May 30, 2023

Add Multiple Contacts When Creating Events


Add Multiple Contacts While Creating an Event

Event Planners can now add a secondary and billing contact when adding a new event. Previously, the secondary and billing contacts had to be added after the event was created from the Event Editor page.

New Copy Tool for Requesters

A requester can now copy a past event to dates in the future. All bookings on the event will be copied along with any associated resources and notes. Bookings will only be copied if a room is available on the new date. There is a setting on the user's security policy to enable this option.

arrow pointing to copy event icon

Display Billing Code on Request Form

You can now ask requesters for their billing code on the request form. You can also optionally make this field required. If the organization the request is for already has a billing code defined in Mazévo, it will automatically populate in the field. A requester can also edit the billing code after submitting the request. There is a setting on the security policy to enable this option.

Operations - Improved Access to Room Diagram

You can now access room diagrams by clicking the diagram icon from the list of bookings in Operations. Previously you had to open the booking to view its details to access the diagram.

new icon for room diagram on mobile

Status Now Displayed on Service Order Report

The booking's status is now displayed on the service order report.

Invoicing - Removed Bookings without Charges

Bookings with no chargeable items will no longer display on invoices.

Room Cards Display Component Room Events

Room cards for combo rooms will now display events taking place in the component rooms.

Book Room Without Login From Room Sign

You can now have people walk up to a device running the Mazévo Room Sign and have them book the room without logging in or using their phone. This is optional. You can still have them scan a QR code to authenticate and book the room from their mobile device.

New Check Configuration Tool

A new troubleshooting tool for global administrators will identify possible issues with your Mazévo configuration that cause Mazévo not to behave as expected.

Bugs Fixed

Taking Requests for Weekend Dates

Mazévo applied the earliest booking date inconsistently when a request was submitted for a Saturday or Sunday. Mazévo will now honor the earliest booking date consistently, no matter what day of the week is being requested.

We fixed an issue preventing documents from being copied correctly with an event


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