August 11, 2023

August 11, 2023 Updates


Mazévo Feature & Performance Updates

Set Dashboard as Start Page

You can now set the new Analytics Dashboard as your start page in Mazévo. This is done under Profile & Preferences from the user Menu.

Event Planners Can Add Calendar Details

Previously only calendar managers could add event details that would display on the public calendar.

See Event Questions from Review Events

Operations staff can now view event questions from review events.

Daily Operations Report - New Room Diagram Link

The Daily Operations Report now includes a link to the room diagram attached to the booking.

New Configuration Check Items

The Check Configuration Tool will now check for the following

  • Missing Statuses - Checks that you have at least one status defined as pending, booked, canceled, and denied.
  • Contacts that are not associated with any organizations - Identifies contacts may not be able to make requests because they are not associated with any organizations.
  • Users that have been inactive for at least 60 days - Identifies user accounts you may want to disable permanently.

The Check Configuration tool is available to Global Administrators under the User Menu.

Single Sign-On - Update Security Policy Based on SSO Setting

If you update a user's security policy when using SSO, Mazévo will not use SSO attributes to set the security policy for that user going forward. If you want to have SSO start updating that user's security policy based on SSO attributes again, we added a setting to allow you to do that. You can also view which users are not being updated by SSO from the user settings page.

Academics - Merge Terms

You can now merge two separate terms from your SIS. This helps to accommodate courses that have been cross-listed between the two terms.

Day At A Glance Performance Improvements

We made some changes to the Day At A Glance page to make it load faster

Bugs Resolved

The following issues have been resolved in this release.

  • The event book for requesters allowed requests to be made that were not following user security policy rules.
  • When an event planner changes the room on a booking, Mazévo was not validating that the new space could hold the number of attendees on the booking.
  • Academic Managers were unable to add or edit terms.



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