July 10, 2024

Prioritize Events with Mazevo Course Importer and More


What's New

Mazévo Course Importer - New Option to Give Events Priority

When importing classes with the Mazévo Course Importer, you now have the option to give priority to events that are already scheduled in a classroom. When this option is used, a course scheduled at the same time as a pre-existing event will be flagged with an Academic Conflict Status. Previously, there was no way to prevent a course from getting priority over events when importing. 

Public Calendar - Download Event to Personal Calendar

You can now download an event from the public calendar as an .ics file for your personal calendar program, such as Outlook or Google Calendar.

Day At A Glance - Performance Improvement

There is improved responsiveness when you click the hamburger menu on Day at a Glance.

Edit Tasks - Additional Information Visible

When editing an existing task, you will now see the event name, event ID, Organization, and who the task is assigned to. Previously you had to close the edit window to view this information.

Create Invoices - Billing Code Visible

You can now see the billing code when you generate invoices. The billing code is also visible if you export the invoices you generate.

Requester Event Book - Special Date Description Displayed

The event book for your requesters now displays your description for a Special Date.

Event Editor - Adding Resources Improvement

If you are adding resources to an event with only one booking, Mazévo will no longer ask you if you wish to add the resources to all future bookings.

Find Events Advanced - Improved Time Export

If you export the results of Find Events to Excel, the Times will now be exported as times instead of a date/time combination.

Find Events Advanced - External Data Available

You can now view and export external data in Find Events.

Event Importer - External Data Column Visible

The external data column will be visible after you import events. It will also appear if you export the list of bookings.

Room Sign Performance Improvements

We made some back-end changes to improve network performance of the Room Sign App.


Bug Fixes

We made several fixes and performance improvements in this release including the following:

  • Mazévo would give an error when requesting a combo room in some cases
  • The Event Description for requests was not being saved
  • The event editor was not displaying the invoice icon for regenerated invoices
  • Improved performance and responsiveness for the Security Log
  • Report subscriptions were being sent to inactive users.
  • Importing courses was not always assigning the correct dates for excluded dates
  • In some cases bookings were not appearing in the correct room in the requester book
  • Academic Planners could not change the room on a course without the event planner role.

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