April 07, 2023

How Mazévo's Academic Scheduling Platform Helps College Registrars


Scheduling space can be a challenge on a busy higher education campus where multiple departments control access to certain buildings, rooms, and other areas. Without a central source of information, people struggle to get a complete picture of what’s taking place or even to determine who to contact to schedule an event.

The result? A poor experience for everyone involved—staff, students, scheduling departments, etc.

 3 Ways Mazévo Saves Time and Effort for Academic Schedulers

One group that can find campus space management particularly challenging is academic schedulers. Courses take precedence, of course, but registrars still must be mindful of the need for space for other events.

Mazévo helps in three ways:

  1. It stays in sync with your SIS, so you don't have to add or update course information manually.
  2. The Mazévo Classroom Optimizer automatically assigns the appropriate classroom for your courses without manual intervention.
  3. You can use intuitive tools to change classroom assignments quickly and efficiently as class requirements or instructor needs change. These modifications are instantly sent to your SIS, ensuring the two systems remain synced and eliminating double entry.

These functions save time and effort for registrars and, just as importantly, lower their stress levels!

How (Specifically) Mazévo Makes a Difference for Registrars

Mazévo includes a turnkey Platform as a Service (PaaS) that enables tight integration with your SIS. Not only does this open the door for the time and effort savings noted above, but it also makes life easier for your IT staff. The service simplifies establishing and maintaining a secure, stable connection between the systems.

The technology behind the integration is the N2N Illuminate platform. N2N specializes in SIS integration and has years of experience working with higher education customers.

What’s produced in linking the systems is a two-way connection. Course information comes over from the SIS once you’ve created a new term, and Mazévo sends back classroom assignments.

Making and Changing Classroom Assignment

The Mazévo Course Optimizer can automatically assign thousands of course sections to available classrooms in seconds. And if you need to pair a class and a room manually, built-in search tools make that process simple. Should any conflicts arise, Mazévo flags them, so it’s easy to resolve the issues.

Changing classroom assignments is equally straightforward. With Mazévo’s academic and event “books,” you can visualize activity and simply drag courses or events to new locations if necessary. You can also quickly swap rooms for classes with the same meeting times.

And, as you’d expect, your SIS is automatically updated with classroom assignment changes.

Campuses Are Leaving Legacy Scheduling Systems Behind

What registrars and event schedulers are finding is that Mazévo is different from legacy scheduling systems in several ways:

  • Mazévo is easier to implement and learn than other systems, producing the kind of rapid and significant ROI everyone is after.
  • Mazévo is designed and supported by experts with decades of experience helping higher education institutions tackle their toughest scheduling challenges.
  • Mazévo is both powerful and flexible, meaning it can adapt to your processes and help you be highly productive.
  • Mazévo is mobile-friendly. Team members can access it from their phones when away from their desks, meaning they can get the information they need when and where they need it.

Interested in seeing how seamless integration between your SIS and event management system can benefit your campus? We can show you in a live Mazévo demo tailored to your needs.

Contact us today to schedule your session!

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