May 24, 2024

More Data Cleanup Tools, VIP Event Identification & More


New Features

Data Cleanup Tools

There are new data cleanup tools for the following configuration items

  • Resources
  • Special Dates
  • Users
  • Approvals
  • Event Questions
  • Pricing Plans
  • Scheduled Emails
  • Tasks
  • Building Hours

These tools may be used with the new Delete Old Events tool introduced in the last update. They allow you to quickly remove unused items from your system and make it easy to monitor the last time one was used. 

VIP Events Identified in Operations Tools

If you have marked an event with the VIP flag, it will now be displayed as a VIP event to your operations users in Manage Operations and Review Events.

New Filters for Public Calendars

There are new filters for Building and Event Types on the public calendar. Previously, there was no way for a user to filter the calendar by specific building or event type. They could only search for an event by its name.

New Event Coordinator Initials Column in Day at a Glance

The event coordinator's initials will now display on both the requests and approvals page in Day at a Glance. This will make filtering the list by the appropriate event coordinator possible.

New Shortcut Prompt for Mobile Users

If you use Mazévo from your phone, you will be encouraged to save a shortcut to Mazévo on your device's home screen. Simple instructions are provided. This allows Mazévo to function more like an installed application rather than a website and includes a full-screen view.

API Updates

New Contact ID Filter for GetEvents


New Call for Disabling a Requester Account.

Note that this call is available only with the advanced API.

Issues Fixed

  • Processing a new user loads all organizations, including those marked as inactive
  • Pricing is not showing when a Service Order Report PDF is created, even if it is selected for display
  • Importing bookings displays disabled statuses
  • Book room feature gives errors for specific configurations
  • Dependent event questions are not displayed correctly when a link is provided
  • The export option for rooms, organizations, and contacts is not working


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