February 02, 2023

02-02-2023 Several Improvements to Make Scheduling Easier


New Features

Event Editor - Add Services for Multiple Service Providers

You can now add resources from multiple service providers with less effort. After adding resources to your bookings, Mazévo will ask you if you would like to add more resources. This reduces the number of clicks needed when adding more resources to those bookings from other service providers.


Upload Documents to Organizations

You can now upload and attach documents (such as insurance certificates) to organizations. There is also an optional expiration date you can log as well.


New Default Billing Contact

You can now store a default billing contact with an organization. When you book an event for that organization, the billing contact will automatically be added to the event.


New First Booking Column on Find Invoices Page

The find invoices page now includes a column for the first booking date on the invoice.


Approvers Can Now Opt-Out of Approval Reminder Emails

Your approvers can now opt out of receiving nightly reminder emails for approvals. They will still be notified initially of new approvals.


New Approval History

Those who approve requests will now be able to see approvals (or denials) of events they have provided for bookings up to 30 days in the past. Previously there was no way to view approvals for events that had already happened.


View Only Requesters Can Now See the Event Book

Users whose accounts are set as a "view only" requester will now be able to see the event book. Previously they did not have this option. This is configured by selecting a security policy for the user that includes the rooms you wish them to see in the book.


Room Type Visible to Requesters

The room type field is now visible to those who are making requests. This is displayed when they view the room's information.


Academic Updates

New Last Imported Column on Academic Terms

If you are importing courses from a text file, you will now see the date of the last upload you did on the terms page.


Final Exam Scheduling (BETA)

If you have a direct integration with your Student Information System (SIS), you can now schedule your final exam rooms in Mazévo. This also includes a final exam room optimizer that will automatically find the rooms matching your final exam requirements. This feature is in Beta, so contact us if you want to try it out with your account.


Bugs Fixed

We fixed several issues with Mazévo, including the following.

Resetting pricing is now working correctly for resource packages.

Some statuses were causing a no data to print error when attempting to generate an invoice. This has been resolved.



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