June 09, 2023

Share Operations Settings with Staff and Other Updates


Operations - Share Settings with Staff

An operations manager can now push their building, status, and service provider filter settings to individuals on their staff. Previously service workers had to configure the filter settings themselves before they could use Mazévo Ops.

share operations settings icon

Operations - Contact Email Displayed

You will now see the primary contact email address when viewing event details in operations.

Operations - Indicate Changes within Two Weeks

You will now see an alert icon in Manage Operations or Review Events if there have been any new bookings or changes to existing bookings and resources within the last two weeks. Changes will be highlighted when you click to open the booking. NOTE: The ability to check individual bookings and mark them as reviewed has been removed.

operations change alert icon

Messaging - Email Notification for Requesters

If an event planner sends a message to a requester, Mazévo will send the requester an email alerting them that they have a message on their event. Previously the requester would not know they received a message unless they logged in to Mazévo.

Event Editor - New Reports Option for Bookings

You can now generate service orders or a daily operations report for bookings under an event.

new event editor reports

Filter Daily Operations Report by Organization

You can now filter the daily operations report for specific organizations.

Copy History for Events & Bookings

Mazévo will now record in the history when a booking or event was copied. In addition, it will display the event ID the booking was copied from and the event ID it was copied to.

Booking Pricing Now Hidden for Non-event Planners

Those with operations or view-only event planner roles will no longer be able to see pricing information on bookings.

Scheduled Emails - Add Attachments

You can now add attachments to scheduled emails.

Security Policies - New Day Calculation for Earliest Bookings

When defining the earliest booking date for requests, Mazévo will now automatically calculate the number of days and hours.

security policy day calculator

Bugs Fixed

We fixed several issues in Mazévo with this release including:

  • The pricing on a room was not automatically updated when a booking was copied, and the room was changed simultaneously.
  • Secondary approval needed emails were not going out automatically to approvers.
  • Making requests from the book was only sometimes triggering event questions. This is corrected.
  • Mazévo was not letting you filter the event list by room. This is now corrected.


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