October 18, 2023

Here To Serve: Mazévo’s Approach to Customer Support


Have you ever felt that a company provided you support reluctantly, ineffectively, or with a “bare minimum” approach? Sadly, that type of lackluster customer service seems to be par for the course today.

However, some companies still take pride in delivering excellent support—not just on occasion but in every customer interaction. We’re proud to be one of them. At Mazévo, attentive customer service is a top priority.

TL;DR Key Takeaways:

  • You deserve a company that stands behind its product and is there when needed. We are here to help you get the most out of your scheduling software. 
  • Our human-powered support services are available during regular business hours of 6:00 AM – 5:00 PM MT (US). 
  • Support is available via phone at 800-254-7615, email support@gomazevo.com, and by submitting a support ticket from the Mazévo Knowledge Base.
  • A helpful and knowledgeable staff member will respond to all support inquiries within two hours, typically within minutes during regular business hours.
  • The best way to assess our customer support reputation is to talk to our current customers.

What Drives Our Customer Service Philosophy?

Why is meeting our customers’ support needs so important to us? In full transparency, one driver is that excellent service creates happy customers, and happy customers share their experiences with others, who are then more inclined to learn about Mazévo. 

But honestly, that’s a secondary reason. We’re committed to delivering outstanding support because it’s what we expect from the companies we deal with and because it just feels good to help our customers maximize the value they get from our scheduling solution.

Response Times That Show We’re Serious About Support

It’s easy for a company to say it “provides outstanding customer service.” Backing up that statement is another thing. At Mazévo, we continually track our support metrics, and the results to date demonstrate our focus on addressing issues promptly.

In many cases, customers can answer their own questions immediately with quick searches of the Mazévo Knowledge Base. We’ve invested heavily to ensure it has detailed, accurate, up-to-date information. The vast majority of those needing additional assistance contact us via email. On a typical day, we reply to 100% of emails within two hours and 90% within 30 minutes.

A smaller number reach out to us by phone, but they get the same prompt response. A live human answers most phone calls during business hours. If we can’t take a call, we don’t send customers to the “black hole” of indefinite hold. We have them leave a message and typically respond within minutes, but always within two business hours.

Even if a complicated scenario requires some research, it’s very reassuring for customers to know that someone on our team has taken ownership of an issue and will stay on top of it until it’s resolved.

It’s also worth noting that we’re happy to answer any question about Mazévo. We don’t distinguish between those of a technical nature and “how to” questions.

Easy, Unlimited Access to Mazévo Product Experts

Your Mazévo subscription fee includes unlimited technical support from 6:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Mountain Time. Assistance is available via phone, email, and video chat (Zoom).

You can also submit “support tickets” from our website. Just click Create Ticket in the upper right corner. We do monitor our support channels after hours and on weekends, but responses outside business hours may take longer.

Help is provided by team members who understand our system and the challenges scheduling professionals face. No bots. No AI. Just well-trained, compassionate humans eager to resolve the problem you’re facing quickly and completely. We’re a small company by design, with enough resources to address issues without delay, great internal chemistry, and a genuinely caring connection to our customers.

And we take an “all-hands-on-deck” approach to customer service. You may find yourself interacting with our trainers, software consultants, and even our CEO on occasion.

A Carefully Coordinated Customer Service Process

When you submit a support ticket, send an email, or call us with an issue, we immediately get to work understanding the nature of the problem, determining its severity, and identifying the optimal resolution.

Sometimes we help you modify your system configuration to meet your needs better. If the problem is due to a bug in our software, we address it promptly and make the fix available in software releases that occur every two to three weeks. If an issue is critical and prevents you from using the system, we execute a “hotfix” to get you operational as soon as possible.

Don’t Take Our Word for It!

The most critical measure of our customer service is how actual customers feel about it. We’re happy to connect you with Mazévo users so you can get firsthand accounts of support experiences. And if you want to see our web-based scheduling solution in action, we’ll gladly provide a customized live demonstration that addresses your wants and needs.

Tired of inadequate and uninspired customer service? Let’s talk!

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