Improved Inventory Management for Requests

Jan 14, 2022 8:25:29 AM / by Bryan Peck

Resource Inventory

Automatically Prevent Requestors from Overbooking Resource Inventory

Requesters can no longer request resources where there is insufficient inventory to fulfill the request. They will be alerted when you cannot fill their request for items, and they can decide if they would like to request only what is available. Previously they were allowed to request an item even if there were none available at that time.



Export List of Matched Building and Room Codes.

You can now export the list of matched and unmatched building and room codes to PDF or Excel.


Bugs Fixed

We fixed several bugs in this release, including the following.

  • Resolved an issue preventing notification emails for new requests to be sent out.
  • Resolved an issue that was preventing a logo from displaying correctly on invoices
  • Fixed a problem with the copy reservations tool that could create booking conflicts in specific instances. 
  • Fixed an issue with SSO that caused an error when trying to login
  • Resolved an issue that prevented the use of copy and paste of resources for bookings copied from EMS. 

A Few Updates to Start 2022

Jan 4, 2022 7:15:00 AM / by Bryan Peck

Happy New Year! We hope you had a wonderful holiday season. This update includes a handful of features and fixes to help with your scheduling in the new year. 


Mazévo Course Importer Updates

Export Course Import Errors

If you receive errors when importing your courses from a text file, you can now export a list of all the errors to an excel file for further review. Previously you could only view the errors on the screen. 


New Unmatched Room Export

When importing courses, you can now export a list of all rooms in the course file that have not yet been matched to rooms in Mazévo. 


Other Changes

Room Setup Style and Setup Count Included on Service Order Report 

The service order report now shows room setup style and count. Previously Mazévo did not include this information.


Default Building Improvement for Users With Multiple Roles

Users who have both an Event Planner and Requester roles can now set a default building when using the event planner tools. Previously the default building would only be used when in the requester role.


Event Calendar Special Dates Description Field Expanded

The special date tooltip has been expanded on the event calendar. Now when you hover over the star on a particular date, you will be able to see the full name of the special date instead of the first few characters. 


Improved Viewing of Services for Approvers 

Users approving resources now have a tab that will show all the resources on every booking for an event. Previously they would have had to click into each booking to see resource needs.


New Location for Viewing Room Diagrams in Mobile 

Room diagrams have been moved under the room setup panel in mobile. There is also a new button instead of a text link to view the room diagram. 

mobile room diagram button


Bugs Fixed

We fixed several bugs in this release, including the following. 

Event Book: For those of you who are using the Safari Browser, a bug was making the building name appear under the list of rooms in the event book. This has been corrected, and the building name now shows above the list of rooms. 

Copy Events: There was an issue with the order of resources not being maintained once you copied an event. This has been remedied.

New Notification Emails and Invoice Updates

Dec 21, 2021 9:03:28 AM / by Product Development


We made several improvements to notification emails in this release

Improved Event Links on Notification Emails

Notifications for new requests now include a link to take you directly to the details of the request with a single click. These details also highlight changes if the request is updated. Previously the link would take you to the Mazévo login page or Mazévo main menu where you had to navigate to Day At A Glance to see the request. 


New Notification of Events Added or Changed by Other Event Planners

Mazévo can now notify you via email anytime a booking has been added or changed by another event planner. Clicking a link in the notification email will take you to a page that shows you the details of what was added or changed on the booking(s). Please contact support@gomazevo.com to enable this option for your account. 


New Notification Emails for Service Providers. 

Service providers can now be notified via email anytime a service is added, changed, or canceled. Clicking a link in the notification email will take you to a page that shows you the details of what was added or changed. Note this option and your account's booking notifications mentioned above are turned off by default. Please contact support@gomazevo.com to enable this option for your account. 


Invoice Updates

Exclude Items with No Prices From Invoices

There is a new option to hide items that do not have a price from invoices. Prices with 100% discount will still display. Previously these items would always print even though there was no price associated with them. 


Updated Invoice Previews

When you preview an invoice, you can now send it straight to your printer instead of saving it to PDF first and then printing. The preview also now shows page breaks.


New Service Provider Totals on Invoices

There is a new option to display service provider subtotals on the invoice, similar to the confirmation. 


Other Changes

Add Event Setup and Teardown that Extends Beyond Midnight

You can now create and edit events with setup and teardown time that cross midnight before or after the event. The event's total time, including setup and teardown, can now be up to 24 hours in length. Previously Mazévo would prevent you from having setup or teardown time cross midnight. 


Run the Work Log for Specific Dates

You can now run the Work Log to show activity for specific dates. Previously, you could only show today, yesterday, and the last seven days. 


The Size of the Confirmation Email Window has been Increased

The window to compose your email messages has been made slightly bigger to make it easier to write your email. 


New Service Provider Icon for Fees and Charges

There is a new "$" symbol for service providers that you can use. 


New Acknowledgement when Changing Room Diagrams

If you change a room diagram and switch it from "attachment" to "link," Mazévo will now ask you before it deletes your attachment. 


Bugs Fixed

  • We fixed a bug that prevented you from exporting deposits and payments.
  • We improved the error message you receive if you try to update a file with a # in the title. You will now be prompted to change the file name. 
  • Pasting text in scheduled emails and other areas would create an error that you have exceeded the text limit if you were pasting in HTLM text. This has been corrected.


Updates to the Event Book & New Mobile Ops Layout

Dec 3, 2021 8:49:35 AM / by Bryan Peck

Book Updates

Add Bookings to Existing Events Directly from Event Book

When adding a new booking from the event book, you can now add it to another existing event. Previously, Mazévo would add any new bookings in the event book to an entirely new event. 


Add Organizations from the Event Book

When you are adding a new event from the Mazévo Event Book, you can now add a new organization on the fly. Previously you would first add the organization to Mazévo then go back to the book to create the event.


Course Instructor Names Now Display in the Event Book 

When viewing imported courses in the Mazévo Event Book, you will now see instructor names in the pop-up tooltip. Previously the only way to view the instructor was to click into the course. You can also now use the search bar to search for courses by instructor name.


Operations Updates

Mobile Operations: New Layout for Booking Information

When viewing event details in manage operations, you will see that booking information has been organized under collapsible panels to make it easier to hide the data once you have viewed it. There are also new labels for each field.


Operations (Web): Filters and My Staff Combined

There is a new settings button that takes the place of Filters and My Staff.


Billing Updates

Create Invoices: New Filter by Organization Type

When creating invoices, you can now filter the invoices by the type of organization.


Find Payments Now Displays Event Name, Organization, and Contact


New Combined Find Payments and Deposits

You can now generate a combined list of payments and deposits. Previously you could only create a list of deposits and a separate list of payments.


Other Updates

Updated Confirmation Previews

When you preview a confirmation, you can now send it straight to your printer instead of saving to PDF first and then printing. The preview also now shows page breaks.


Requester Security (Advanced): New Max Daily Hours Setting

You can now limit your requesters to a specified number of hours that they can book on a day.


New Events Column When Viewing Contacts

When viewing your list of contacts, you can now view events (current and past) that a contact is associated with. You can also add a new event for that contact by clicking the plus sign.


Event Planners Now See Total Inventory & Can't Exceed It When Adding Resources

You will now see the total inventory of an item when adding resources to an event. Mazévo will also now prevent you from entering a quantity that is more than your entire inventory of that item. Previously, you had no way of knowing the overall stock of any item from that page.


New Data Columns in Advanced Find Events

You can now display date added, added by, and day of the week in Advanced Find Events.


New Setting to Hide Organizations

If you are not using the Organization field in Mazévo, it can now be hidden entirely from all users in the Application. Please get in touch with Mazévo Support if you wish to enable this option.


Turn off Mazévo Messaging. 

You may now turn off messaging in Mazévo if you are not using it. Please contact Mazévo support if you wish to turn this off for your account.


API Update to Get Events

The API's Get Events call now returns the last date the booking was changed. If the event has never been changed, it will return the date the booking was created.


Bugs Fixed

  • The weekly book was not always showing setup and teardown time correctly.
  • Changing status on the book in some situations would result in room not available error.
  • The BEO was not displaying correctly in some instances.
  • Email confirmations were not being delivered in some instances
  • Building hours were being ignored when requesting in some cases. 

Course Optimizer Updates & Manage Operations Enhancements

Nov 12, 2021 7:30:00 AM / by Bryan Peck

Academic Course Optimizer Updates

Improved Method to Match Buildings and Rooms

When importing courses from your student information system, you first need to match the name of the building and room in the SIS to the building and room in Mazévo. This process has been streamlined to reduce the number of clicks. Less clicking = good 😀


New Assign SIS Room Function

For courses that come over from your Student Information system with a room already assigned, you can now tell the Optimizer to use that room instead of possibly assigning it to another space.


New Instructor Back to Back Filter for Optimizer

The Optimizer will now identify and filter all the courses taught back to back for the same instructor.


Number of Rooms in Optimizer Grid Increased

You can now view 100 courses at a time without clicking to the next page in the Optimizer. This can be increased to up to 500 courses if you wish.


New Optimizer Workflow

The way that courses from your SIS are processed has been improved with a more intuitive workflow.


New Room Type Preference based on Course Type

You can now have the Optimizer find rooms for courses based on the type of course. For instance, labs can be placed in labs, and lectures can be placed in auditoriums.  


New Academics Conflicts in DAAG

After you process a term, any events bumped to make room for a course are displayed in Day at a Glance.


New Confirmation Message when Deleting Resources on an Event

If you attempt to delete a resource from an event, you will now see a message asking you to confirm if you are really sure you want to delete the resource.


Canceled Bookings are Ignored if there is a Mix of Statuses

Events that have bookings that are both confirmed and canceled will now show as confirmed. Previously, if the event had a mix of canceled and confirmed bookings and the next booking was canceled, it would look like someone canceled the event to the requester unless they clicked into the event to see the individual bookings.


Manage Operations Changes

Better Filtering for Operations Managers Choosing Staff

When an operations manager selects who is on their sales team they will now see a limited list of users who have the operations worker, operations manager roles or global administrators. Inactive users with those roles will  also be hidden.  Previously you had to sift through a list of all users in the system when selecting staff members.

Manage Operations Bookings and Work Items Grid Columns are Now Resizable

We fixed a bug that was causing assigning staff to work items not to function correctly.

Event Editor, Operations, and Requester Updates

Oct 29, 2021 7:30:00 AM / by Bryan Peck

Event Editor Changes

Event Editor - Drag Windows Around the Page

You can now move any change bookings and resource windows around the page by clicking and dragging from the top portion of the window. This makes it easier to refer back to information that may be behind the window.

New History Button that Displays All Event History

You can now click a single button to view all changes to a particular event, and it's related bookings and resources. Previously if you needed to know what a requester has changed on an event, you would need to potentially check three places, event history, booking history, and resource history. With this new view, every change made to an event is listed in chronological order.


event editor history button


Operations Changes

Improved Consistency Between Mobile and Web Tools

Those with the Operations Worker or Operations Manager roles can now have a consistent experience with the same tools on the web and in the mobile app. The Operations Workers can now mark setups and work items complete from the web. Previously they had to use the mobile app to do this. Operations Managers can now view notes added to work items from the web. Previously you could only do this from the mobile app. Ops Managers can also now complete work from the mobile app.


New Work Log for Work Items

Manage operations now includes a work log similar to the work log for bookings


New Ways to Access Events

Open Bookings from Room Information Window in the Book

When you click on the name of a room, you can view the list of all bookings for the day. You can now click one of those bookings in the list to open the event.

 event book room detail pop up


Open Events From Revenue Analytics

You can now open an event by clicking on the event name in Revenue Analytics.


Requester Updates

New Building is Required Message for Requestors

 It was not always apparent to a new requestor that they had to click or type in the location field to add a building to see a list of rooms to request. A new message has been added to make it clear what they need to do.

 building is required message


New Time Default Option for Requestors

When making a request, the start and end times will always default to the next half hour, i.e. 4:00 PM to 4:30 PM. The requester can now have the times blank when making a new request and can then enter a time from scratch rather than changing the default time.


Requesters - The Unavailable Room Tab now Shows Partially Available Rooms

Previously the unavailable rooms tab would not display rooms available for only some of the requested dates. Now you will see them there along with the dates that the space is not available. A requester can still select the room for the dates that it is available.


The Building is Selected Automatically for You When You Only Have One Configured

If you only have one building in your system, Mazévo will automatically select that building when adding a new event, new request, using the book, or Day at a Glance. If you have more than one building in your system, remember that you can set your default building by clicking on the system menu in the top right corner and selecting "Profile & Preferences."


Configuration Changes

New Room Setup Icons

There are two new room setup icons that you can use for interviews and vendor tables.

vendor and interview setup icons

New Service Provider Icons

There is a new table icon, serving tray icon, microphone icon, and people icon that you can use when configuring your service providers.

service provider icons - new

New Option to Configure Default Setup Time for Multiple Rooms at Once

You can now adjust the default setup and teardown time for multiple rooms at one time. Go to the room settings page and check the boxes next to all the rooms you wish to set the default setup and teardown times for.  Previously you would have had to edit the time for each room individually.


Event Book: You Can Now Set the Color Based on Event Type Rather than Status. 

By default, the colors in the event book are determined by the status of the booking. You can now choose to have the color of your bookings based on the type of event. To change this setting, please get in touch with Mazévo Support.



New Room Closures and Academic Classroom Optimizer

Oct 15, 2021 9:10:30 AM / by Bryan Peck

Manage Room Closures

You can now take rooms offline for maintenance or remodeling by designating a room as "closed" for a set duration of time. While the room is closed, You won't be able to add new bookings to the room. Previously you would have had to either inactivate the room in settings or create bookings for every day that the room was closed. To close a room, go to Settings > Rooms > Manage Room Closures to indicate how long the room is closed.

New Academic Optimizer

We are excited to introduce a new tool for colleges and universities that automatically allows Mazévo to assign rooms to courses. This tool helps speed up the process of ensuring that all your classes end up in the correct room without manually assigning each one. For more information on enabling this feature for your account, please get in touch with Mazévo support.

Bugs Fixed

  • We fixed an issue that prevented you from changing a booking to a room designated as always available.
  • Setting a system reply email for account maintenance was not always honored. This has been corrected.

Fall 2021 Performance Improvements

Oct 1, 2021 8:34:56 AM / by Bryan Peck

This update includes several behind-the-scenes performance improvements and a few small cosmetic changes to keep Mazévo reliable & responsive.


New Drag and Drop in Event Book (BETA)

We have added a new experimental feature to the book called Drag-and-Drop. You can pick up existing events in the book and drag them to a new room or new start time. This feature is still in beta testing, so give it a try and let us know what you think. 



Improved Room Availability Tools and New Email Address Book

Sep 17, 2021 9:02:36 AM / by Bryan Peck

New reasons for room non-availability

Mazévo will now let your requesters know why a room is not available to request. Reasons include room in use; the request is outside of building hours, the attendance is below the minimum required for the room, The attendance is over room capacity, and more. These reasons appear under the "unavailable rooms" tab. Previously Mazévo would not display rooms that were unavailable for these reasons. 


New Email Address Book Feature for Sending Confirmations

Mazévo will now remember any email address you manually add so you can use it again later without having to retype. 


New Organization Notes

You can now log notes for an organization. These notes will be visible to other event planners. 


New Organization Alerts

You can now add alerts to organizations. These alerts will display when an event planner creates a new event or opens an event for that organization. 


See List Of Bookings in the Event Book

You can click the name of a room in the event book, and it will now show you a list of all the bookings happening in the room. This is helpful if you have bookings "stacked" on top of each other and want to see what they are. 


The Number of Bookings Displayed in the Event Editor has been Increased

By default, the event editor will show the first 100 bookings. Previously it showed the first 30. 


The Number of Resources Displayed in the Event Editor has been Increased

By default, the event editor will show the first 100 resources. Previously it showed the first 30.


The Option to Define a New Shared Room has been Removed

This function is replaced by the Always Available setting on the room. 


Message Length Increased to 500 Characters

The length of messages has been increased to 500 charters from 256. There is also a new dynamic character counter that shows you how long the message is as you type. 



  • We fixed a bug that caused Mazévo to not function properly if your web browser was set to use languages other than English by default.
  • The public calendar was not displaying the filter tab properly. This has been fixed
  • Find events was not resetting the filters when you switched between Standard, Advanced, My Views, or Public Views. This has been fixed
  • Other various bug fixes

September 2021 Updates to Mazévo Ops & Other Scheduling Changes

Sep 3, 2021 8:00:00 AM / by Bryan Peck

Mazévo Operations Changes

In this update, we show some love to those who use the operations functions in Mazévo with a few things that will make your job easier.


Schedule Work Items for Multiple Dates.

You can now enter a work item that regularly repeats, daily, once a week, etc. Previously you had to enter them one-by-one


Copy Work Items

Do you have a work item with a lot of notes? You can now copy it to a new date instead of manually re-entering.


New Work Item Indicator

If you are looking at Operations in Mobile or Manage Operations from the web, you will see a new indicator for work items on a specific day. You no longer have to click the work item tab first to see if work items are on that day.


View My Work for Service Managers

From Operations on mobile, those with the service manager role can now filter to see work that has been assigned to them. Previously only those with the worker security role could do this.


Improved View of Event Times in Manage Operations

The way that times are displayed in Manage operations on the web now shows setup and teardown time in the list of events (grid). The pop-up also now includes customer access time. 


Customer Access Time Visible in Mobile Operations

Mobile operations users can now see customer access time. Previously Mazévo included customer access time in the setup time, but a mobile user could not see it.


Event Number Visible to Operations Users

The event number now displays in Manage Operations and Review Events on the web and mobile.


Other Changes

Add New Contact From Event Editor

When changing a contact for an event, you can now add a new contact from scratch. Previously you would have had to go to contacts and add the contact, return to the event editor, refresh the page and finally select the new contact.


Find Events Export - Event Number is Now Exported

When you export your Find Events results to Excel, there is a new column for the Event Number. Why this wasn't there before is a mystery to us. 😎


Requests - Better Handling of Room Setups for Alternate Rooms

Recently we introduced a feature for requesters that allowed them to select an alternate room when their preferred room isn't always available during a series of dates. This could cause problems if they chose a setup style that was only available in their preferred room as Mazévo would also assign that setup style to their alternate. Now when they select an alternate space, if the setup style can't be used in the alternate, Mazévo will leave the setup blank for those locations so an event planner can pick an appropriate setup style.


New Hourly Pricing Options

Mazévo now automatically calculates the price of an item based on the hours of the event or the service. Previously if you wanted Mazévo to calculate the cost of an item, it always used the number of hours an event was scheduled unless you manually entered a different number of hours.


Users - Inactivate/Activate Multiple Users.

There is a new check box next to each user record. This allows you to select multiple users that you wish to flag as active or inactive.

Users - Inactive Users Now Hidden by Default.

Inactive users will no longer appear in your list of users. You can view inactive users by clicking the filter and unchecking "hide inactive."


Event List Report Changes

There is a new organization type filter for the event list report.

The event list will now exclude private events by default. You can override this by clicking the box to include private events before running the report.

If there are no events scheduled on a day, any special dates indicated for that day will no longer display


Daily Ops Report - New Contact Phone Number

The primary contact phone number is now included in the report.


This update also includes a few minor bug fixes. 


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