January 25, 2022

January 25, 2022 Updates to Mazévo Request Form & More


Request Form Updates

Display Room Pricing to Requesters

Those making a request can now see the charges for a room while selecting a room on the web. Mazévo displays room charges on mobile when the user taps on the room name. Previously users could not see any room charges while making a request.


New Alerts on Rooms

You can now add an alert to a room. These alerts will be indicated with an alert symbol when a requester or event planner enters a new event, and clicking on the symbol will display the alert and room information.


Default Meeting Time is Now 60 Minutes for New Requests. 

Mazévo will default to a one-hour event time instead of 30 minutes when entering a new request.


New Option to Allow Stacked Requests

When taking requests, Mazévo will "hold" the room for the requester unless an event planner declines the request. Now you can configure Mazévo to no longer hold the space for requests which allows multiple requests to potentially "stack up" for the same event time. This means the event planner will need to decide which request will get the room and which ones will be denied or moved to another room.



Cross-listed courses are now displayed in the Event Book

Academic cross-listed courses are now indicated by a cross-list icon in the event book. Hovering over the course will also show which classes it is cross-listed with.


Other Updates

Notifications for New Single Sign-On users

You can now be notified when your Single Sign-On creates a Mazévo user. This makes it easier to identify new users if you want to change their default permissions. Notifications for new users will show up in Day at a Glance.


New Room Tag Option for Public Calendar Links

You can now create a public calendar link based on room tags. Previously when creating a public calendar for a location, you had no way to get more specific than choosing a building.


New Academic Status Filter for Public Calendar Links

You can now choose to display classes with an academic status on a public calendar if you wish.


Event List Report Now Consolidates Events with Multiple Rooms

Creating the event list report will now display events that meet in multiple rooms on the same date/time as a single entry. Previously Mazévo would print these events on multiple lines.


New Room Setup Export

You can now export a list of all your rooms and configured room setup styles. Previously there was no way to view and export all your rooms and room setup style configurations.


New Status Selector when Copying Events

You can now select a status to use when copying an event. Previously Mazévo always copied the event to your default event status.

Bugs Fixed

  • We resolved an issue when defining tasks with a manual trigger. Mazévo would still let you select a user to assign the task to even though it didn't do anything.
  • Fixed an issue where change history on room settings was not displaying correctly
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing you from adding notes to a setup style in some instances





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