May 31, 2024

Enhance Workspace Management with Mazévo for Office Hoteling


Office hoteling is a workspace management strategy where people use a self-service process to reserve offices or other spaces as needed. It’s a flexible and efficient approach that makes finding and booking a workspace fast and easy for staff members and reduces the workload of your scheduling team. Mazévo fully supports office hoteling.

TL;DR Key Takeaways:

  • Hoteling vs Hot Desking. Office hoteling involves reserving specific workspaces in advance, while hot desking requires choosing from available spaces upon arrival.
  • Office hoteling allows for better planning and usage of your office space if you have staff who work remotely part-time.
  • Mazévo simplifies office hoteling by allowing users to check availability, reserve spaces, and use them without needing approval.
  • It’s convenient for staff members and reduces your scheduling team’s workload while capturing valuable data.
  • Mazévo's office hoteling functions integrate seamlessly with other systems and provide a familiar interface.

Office Hoteling vs. Hot Desking: What’s the Difference?

Two concepts that are related but distinct are office hoteling and hot desking. They differ in specific ways, including:

  • Office hoteling involves reserving rooms in advance. People can book a specific space before arriving at the facility. On the other hand, hot desking is a practice where you choose a space from those available when you arrive. In that way, hot desking involves uncertainty and potential competition for spaces.
  • Workspace types. Office hoteling typically offers a wider variety of workspaces. People can reserve meeting rooms, collaborative spaces, etc. Hot desking typically focuses—as the name indicates—on desks.
  • Planning and structure. Office hoteling enables more planning and structure in space management. Scheduling departments can track occupancy rates, analyze usage patterns, and make informed decisions about space allocation. Hot desking lacks this level of planning and can lead to inefficiencies in space utilization.

Many organizations find office hoteling to be the ideal middle-ground approach to managing some of their spaces—easy for staff members and timesaving for schedulers while still being a structured process that captures useful data.

How Mazévo Enables Office Hoteling

Office hoteling in Mazévo truly is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. The person accesses Mazévo from their phone or computer and checks availability.
  2. They reserve the desired space.
  3. They arrive at work and use it.

office-hoteling-room-310x230Hoteling is for spaces where no approvals are required. People simply find and book rooms and can change or cancel their bookings as needed.



Benefits of Using Mazévo for Office Hoteling

There are several advantages of using Mazévo for office hoteling over other tools, including:

  • It’s the same system your campus or organization uses elsewhere. That means it’s a familiar interface, and you don’t have to do any training when you roll out office hoteling.
  • You control which offices can be used for office hoteling purposes. Have a room you want to control with an approval process? You just don’t make it available for hoteling.
  • Rooms are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Your schedulers don’t have to oversee the process or be involved in any way.
  • Despite hoteling being a self-serve reservation method, you still collect data that enables utilization tracking and analysis.
  • Mazévo integrates seamlessly with other functions and systems, such as single sign-on (SSO) and room signs. SSO makes your job easier since you don’t need to manage user accounts. Room sign integration means you can display information on who has reserved a space and offer check-in capabilities with automatic cancellation if users don’t show up.

If you’re considering office hoteling (or already offer it but want to streamline the process), Mazévo is the way to go!

Best Practices for Rolling Out Office Hoteling

Using Mazévo for office hoteling is easy. So is rolling out this approach to your organization. Here are some suggestions for doing that:

  1. Inform your organization that hoteling is coming. You might also ask what rooms people will likely book with this approach.
  2. Review your Mazévo data and solicit input from your scheduling team (along with feedback from people who will use hoteling spaces) to determine which rooms to make available.
  3. Announce that office hoteling is available and provide reminders periodically until staff members get used to it.
  4. Review your Mazévo data again after people have used office hoteling for a while to see if you need to change room availability, etc.
  5. Share information on your office hoteling periodically to highlight the value of this approach!

Ask Us About Office Hoteling!

 If you have questions about using Mazévo for office hoteling, we’re happy to answer them! We can also show you what it looks like in an online demo. Reach out today to schedule a session

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