April 11, 2022

04-11-22 New Shift Reports and Updates to Event Requests and API


New Daily Logs (Shift Reports)

The release of Mazévo includes a new function to allow workers to file shift or incident reports. Mazévo will let you create multiple shift reports and define the questions you want to ask. You can also assign reports to specific Mazévo users to fill out. Reports are saved within Mazévo for review by managers.

Updates to Mazévo Request Form

Add Setup Notes to a Room

Requesters can now add setup details or notes to a room.


Upload a Room Diagram

Requesters can now upload a room setup diagram while requesting from the web.


Hide Old or Canceled Bookings

Requesters who view their events will see new links to hide old or canceled bookings.


Event Editor Updates

Booking Editor - Sorting Resources

The window to sort resources on a booking is now moveable and resizable. In addition, more resources are now visible in the grid when sorting. Previously the size of each resource line was larger and fewer resources fit on the page.


API Updates

New Get Booking Resources

A new resource details call will return resources for specified bookings.


New Get Building Hours

The Mazévo API will now return Building Hours


Get Bookings Call Includes Customer Access Time

Customer access minutes are now returned with the get bookings call.


New Calls to Update Mazévo with Organizations and Contacts

You can now update Mazévo with contact and organization information from an external source. You can also update contacts with organization membership through the API.

Please refer to the Mazévo API documentation for details on the above items. https://www.gomazevo.com/help/using-the-mazevo-api



We made several refinements to Academics in this release.


Bugs Fixed

Advanced find events, and the event list were not displaying bookings if the date range was extensive.

The resource filter in advanced find events was not saving resources saving selected resources.

Running the event list report would produce inconsistent results when filtering by selected rooms.

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