August 08, 2022

08-08-22 New Responsive Design for Requests & Operations


New Features & Improvements

New Feature - Responsive Design for Requests and Operations (BETA)

Requesters can now use the web browser on their mobile phones to make & edit requests, and operations staff can access the operations functions. Previously these functions were only available on the phone through the Mazévo mobile app downloaded from the Apple or Google app store or a web browser on your computer or tablet. In addition, requesters can now access the event book from their phone, and you can file Log Reports from the phone's web browser.

This feature is in beta, which means it has been thoroughly tested, but you could notice some minor issues. The Mazévo mobile app is also still fully supported. Let us know what you think about being able to access Mazévo this way. We would love your feedback.


New Export for Account Codes

When you go to Settings > Pricing Plans and click Manage Account Codes, there is a new option to export your list of room and resource account codes. You can export your account codes to a PDF file or Excel; previously, there was no way to export the account codes.


Improvements to SSO

If you are converting data from EMS to Mazévo and using SSO, we have improved how SSO user accounts and Mazévo contacts are synchronized.


New External References for Importing Organizations and Contacts

There is a new optional external reference field for contacts and organizations imported from a flat file. Using the external reference makes it easier to transition to using the Mazévo API and keep your Mazévo organizations and contacts up to date automatically.


API Updates

Improved Security for API Keys

Only Mazévo Global Administrators can now generate and delete API keys for their account. Once a key is generated, it will never be displayed again. Previously you requested API keys through Mazévo support.


New Date Changed Parameter for GetEvents Call

There is a new optional parameter for returning bookings that have been changed since a specific date/time.


Bugs Fixed

We fixed several issues in this release, including the following:

  • Event Planners were getting a "room not available error" when adding events from the event book in some instances even though rooms were available. 
  • In some instances importing courses with the Mazévo Course Importer took a very long time. 
  • You were required to select all Invoicing Department service providers to have services displayed on invoices. There is no longer a need to do this as Mazévo will show all services unless you wish to pick them individually.
  • Some messages on invoices were printed on a second page when they didn't need to be.
  • There was an issue with our new Requester Test Mode that prevented events from being created.


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