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New Public Calendar Options

Feb 19, 2021 4:31:30 PM / by Bryan Peck

New Public Calendar Links

You can now create customized links to your public calendar of events that only show events in specific buildings or with a particular event type or status. The new public calendar will also automatically display your organization's logo and use your primary branding color. The new options can be found in Settings > Calendar Filters

Screen Shot 2021-02-19 at 2.49.17 PM


With this update we also made several changes "under the hood" to improve performance and fixed a number of minor bugs.


New Triggers, Confirmation Attachments and Other Goodies for February

Feb 8, 2021 4:58:50 PM / by Bryan Peck

Updates to Approvals, Tasks, and Questions

The triggers for Approvals, Tasks, and Questions have been updated to be consistent for each tool. Mazévo can now trigger one of these functions based on location, service provider, event type, attendance, or always. There is also a new trigger based on organization type. You can also now manually add approvals when necessary. Previously there was no way to manually trigger an approval.

**NEW** Send Attachments with Confirmations and Invoices

You can now send file attachments with any confirmation. Files can be selected from your computer or Mazévo. If you choose a file from your computer, it will be automatically added to the event in Mazévo. We also updated the email history function to log any attachments sent with the confirmation and invoice.

New Common Attachment Library

You can now upload common files such as standard policy documents that are not associated with any event. Once uploaded, you can then attach these files to confirmation or invoice emails generated from Mazévo.

Multiple Event Coordinators

You can now add multiple event coordinators to an event. Previously an event could only have a single event coordinator assigned. All event coordinators will display on the confirmation.

New Special Instructions on Resources

There is now a Special Instructions note field on resources. These instructions display on confirmations and all reports in addition to the standard resource notes field.

New Copy Resource Function

You can now copy one or more resources to other bookings on the same or different events. The copy function will copy all resource quantities and notes to each booking you select.

New Resource Sequencing in Event Editor

The last Mazévo update allowed you to change the order your resources printed on confirmations and reports. The order of the resources on the event editor was unchanged, however. To make everything consistent, we changed the event editor to display resources in the order you defined.

New Columns in Revenue Analytics Report

Revenue Analytics has been updated to display any taxes, service charges, and total for each item. Previously you could only see the item price.

New Copy Button for Pricing Plans

You can now copy all prices from one pricing plan to another.

Display Customer Address in Confirmation

There is a new option to display the customer's physical address on the confirmation document. You can enable this by checking the box on the confirmation template. 

Day of Week Displays on Confirmation

The day of the week is now displayed next to the date of each booking on the confirmation.

Optional - Bookings with Conflict Status on Reports

You can now have bookings in a conflict status display on the confirmation. These bookings can be selected by default for other reports as well. Previously there was no way to display conflicts on confirmations. By default, bookings in a conflict status will not show on reports. Please contact Mazévo support if you wish to enable this function in your account.


Updates to Resources, New Customer Access Time and More

Jan 22, 2021 5:12:36 PM / by Bryan Peck

This update includes several changes to how resources are displayed, or are not displayed, on reports. These changes should be especially useful for those of you using Mazévo to manage your catering operation. In addition to the changes below we also fixed a number of pesky bugs.

New Resource Display Order
You can now control the order that your service providers and resources display on reports and confirmations. This is done through a new tool on the service providers or resource in settings.

New Single Resource Edit Option
You can now click a resource from the event editor page to edit just that resource. You can also see the resource's change history when editing the resource. Previously, you had to check the box next to the resource and then choose what you wanted to edit from a menu of options.

"Internal Only" Service Provider and Resources
You can now designate a service provider or resource as being internal. The internal designation means those items will not display on the confirmation or invoice that the customer sees. They will still show for your staff on internal reports and in the Mazévo Ops app.

Customer Access Time
You can now indicate the time a customer can access the room before their event starts. This time will display for the customer on the confirmation that the customer sees and internal reports for operation staff.

Confirmation Email Replies
When a customer hits reply on their confirmation email, it will now go to the email address specified on the confirmation template. Previously email replies were directed to the individual user who sent the confirmation to the customer. If you don't set an email address on the confirmation template, the email reply will still go to the user who sent the confirmation.

New Room Card Layout
The room card text size has been increased slightly to make it easier to read. Also, the header information and logo are now centered on the page.

New Time Pickers
There is a new time picker everywhere that you enter a time in Mazévo. This new time picker works better with the tab or arrow keys making it easier to enter time from your keyboard. It also allows you to enter any time in one-minute increments. There is also a new drop down time selector for use with your mouse.

New Service Charge Modifier
You can now adjust the service charge applied to any pricing plan. Previously Mazévo could only compute a single service charge for an item. With this change, you can configure the pricing plan to adjust the standard service charge applied to a resource.

New Tool to Change Booking Event Names
You can now multi-select bookings in the Event Editor and change the booking name. Previously you would have had to change each booking event name individually.

New File Attachments for Events
You can now upload documents to an event in Mazévo. This feature enhances the existing "Linked Documents" function that allows you to upload documents to your organization's cloud file storage and link them to an event in Mazévo. Now when you upload a file for an event, it is stored within the Mazévo system.

Find Events - New Event Name in Standard Filters
You can now search for events by event name by using the standard filters in Find Events. Previously you would have had to navigate to more filter options and select event name to search there.

Find Events - Specific Dates Search in Standard Filters
You can now specify a specific date range when using the standard filters in Find Events. Previously the only way you could use a date range was to click more filter options.

New Prompt for Room Setup User Preference
Individual event planners who book events in Mazévo can now opt-out of being asked to enter a room setup when entering new events. You can still add a setup configuration after you create the event if needed. You will find this setting under profile & preferences.


New Year 2021 Updates for Room Requesters and to the Mazévo Event Book

Jan 5, 2021 4:28:57 PM / by Bryan Peck

Happy 2021! We are starting the year off with several new updates for those who request space within your organization. These updates are available in both the web and mobile apps. There are also several other updates for those who manage space. Read on for details. 


Room Request Updates

Requestors can now see past events they have submitted up to one year old. These are displayed under a separate tab for past events. They can also view any details associated with those past events, including any resources or services that were part of the event. 

There is a new option to allow your requestors to see all future and past events submitted by their associated organizations. Previously they could only see events they had personally submitted. This option is turned off for your account by default. To enable this option, please contact Mazévo support. 

Requestors can now pick dates that recur every month on the same week and day of the week, i.e., the second Tuesday of the month. This is in addition to the ability to pick dates that recur on the same day of the month.

Button labels have been updated in both web and mobile apps to clarify when a user is making changes to all bookings instead of an individual booking.

Requesters can now change the name of individual bookings. Previously they could only change the name at the event level, which modified it for all bookings.

Requesters now have the option of selecting all buildings when searching for space availability. Previously buildings needed to be chosen individually.


Updates to the Event Book

There is a new All Buildings option when selecting which buildings to view in the book.

To make it easier to select dates, you can now scroll using your mouse wheel or touchpad when using the calendar to pick dates in the Event Book. Just hover your mouse over the calendar to scroll.

When viewing the current day, there is now a vertical line that visually indicates the present time.

There is a new refresh button for the book that will allow you to view the most updated version of that day’s events.   


Other Updates and Improvements

When viewing tasks either through Manage Tasks or Day at a Glance, any task associated with a canceled event is now hidden by default. You can view these tasks by clicking the filter link at the top of the grid.

Minor changes have been made to the confirmation header’s layout to make it easier to read when there are longer names and email addresses.

You can now create more than one confirmation template with the same name. Previously, it was impossible to have a separate confirmation template with different titles for the same department, I.e., Confirmation, and Quote.  

A page size selector has been added to Rooms and Resources in Settings. You can now view up to 100 records on a page if desired.

There is a new filter to hide or display disabled resources when managing Service Charges and Tax Codes.

There are several behind the scenes updates to how reports are generated.

You can now upload a background image for the Mazévo Room Sign instead of pointing to an image URL.

Time pickers for the iOS Mazévo mobile app were updated to reflect recent changes with iOS 14.


Accessibility Updates

The contrast of the event ID has been improved on booking lists in Find Events, Day at a Glance, Activity Log, and Work Log.


Bug Fixes

This update includes several bug fixes, including:

We fixed an issue with text printing incorrectly on the confirmation when you had a really long building name.

An issue with bookings displaying at the incorrect time in the Event Book has been corrected.

There were some instances where the Mazévo public event calendar prompted for a login to view the calendar. This has been corrected.

We fixed an issue with being unable to edit an organization that didn’t have an email address defined.


New Text Formatting on Messages and Other Room Scheduling Improvements

Dec 11, 2020 4:44:14 PM / by Bryan Peck

New Text Formatting on Messages

You can now add rich text formatting to messages that you add to your confirmations, invoices, and emails sent from Mazévo. Formatting options include: bold, italics, underline, text alignment, font, font size, color, and background color.

New Booking Conflict Status

Have you ever wanted to temporarily put two bookings in the same room at the same time so that you could come back later and sort things out? With Mazévo's new conflict status, you can now do just that. When copying events or adding bookings to multiple dates, if a room is unavailable, Mazévo will now ask if you want to use a conflict status to put the booking in the room anyway. This can save you time, especially when dealing with a large number of bookings.

New Find Events Views

You can now save your filters, column, and grouping selections when running searches in Find Events. This means you can now come back later and run the same search without having to set everything up from scratch. You can save these Views, and make them accessible to only yourself or other Mazévo users.

New Tag Manager for Resources

There is a new simplified tool to view and manage your Resource Tags. Resource Tags can be used to trigger the generation of Mazévo Approvals, Tasks, and Event Questions.

New Logo on Room Cards

If you have uploaded your organization's logo to Mazévo, it will now print at the top of your Room Cards

Analytics Updates

Mazévo Analytics and Revenue Analytics have received several updates in this release.

New Analyze by Building

Previously you could analyze usage by room but not building.

New Totaling in Analytics

Mazévo will now display a total on the data tab of analytics.

New Value Column in Analytics Detail Grid

If you click on a value in the data grid, you will see a list of all the bookings that make up the value you clicked on. This view now includes a column for the data you displayed, including attendance, hours, or revenue.

New Room and Room Tag Filter on Revenue Analytics

The Revenue Analytics Defaults are Now All Day and Everyday

New Grouping and Totaling in Revenue Analytics

You can now group the results of revenue analytics by any of the displayed columns. You can also view a total for each of the groups. Previously the only way you could do this is to export the Mazévo data to Excel first.


Fixes and Other Improvements

  • We fixed an issue with the Ops report preventing really long notes from displaying in their entirety.
  • You can now enter events in 5-minute increments. Previously you could only enter a new event on the quarter-hour and then edit the event if you needed it to start five or 10 minutes later.
  • We fixed an issue that prevented confirmation and invoice Email History from being displayed.


Pre-Thanksgiving Room Scheduling Improvements and Fixes

Nov 25, 2020 4:21:31 PM / by Bryan Peck

This update includes several smaller fixes and improvements and should pair well with stuffing and gravy 😀!

New Booking URL

If you are hosting a hybrid or virtual meeting, you can now add a URL link to a Mazévo booking. The link will display on the event confirmation.

New Approval Notification Email

Those in your organization responsible for providing secondary approval for events such as catering approval, event security, etc., will now receive an automated email alerting them to review an event that requires authorization.

New Room Availability Setting

You can now designate specific rooms that are always available. This means that Mazévo will not check for conflicts in these spaces, allowing two or more events to happen simultaneously. This setting is ideal for outdoor areas or virtual events where you wish to publicize an event but are not concerned about a double booking.

Requesters Can Now View Room Capacities

A room’s maximum capacity along with specific room setup capacities are now visible while making a request.

Limit Visibility of Future Events

You can now limit the ability of requesters to view upcoming events happening in your facilities. You can either hide all forthcoming events or only show upcoming events occurring within a specified time window. Contact us to enable this feature for your account.

New Request Summary Link

A requester can now view a summary of their event request. The summary includes all details of their request, and the user can save it as a pdf document if desired. Previously they would have had to navigate through several screens to see all the details of their request.

Accessibility Improvements

We made some changes to make it easier to navigate and use Mazévo when using a keyboard only.


November 2020 Updates to Several Mazévo Tools

Nov 13, 2020 4:23:47 PM / by Bryan Peck

Our developers have been busy this month. This update includes a little something for everyone in your organization that uses Mazévo.

Event Editor

New Email History

Mazévo will now keep a history of confirmation and invoice emails sent from the system. The history includes who the confirmation was sent to along with the date and time sent and any message.

New Event Alerts

You can now add alerts to events. An Alert is a message that will display anytime an Event Planner views an event.

Mazevo event alert screen shot

Automatic Inventory Alerts

When editing an event, you will now receive an alert that changes you made may affect your available resource inventory. There is also a new "check inventory" link that will verify your inventory for the event and alert you if a resource is overbooked.

Copy Event Messaging

There is a new message when you copy an event to let you know that Mazévo has copied your event and if any conflicts occurred when it was copied.

Select Event Coordinators

You can now select which event planners are also event coordinators. Previously all event planners were able to be selected as event coordinators. If your organization does not use Event Coordinators, then the field will disappear.

Room Diagram Labels

When adding a diagram to an event, you no longer have to type in the diagram name every time.

Select Status When Adding Bookings

Previously when you added a new booking to an existing event, you could not select a status for the booking.


Event Book

Change Status

You can now change an event's status in the Event Book without going to the event editor page.

New Weekly Scrolling

You can scroll dates forward and backward a week at a time by holding down shift when you click the forward or backward arrow.

Settings Saved

The event book now saves your viewing settings, including zoom level, room sorting, and building selections.

Public Event Book Updated

The event book's public view has been updated with the ability to sort the room list, zoom, and weekly view. It will also save your settings.


Find Events

Additional Fields Available in Find Events

You may now select from up to 19 additional event and booking fields to display when using Find Events. These fields can be exported as an Excel .xlsx file for your reporting needs.

mazevo find events additional fields



New Event Pop Up

When viewing all events on a given day, You will now see those events in a pop-up window. Previously the events were displayed on a separate page.



View Previous Requests

A requester can now view their previous requests. The request's Event ID is also displayed now.

Select All Buildings

A requester can now choose to search for space across all buildings instead of selecting each facility individually.

New Larger Text Field for Event Questions

The viewable size of the text response field has been increased. You were previously limited to viewing a small single line of text.

"My Events" Now Available to Event Planners

Event planners can now submit requests for space in facilities they do not manage.



New Link to Published Reports

You can now send a link to any of your published reports. Clicking on the report link will generate the report in real-time with the latest information. You can share the report link with your team, and it does not require the report viewer to log in to Mazévo.

New Report Type Column in Published Reports

The list of published reports now displays the type of report (daily Operations Report, Analytics, Event List, etc.) next to the report name.


Room Configuration

New Room Setups Column

There is a new column in your list of rooms that will display the number of setups defined for a room. Clicking on the number will allow you to view and manage all the configurations for the room.



New Organization Email

You can now store an organization's email address in Mazévo. You can also use this email when sending the confirmation and invoice.

See Organizations Event Status

When you view an organization's events, you can now see those events' statuses without opening up the event editor.


Room Sign

See Future Events

You can now display events happening up to 6 days in the future on the Mazévo room sign.

Hide Organization and Contact

You now have an option to show or hide the organization and contact name from the room sign.


What we Fixed

This update includes a variety of bugs and other issues that we corrected.

Room Charges Display Issue

Room charges calculated using the half-day/full day pricing method were not always displayed.


New Room Sign Integration and Event Billing Tools

Oct 27, 2020 7:00:21 AM / by Bryan Peck

New Room Sign Integration with Iadea Room Panels

The Mazévo Room Sign is now integrated with the Iadea room panels. The sign will display room usage information along with all upcoming bookings for the day.  LED lights on the room panels' will automatically show as red while the room is in use and green when the space is available.


Billing Updates

New Create Invoices From the Event Editor - You can now create an invoice for an event without leaving the Event Editor page.

New Add Payment From the Event Editor - You can now add a payment to an invoice from the Event Editor page

New Regenerate Invoices Function - The process for changing an invoice has been simplified. Once you have updated the event information pressing the Regenerate button will delete the old invoice and create a new corrected invoice. Previously you would have had to delete the invoice first then go through the create invoice process to generate the updated invoice.

Payments Now Displayed on Invoice - When viewing an invoice, any recorded payments are automatically displayed.

New Payment Type: Electronic Funds Transfer - You may now record payments with the new Electronic Funds Transfer payment type. 


What's Improved

Daily Ops Report Updated with Color - The line that divides events has been replaced by a colored background on booking information to visually distinguish separate bookings. Your Account Settings determine the color.

New Refresh Button on Event Editor Page - You no longer have to use the browser refresh button to update the Event Editor information.


What's Fixed

This update includes various bug fixes to improve your scheduling experience.


Confirmation Updates and Simplified Event Lookups

Sep 19, 2020 12:23:04 PM / by Bryan Peck

Changes to the Event Confirmation

New Confirmation Header - The layout of the confirmation header will now show more information in less space. The header also now displays the Event Coordinator if used. 

Screen Shot 2020-09-19 at 9.52.21 AM

Confirmation Colors - You can now change the booking bar's background color on the confirmation. The Event ID also has a new background color to make it stand out.

New Event ID Number Scheme - The event ID was previously a six-character alphanumeric, which was hard to say and remember. The Event ID is now simplified always to include a letter followed by four digits. (example A3789)


Simplified Event Lookups

New Simplified Filter on Find Events - The Find Events filter is now simplified to only show the fields used most for searching, Organization, Contact, and Room. It also displays the most common time frames for searching. Previously you were always presented with a dozen options to choose from when searching for events. If you preferred the old searching method, more power to you, it is still available, and Mazévo will remember your preference the next time you search. 

Other Updates

New Room Tag Editor - If you are a fan of Room Tags, you have a new simplified way to view and manage them with a new Manage Room Tags tool. 

New Resource Usage Summary - Want to know how many times a piece of AV equipment was used last month? You can now with the new Resource Usage Summary Report. Drilling into the total on the report displays a list of the bookings utilizing the equipment.

New Skip Setup Option When Booking Multiple Rooms - When you are booking a room for an event, you may not always know the type of room setup at the time of booking. The new Skip Setup button will tell Mazévo to stop asking you for the room setup if you need to book multiple rooms at once. 

Add New Contact from Event Book - When adding a new event from the event book, you can now add new contacts on the fly. 

Updates to Mazévo Ops - There are several updates to Mazévo Ops to allow for more flexibility in how you manage operations through Mazévo.

Managers Can Change Service States to Completed - Changing the state of a service to "In Progress" or "Completed" can now be done by a manager. This ability was previously only available to those with a worker role. 

New Setting to Not Allow Workers to Set Service State - This is for organizations where Managers are the only ones to indicate the completion of a setup or service.

Managers Can Mark Events as "Ready" - A manager can now indicate when all services and setups are reviewed and completed for an event by clicking the Ready button. You will see a new column in Manage Operations that shows which events marked as Ready.

New Icon for Changed Events in Manage Operations - The Manage Operations Page now has a column that will indicate if an event has changed since it was last reviewed. 

Additional Information for Scheduled Emails - There is a new column for the recipient of a scheduled email (primary contact, secondary, etc.) and a timestamp to displaying the sent time of the scheduled email.

Analytics Filters Displayed - The settings used to create a report for analytics are now displayed. Previously if you published an analytics report, you could not see the filter settings. 


What's Fixed

We fixed a bug where the request form displayed a service provider with no resources available to request.

When adding a new event, the Best Available Search will now display all alternate rooms regardless of the setup type chosen. 

Disabled rooms will no longer display when managing pricing or room setups.

The booking editor window is now organized more logically.

September 2020 Updates to Help You Schedule Better

Sep 4, 2020 4:14:58 PM / by Bryan Peck

Event Book Improvements

With this release, there are several updates to the Event Book to make it easier to view and work with schedules in a large number of rooms.

See More Events and Rooms in the Event Book - The new Zoom Out feature allows you to view an entire day and more rooms on the page.

mazevo event book zoomed out


Event Book Filter - The Book's search bar now allows you to search on more than just the event name. You can now filter the Book by the event name, organization, contact, status, room, and room type.

mazevo event book search bar


Event Book Tool Tip - The pop up in the Event Book now displays the organization name and contact name.

Event Book Sequencing - You now have the option to sort the rooms that display in the Book by size/capacity. Previously the rooms were only sorted alphabetically.

Open Room Setup Diagram from Book - When right-clicking on an event, there is now an option to display the room diagram if one is attached to the booking.

Open Events to Booking - When opening an event from the Book or Find Events, the booking is highlighted in the event editor for quick reference.

event editor highlight booking


More Tools for Working with Organizations in Mazévo

There are now many more ways to make it easier to work with your organizations and customers in Mazévo.

Add a Contact - There is a new add a contact function available while working with organizations. Previously you could assign an existing contact to an organization, but if you wanted to add a brand new contact, you needed to go to another page. You can now do this all from one place.

View Events - You can view all of an organization's current and past events from the Organization page.

Add New Event - You can now add a new event from the Organization page.

New Restricted Organizations - Do you have a group that didn't pay their bill the last time they used your facilities? There is a new restricted checkbox on an organization that will prevent you from scheduling new events for that organization. When you restrict an organization, you can also add notes to indicate why they can't schedule new events.

New Event Coordinator Field - You can now designate an event coordinator for your events. You can also assign a default event coordinator for an organization. When you book events with that organization, the default event coordinator will be used.

Other Updates

Cancel Reason Note - When using cancellation reasons, there is now a note field to indicate who canceled the event and additional details.

Room Tags Available on Reports - You can now filter the Event Schedule, Daily Operations, and Service Order reports with room tags.

New Internal Room Notes - There is now an Internal Room Notes field on rooms. These notes are only available to event planners in Mazévo. They can be viewed by clicking on a room in the Book or from Add New Event.

New Exports on Day At A Glance page - You can now export requests and approvals to Excel or PDF from the Day At A Glance page.

New Building Filter on Day At A Glance - You can now filter the Day At A Glance page by Building. Previously any event planner or global administrator would see all requests and approvals regardless of where the event is taking place.

Open events with EMS Reservation Number - If you have events converted from EMS, you can now use the EMS Reservation Number to open the event rather than the Mazévo Event ID.

Email Opt-out of New Requests and Changes - A user can now select not to be notified of new event requests and changes to requests.

New Notification of Unread Messages - Those requesting space through the web app will now receive email notification when they have an unread message from an event planner.

New Copy Booking Button - There is now a Copy Booking Button on the Booking Editor Page.

New Copy Resource Notes Button - There is now a button to Copy Resource Notes to the clipboard from the Resources tab of the Event Editor or Booking Editor page.


What's Fixed

Corrected a bug causing Security Policies to work incorrectly.

Fixed an issue that would cause the Mazévo Course Importer not to import courses successfully.

Fixed a problem with the Mazévo Course Importer that allowed you to import courses with no Academic Statuses defined.


Recent Updates

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