06-23-2022 Accessibility Improvements

Jun 23, 2022 6:30:00 AM / by Bryan Peck

Accessibility Improvements

Making our products and services accessible to all individuals is part of our company values, and our design guidelines have been created with accessibility in mind. With this release, we have improved compliance with Section 508 and WCAG 2.0 A to ensure that our products are accessible to those with disabilities.


Review Events - Event Details Now Display In Pop-Up

When you click an event in review events from the web, the resources and services now display in a pop-up window instead of appearing below the event name on the screen.


Bug Fixes

We fixed several issues in this release to keep your scheduling smooth and error-free.

06-14-2022 Interface Updates & Fixes

Jun 14, 2022 7:00:00 AM / by Bryan Peck

Accessibility Improvements

We made several improvements to make Mazévo easier to use for those using assistive technology such as screen readers or alternative input devices.


New Report Filtering Look & Feel

We have rolled out the new report filters to all the reports. This includes how reports are filtered with the "add filter" link to select the filters you wish to use. 


Bug Fixes

This update takes care of several bugs, including an issue that caused text to be cut off at the bottom of confirmations, BEOs and other reports. 

05-20-2022 Performance Improvements

May 20, 2022 7:00:00 AM / by Bryan Peck

Performance Improvements

This release includes more performance enhancements & fixes for several Mazévo pages.

Academic Scheduling

Exclude Rooms from Optimizer

You can now exclude specific rooms from being optimized. The Mazévo optimizer will ignore courses from the SIS with these rooms.

Unpublish a Term

You now have an option to reset a term. This will remove all bookings that have been created for that term in Mazévo.

05-16-2022 Performance Updates & Fixes

May 16, 2022 7:00:00 AM / by Bryan Peck

Performance Improvements

Several Mazévo pages have been updated to provide better responsiveness and performance, especially when viewing and working with large amounts of data, such as many bookings or contacts.


Other Improvements

New Report Filtering Look & Feel
The report filter options for the Event List report and the activity log have been updated. You now will see an add filter button to add the report filters you want to use. We will roll this change out to other reports in a future Mazévo update.

Scroll Forward & Backwards with Specific Dates in Find Events
When using the specific dates search function in Find Events, you can now scroll forward or backward on the results screen. For example, when you search for something between May 20th and 26th (six days). The list of results will now allow you to move your dates forward or backward by six days at a time if you don't find what you are looking for. Previously you would need to re-enter a new date range and try your search again.


Bugs Fixed

We fixed a bug that deleted the room diagram on a booking if you edited that booking from the event book.

The list of service providers was not populating when trying to set notifications, which has now been fixed.

05-09-2022 Public Calendar Tags and Updates to Organizations & Contacts

May 9, 2022 7:00:00 AM / by Bryan Peck

Pubic Calendar Updates

New Tags for Public Events

You can now categorize events on your public calendars with Tags. Public calendars can also be filtered to show events with a specific tag.


Calendar Links - New View Button

When you define calendar links, a new view button will open the calendar link in a new tab. Previously you had to copy and paste the link into a new browser tab.


Updates to Contacts & Organizations

Performance improvements for lots of organizations and contacts

If you have a large number of organizations and contacts stored in Mazévo, they will now display much faster when loading,


Added Multi-Select Shortcuts to Edit Tax, Service Charge, and Restricted to Organizations Screen

You can now select multiple organizations, update their tax and service charge status, or mark them as restricted.


Associate Organizations to New Requesters

When your event planners add a new requester account, you can now associate organizations without going to another screen.


Academic Updates

New Alerts for Importing and Processing Courses

When you import courses, process a term, or optimize a term, you will be notified when Mazévo is done importing or processing the term. Notifications show under the alerts bell.


New Tab Delimited Option

You can now import a tab-delimited file when importing courses from a text file. Previously you could only import .csv files.


Requester Updates

Adding New Bookings Now Exposes Attendance for Requesters

When a requester adds bookings to their existing event, Mazévo will now prompt them for the number of people. Previously they had no way to adjust this number when adding bookings.


Bugs Fixed

Several bugs were fixed in this update, including:

Notes not being exported from find events

We fixed a bug that prevented notes from showing when you exported from Find Events.

04-26-22  Public Calendar, Services & SSO Improvements

Apr 26, 2022 7:30:00 AM / by Bryan Peck

Public Calendar Updates


Public Calendar Updated for Mobile Phones

The Public calendar will now adapt to smaller displays to look good on all devices, including phones.


New Organization Filter

You can now create calendar links for one or more organizations. These calendar links will display all public events for that organization.


New Manage Organization Calendars

This function allows you to create public calendar links for multiple organizations quickly.


Canceled Events are Now Displayed with a Strikethrough Font.

If you have explicitly chosen to display events with a canceled status on your public calendar, they will appear with a strikethrough font. Ex. Canceled Event


New Organization Type Filter

You can now create a public calendar based on organization type. Mazévo will display all public events for selected organization types on the calendar.


New Hide Special Dates Option

You can now remove special dates from the Public Calendar.


Single Sign-On

User Information Now Updated on Subsequent Logins

SSO will now update the user's security policy or name if necessary when logging in. Previously this information needed to be updated manually.


Improvements to Resources

We made several updates to the way resources are managed on events. Thank you to our friends in Iowa for the great suggestions!

New Resource Time Picker

There is a new way to select service times when adding resources to a booking. If the booking already has service start and end times defined, you will be able t pick that time from a list or add a new set of beginning and end times.service times


New Change Resource Option

You can now drill into a specific resource and change it to another resource from a dropdown list. Previously you would need to add a new resource to your event and delete the old resource.


New Item Ordering when Selecting Resources

Mazévo will now order your resource items in the order selected. In addition, you can preview the resource item order and re-order them before saving them to your event.

sort order

Switching Service Providers is Now Disabled when Adding Resources

If you have started selecting resource items, you will no longer be able to switch service providers until you save your resources or remove all your items from the list. Previously, Mazévo deleted all your selected resources if you switched service providers.


Updates to Requests

 Column Sizes Now Adjustable on My Requests

Previously the column sizes were fixed.


Security Policies - Max Booking Length Now Looks at Event Time Only

Previously, Mazévo applied the rule to the entire booking length, including setup and teardown time. This caused issues if you had default setup and teardown applied to your bookings.


Other Updates

Organization Addresses Now Exported to Excel

When exporting your list of organizations, the excel file will include the organization address, city, state, and zip code.


Multiple Event Coordinators Displayed in Find Events

If an event has more than one event coordinator assigned, they will now each display in Find Events. Previously only the first event coordinator was being displayed.


New Icons for Mobile Operations

There are new colored icons for not started, in progress, and completed states. Previously these states were indicated by red, yellow, or blue dots.

 mobile icons

View and Reprint a Batch of Invoices

You can now select multiple invoices to view at once and create as a pdf from Find Invoices.


My Approvals Now Displays Room Name

Previously if you clicked into an approval, you would not see the room name listed.


New Search Bar in Revenue Analytics

You can now search the entire grid when viewing the results of revenue analytics.


Confirmation Emails Now Display Booking Status

Previously the body of the email did not display the booking status, and the requester would have to view the confirmation document to see the status.


User Initials Now Displayed in Footer of Reports

The user's initials who generates a report are now displayed in the footer. This includes the Event List, Daily Operations Report, and Service Order Reports.


Bugs Fixed

The following items are fixed in this release.

Adding Bookings from Weekly View 

A bug existed that allowed you to add events from the weekly view in the book; however, the date was not being set correctly. To add events from the book, you must now be in the daily view.


Removing Room Setups

An issue was preventing the room setup from being removed when using the booking editor change tools.


Booking Event Names Not Displaying Correctly

We fixed a bug preventing a booking event name from being updated correctly.


04-11-22 New Shift Reports and Updates to Event Requests and API

Apr 11, 2022 7:00:00 AM / by Bryan Peck

New Daily Logs (Shift Reports)

The release of Mazévo includes a new function to allow workers to file shift or incident reports. Mazévo will let you create multiple shift reports and define the questions you want to ask. You can also assign reports to specific Mazévo users to fill out. Reports are saved within Mazévo for review by managers.

Updates to Mazévo Request Form

Add Setup Notes to a Room

Requesters can now add setup details or notes to a room.


Upload a Room Diagram

Requesters can now upload a room setup diagram while requesting from the web.


Hide Old or Canceled Bookings

Requesters who view their events will see new links to hide old or canceled bookings.


Event Editor Updates

Booking Editor - Sorting Resources

The window to sort resources on a booking is now moveable and resizable. In addition, more resources are now visible in the grid when sorting. Previously the size of each resource line was larger and fewer resources fit on the page.


API Updates

New Get Booking Resources

A new resource details call will return resources for specified bookings.


New Get Building Hours

The Mazévo API will now return Building Hours


Get Bookings Call Includes Customer Access Time

Customer access minutes are now returned with the get bookings call.


New Calls to Update Mazévo with Organizations and Contacts

You can now update Mazévo with contact and organization information from an external source. You can also update contacts with organization membership through the API.

Please refer to the Mazévo API documentation for details on the above items. https://www.gomazevo.com/help/using-the-mazevo-api



We made several refinements to Academics in this release.


Bugs Fixed

Advanced find events, and the event list were not displaying bookings if the date range was extensive.

The resource filter in advanced find events was not saving resources saving selected resources.

Running the event list report would produce inconsistent results when filtering by selected rooms.

03-24-2022 Mazévo Academic Scheduling Updates

Mar 25, 2022 6:45:00 AM / by Bryan Peck

Mazévo Course Importer

Re-Import Terms

You can now import a new course file for an existing term, which preserves the term start and end date and excluded dates. Previously you had to delete the term and re-add its settings again from scratch.


Mazévo Classroom Scheduling

Mazévo Now Accommodates Classes Without a Room

Online, hybrid, off-site, TBA or TBD courses can now be brought over from the SIS and displayed and managed in Mazévo.


Room Type Is Now Displayed When Viewing Available Rooms.

Previously only the name of the room and capacity were displayed.


Multiple Instructors Displayed for Courses. 

Mazévo does a better job of displaying instructor names when there are multiple instructors assigned to a course.


Added Search Bar for Setting Subject Building Relationship

When setting preferred buildings for a subject, a new search bar will allow you to find a specific subject quickly.


Excluded Dates Calendar Now Opens to the First Month of Term when Processing a Term

Previously this calendar defaulted to the current month.


Course Reference Number (CRN) is Now Visible in Find Courses

The CRN will also display when exporting courses


Bugs Fixed

The Mazévo software developers fixed the following items in this update.

  • Classroom Optimizer - start and end times were exported to Excel as dates and not times.
  • Adding customer access time to a booking removed the setup time in specific instances.
  • In particular instances, initials and day/time stamps disappeared from the BEO. 
  • Adding a price to resources on a booking was causing an error in specific cases.
  • The "upload room diagram" button disappeared from the booking editor. It's back now. 🤓

03-11-2022 New Close Building Function & Updates to Operations

Mar 11, 2022 7:08:00 AM / by Bryan Peck

New Close Building Function

Global Administrators can now quickly close one or more buildings and cancel every booking in the building on a single day. This is useful for "snow days" when all events are canceled due to school closures.


Invoicing Updates


New Find Invoices by Invoice Number

You can now enter an invoice number to find a specific invoice to add a payment or view the invoice. You will see this new option under find invoices. Previously you could only look up invoices by date range or event ID number.


New Find All Invoices for an Organization

You can now pull up all invoices for a specific organization over a range of dates.


Operations Updates


New Room Diagram Icon in Manage Ops and Review Events

When viewing events from the web in either Review Events or Manage Operations, you will now see an icon when a room diagram is associated with a booking. Clicking on the diagram will open it in your browser. Previously there was no visual indication when a room diagram was associated with a booking unless you drilled into the booking.


New Work Items Created for Specific Dates by Default

If you navigate to a specific date to view work items and decide to add a new one, the date will default to the date you are viewing. Previously it would always default to tomorrow's date.


Multiple Bookings "Set as Ready" in Manage Operations

You can now select multiple bookings to be "Set as Ready" in Manage Operations. Previously you would have to click into each booking individually to mark it as ready.


Review Bookings from Manage Operations on the Web

You can now mark one or more bookings as reviewed from Manage Operations. Previously you could only set bookings as reviewed from Review Events on the web or mobile app.


Other Updates


New Building Hours Date Checker

You can now enter a date, and Mazévo will display the building hours rules that apply to that date. This is helpful when you need to change your building hours and know which building hour rule to change.


API Updated to Include Resources

The Mazévo Get Events API call now returns resource IDs. There is also a new call to get service providers and resources with their IDs.


My Approvals Now Includes Event ID

Previously there was no way to view the event ID from My Approvals.


Done and Copy Buttons have been switched on several screens to improve consistency.


Bugs Fixed

  • We fixed a bug in Manage Operations where the next booking hours were not computing correctly.
  • We fixed a bug preventing Building Hours from displaying in date order.

02-25-2022 Academic Scheduling Updates

Feb 25, 2022 7:00:00 AM / by Bryan Peck

The update to Mazévo contains several updates to Mazévo's classroom scheduling tools.


CRN Numbers Displayed

Course Record Numbers are now displayed on the course editor and the Academic Book.


Open Courses by CRN

You can open a course by entering its CRN in the Mazévo open box at the top of the page.


New Swap Room Button on Course Date Record

You can now quickly swap rooms with another course that meets on the same days and times.


Academic Terms - New Number of Courses Columns

There are two new columns on the Academic Terms screen. The first column displays the total number of courses, and the second column shows the number of courses assigned to a room with Mazévo's course optimizer.


New Unassigned Rooms Filter in Find Courses

You can now quickly find all courses with no room assigned in a term. There is also a new "Assign Room" button to find and assign an available classroom when you open the course.


Academic Optimizer - New Instructor Notes

You can now add notes to the instructors in the optimizer. These notes are indicated with an icon next to the instructor's name. You can filter on the list of courses in the optimizer by instructors that have notes attached so that you can manually assign classrooms if needed.


Academic Optimizer - New Course Match Button

You can now view all courses with the same time and day of the week meeting pattern and instructor.


Academic Optimizer - Back to Back Courses Now Optimized

Instructors who are teaching two courses in succession (Back-to-Back) are now assigned classrooms first by the optimizer, and the courses will be conducted in the same classroom if possible.


Academic Optimizer - New Requested Seat Fill Percentage

You can now indicate a desired seat fill percentage on individual courses


Academic Optimizer - New Shared Space/Meets With Option for courses. 

You can now indicate that two separate courses share the same room without conflict.


Academic Book Now Displays Academic Conflicts and Cross Listings


Other Updates


New Import Tool for Building, Rooms, and Resources

You can now import a list of buildings, rooms, or resources from a text file.


All Statuses Can Now Filter Calendar Links

You can now select any status to be used in a calendar link. Previously only statuses that booked space could be chosen.


Bug Fixes

This release contains several bug fixes.

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