September 26, 2022

09-26-22 New Event Book Sort Order & Other Updates


Event Book - New Room Order Option

Each Mazévo user can now set the order that rooms display in the event book. Previously the order was either alphabetical or based on max room capacity.


Create Invoices - New Hide Invoices with Zero Total. 

Mazévo will no longer display invoices with a $0.00 balance by default. You can still choose to view and generate these invoices if you wish.


Create Invoices - New First Booking Column

When viewing a list of events to be invoiced, there is a new column that displays the first booking date on the invoice. Previously there was no way to see this information unless you clicked on the invoice to preview it.


Requesters - New Alert Message for Requesters with No Associated Organizations

Suppose a Mazévo user attempts to make a request, and they are not associated with any organizations. In that case, they will now receive a message that their account is not yet configured to make requests and to contact their scheduling office to get their account updated.


Requesters - New Request Received Message

A message now displays once a request has been submitted, letting the requester know their request has been received.


Event Editor - New Option to Remove Setup Diagram

If you had uploaded a room setup diagram to a booking, you now have an option to remove it if you no longer need it.


Day At A Glance - New Export option on Bookings and Academic Conflicts

An Export option has been added to bookings and Academic Conflicts


New Report Export Options

All the Mazévo reports have been updated to allow you to export the information into Word, rich text, or other formats. Previously you could only export a report into PDF.


New API Calls

Several new API calls allow you to update Mazévo with individual organizations, contacts, and their associations.


Bug Fixes

The following is a list of issues that we resolved with this update.


  • Some rooms were displayed that shouldn't have been in the event book for requesters.
  • Incomplete requests were not being canceled in Mazévo. Requests that are not complete are automatically canceled after 60 minutes by default. 
  • Users could sometimes submit room requests without selecting a room setup style. 
  • Adding new bookings to an event was not triggering any required approvals. 
  • Canceled bookings appeared in the body of the email when sending confirmations. Canceled bookings should only appear when a user explicitly chooses to show them on confirmations. 
  • An error would be encountered when editing building hours in certain instances. 
  • Bookings in shared/always available rooms were not displaying correctly in the Event Book in Firefox. 
  • Mazévo prevented users from changing bookings' setup and teardown time in specific circumstances.
  • Mazévo would produce an error when trying to run some reports for 90 days or more.
  • Invoices would display a blue bar when viewed from the event editor. They will now show the correct branding color for your organization.

 The following items were previously fixed since the last Mazévo release on 8/30/22

  • Mazévo would become unresponsive when running find invoices for payments or deposits
  • Confirmations were displaying the incorrect number of hours when calculating prices
  • Confirmations were not showing room charges if you configured tax calculations in a specific way.
  • Footer messages would not show on the confirmation if the user decided to hide pricing on the confirmation


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