June 30, 2023

Updates to User Security & More


User Security Updates

Limit Event Planners to Booking in Individual Rooms

Would you like to limit specific event planners to only being able to book or approve events in specific rooms? Well, now you can. The new "Security Tags" function allows you to create a collection of one or more rooms that you can associate with an event planner so that they can only book in those rooms. Previously an event planner could book every room of the buildings they are given access to.

New Global Room Security Groups for Requesters

You can now create global requesting rules for rooms that apply to all Mazévo users who can request those rooms. Previously you would need to set restrictions for those rooms on each requester's security policy which can be cumbersome if you have lots of security policies.

Single Sign On - Optional Question for New Accounts

If you are using SSO with your Mazévo account, you may now have people optionally indicate which organizations they are affiliated with when accessing Mazévo for the first time. Previously there was no way to ask the user which organization they are a part of before their account was created.

Other Updates

Operations - New Shortcut from Event Book

Users who are "view only event planners" with the "operations worker" or "operations manager" role now have a shortcut from the book to viewing the event in Operations.

Invoice Number & Event ID Displayed in Subject Line of Email

When you email invoices, the invoice number will be displayed along with the event name and ID. Previously only the event name was displayed.

Rename Room Tags

You can now rename your existing room tags. Previously you had to delete and recreate the room tag if you wanted to rename it.

Mobile Interface Touchups

We improved the interface of Mazévo ops when accessing from your phone's browser.

Accessibility Improvements to Public Calendar

We made several changes to make Mazévo easier to use for those using assistive technology such as screen readers or alternative input devices. You may notice subtle changes to the look of some of Mazévo's calendar page elements, making it easier to see if you have visual impairments.

New Mazévo Resource Center

The Mazévo Resource Center that appears in the bottom right corner of the screen for global administrators and event planners has been updated and includes some new links and a search option for the Mazévo Knowledge Base.

Reports - Hide Private Events on Consolidated Event List

You can now choose if you wish to display private events on the consolidated event list report. Previously private events were always shown.

Bugs Fixed

We fixed several issues in Mazévo with this release, including:

  • When creating a new event from the organization page, Mazévo was not indicating who the default contacts were.
  • In some cases Mazévo was not applying taxes to organizations in Add New Event.

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