02/08/2022 Updates to Copy Bookings, Tasks & More

Feb 8, 2022 7:30:00 AM / by Bryan Peck

Mazévo Updates

New Change Options When Copying a Booking

When you copy a single booking, you will now have the option to change booking information like event start time, event end time, setup start time, tear down end time, customer access time, and room. Previously, you would have had to copy the booking to the new date first and then make additional changes.


Tasks - Dates Now Updated if First or Last Booking Date Changes

If you change the first or last booking on an event, the dates of tasks triggered by the booking date will automatically be adjusted for you.


Tasks - New Predefined Notes on Tasks

You can now predefine notes that will be part of a task once created. Previously you could add notes when defining a type of task, but they were not added when you made a new task.


Tasks - Building Can Now Be Used in Combination with Other Task Triggers. 

You can now add a building trigger to other task triggers like event type, service, attendance, and org type when defining a task.


Manage Operations - New Hours Until Next Booking

When viewing the list of bookings in manage operations, it will now display the number of hours since the last booking in that room and the number of hours until the next booking. You can click the number of hours to see a pop-up window of the previous/next booking and its details. This feature is currently available to manage operations users from the web.


Find Events - New Edit Option for Saved Views

You can now edit a view previously saved in Find Events (Advanced). Before, there was no way to change a view other than delete it and recreate the changes from scratch.


Scheduled Emails - Dates Now Updated if First or Last Booking Date Changes

If you change the first or last booking on an event, the dates of scheduled emails will automatically be adjusted for you.


New Denied Reasons for Requests

When an event planner denies a new request, Mazévo will now prompt for a reason and additional notes. Mazévo will display this information on the email back to the requester.


Public Calendar - List of Events will now Extend Down the Page

The list of events displayed by the public calendar will now extend to the height of your browser window. Previously the list was limited to nine entries before scrolling to the next page.


Requesters - New Option to Only Show My Events

A requester can now opt to see only events they are contact on in the My Events listing. Note this option is only available if a requester can see other activities for organizations that they are associated with but are not listed as a contact.


Room Sign - New QR Code to Book Room from Sign

There is a new option to allow the Mazévo Room Sign to display a QR code for walk-up reservations. When a user taps Book Room from the sign, a QR code will be shown, which you can scan to create on-the-fly reservations from Mazévo Mobile.


Event Calendar - New Filter Selectors

There is a new mechanism for selecting filters on the Event Calendar. 


Report Updates

Event List Report - New Page Breaks by Date.

When running the Event list report for multiple days, you can now display each new date on a separate page.


Room Cards - New Landscape Option

You can now have room cards printed in landscape rather than portrait orientation.


Published Reports - New Link Button

There is a new option to copy published report links to the clipboard for pasting in another application. Previously, you had to email the link to yourself or someone else before copying the link.


New Revenue Analytics by Invoice Date

You can now run the Revenue Analytics report by invoice date rather than the event date. Running it by invoice date will also display the invoice number on the report.


Bugs Fixed

We fixed another issue that was causing a logo to be stretched when viewing an invoice. We think we have this one fixed for good now.

We fixed an issue causing some events to appear "in progress" even though they were completed.

We fixed an issue that was causing scheduled work items not to be scheduled for the last day in a date range.


Bryan Peck

Written by Bryan Peck

Bryan Peck is the Co-Founder and VP of Sales & Marketing of Mazévo. Check out his articles about event management and scheduling software.

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