March 22, 2024

How 2 Universities Streamline Event Operations With Mazévo Ops


Scheduling team members have traditionally communicated event details using printed reports. However, that approach has many limitations—challenges that can be eliminated by using Mazévo Ops to share information electronically and instantly.

In a recent Mazévo Connect webinar, Jeremy Wilkerson, Associate Director of the A. Ray Olpin University Union at the University of Utah, and Tracy Goodman and Scott O’Neil from the Lyndon B. Johnson Student Center at Texas State University, shared valuable insights on each school’s use of Mazévo Ops and how the features help streamline event management.

 TL;DR Key Takeaways:

  • Transition from Traditional Communication Methods: Both the University of Utah and Texas State highlight the shift from traditional printed reports to electronic sharing of event details using Mazévo Ops.
  • Streamlining Event Management with Mazévo Ops: Both institutions demonstrate how Mazévo Ops features help streamline event management processes. These include creating events, detailing requirements such as AV equipment, assigning tasks, and tracking their progress.
  • Customization and Settings: Both emphasize the ability to customize and tailor the Manage Operations functions of Mazévo Ops to their specific needs.
  • Recognition and Awards: The webinar concludes with a light-hearted segment on awards  recognizing customer achievement based on their usage and engagement with Mazévo. 

University of Utah Union Relies on Mazévo Ops

Jeremy kicks things off with some background on the University of Utah, its A. Ray Olpin University Union, and its scheduling department. He explains that it’s a public four-year institution in Salt Lake City with approximately 36,000 students. The Union has 17 rooms and hosts 6,000 events annually. More than 700,000 people visit the facility each year. Eight full-time staff members and four part-time student workers coordinate events there.

Next, he brings up Mazévo and describes how team members create events and—crucially from an operations perspective—flesh them out with details. AV equipment tends to be particularly important for their customers. He explains that AV equipment details include pre- and post-event checks and, often, an event manager.

Then, he demonstrates how that information appears in the Manage Operations area, emphasizing that it’s clear who has been assigned to which tasks and that those people can indicate tasks are in progress or completed.

Jeremy also explains how you can use Settings to tailor the Manage Operations functions to your needs. And he says he loves the “Share My Settings” functionality, which makes it simple to apply settings to employees.

He wraps up by answering a few attendee questions. Many thanks to Jeremy for an excellent overview of how he and his team use Mazévo Ops!

Mazévo Ops at Texas State University

Tracy begins Texas State’s portion of the presentation by sharing that the school in San Marcos, Texas, is a four-year college with around 39,000 students. The LBJ Student Center migrated to Mazévo in January 2023. (She points out that the University’s Alkek Library is also having great success with Mazévo.)

The Student Center is 260,000 square feet across five floors and welcomes around 24,000 users daily. Mazévo manages 100 rooms, 25 of which are reservable. Soon, 43 outdoor spaces will also be under the Student Center’s oversight.

The facility has 25 full-time staff members, 50 student employees, and three graduate assistants. This includes three full-time event coordinators, and 20 team members focused on event execution.

Scott continues the presentation by demonstrating how Texas State uses Mazévo. He starts by noting that there are different levels of access to ops-related functions, which helps prevent accidental changes to data.

Opening an event, he shows the various resources needed, mentioning that Texas State bundles many of its resources, resulting in fewer line items on event records. He also praises the availability of pop-ups when you hover your mouse over items in the Services column in a booking. It’s a quick way to see where things stand for an event.

Scott explains how the color-coding of events in the Event Book is a tremendous benefit, particularly to student workers. He shows a VIP Confirmed event and how it stands out in the Book. The ability of workers to view diagrams of custom room setups—which are frequently requested at the Union—on their phones is also essential.

Scott also touches on how Union staff use Mazévo’s Work Item functionality. He demonstrates creating one and mentions how helpful it is that you can assign work items to employees or simply indicate when they should be completed so that anyone who’s able can do the work.

Thank you, Tracy and Scott, for the great information on streamlining tasks for ops teams!

It’s Awards Season!

The Oscars have nothing on us! Our Connect session continues with the presentation of these humorously prestigious awards:

  • Quickest Up and Running in Mazévo: University of Wyoming
  • Most Demos Before Purchasing: UC Berkeley School of Law and Concordia College
  • Best (and Only) International Customer: American College of Greece in Athens
  • Most Unusual Time To Submit a Support Ticket: Dorian Hall, Director of Millennium Student Center and Event Services, University of Missouri–St. Louis
  • Most Support Tickets Submitted and Most Bugs Report: Loyola Marymount University
  • Most Active Mazévo Users in the Last Six Months: Texas State University Alkek Library, University of Washington Husky Union, and Florida State University

Watch our team do their best celebrity presenter impersonations and hear the explanations behind the awards!

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