for Confirmation Emails.

Since most confirmations are delivered via email, you can now add a personalized message to the email containing the customers confirmation. You also now have the choice to send the confirmation to multiple contacts instead of just the event contact. When sending to multiple contacts, Mazévo will automatically display all contacts associated with the organization holding the event. You can select which contacts you wish to send to, CC or BCC. In addition you can manually enter additional email addresses you wish to send to. Finally, the confirmation subject line has been changed to say "Event Name" Confirmation instead of just Confirmation.

Pricing Options for Rooms and Resources Added

You now have more options for room and resource pricing in Mazévo. For items with hourly pricing, you can now set a minimum and maximum charge for the item. You can also apply a percentage discount to specific items and rooms.


What's Improved

  • The mobile app menu has been updated for mobile ops users. Menu items that were represented by an icon are now represented by a text link.
  • The button for accessing the confirmation has been renamed "Confirmation" instead of "Download".
  • When viewing certain screens in Mazévo you would sometime see two scroll bars on the page. These pages have been changed to just have a single scroll bar making it easier to navigate.
  • The Event Book has been updated to always show the time at the top even while scrolling
  • Previously there was no easy way to identify events that span midnight. (ie. Start at 4:00 PM end at 10:00 AM). A next day indicator has been added for visual reference.
  • You can now change the location of a booking to a room in another building.
  • The Find Events filter now includes a organization look up. Previously you had to scroll through a list of organizations to find the organization(s) you wanted to filter your results by
  • You can now see an indication of new services on events that you have previously reviewed in the Mazévo mobile ops app.
  • There is now a visible column separator in the header row when viewing lists of data. Previously this column separator was invisible. This makes it easier to change your column size.


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