October 28, 2020

How Mazévo Billing Makes it Easier to Charge for Events


With many in-person events canceled for the foreseeable future and a limited number of gatherings taking place, you may not be collecting much revenue for your events. This makes the income you collect that much more important, especially if your event operation is currently short-staffed. Having a simple and efficient billing system is just as important as it ever has been right now.

Last year we introduced the Mazévo event billing functions that allow you to manage your revenue lifecycle from initial pricing and quotations to invoicing and payment tracking. If you are not already familiar with Mazévo's billing functions, I recommend reading the article linked above to get acquainted with what Mazévo offers. Along the way, we have introduced several refinements that allow you to track your event charges and payment with less effort than ever before. Read on to find out more.

Enhanced Billing Functions

When to bill

Many organizations bill for events on a regular interval, such as once per month. They will look over all the events that had charges during that period and generate invoices. The question is, what about events that repeat regularly? There may be bookings that fall outside of the billing period. Do you bill for just the bookings that took place this billing period, or will you wait until all the bookings are complete? Your organization's policies and any agreements with your customer will determine the choice you make.

Mazévo supports both options. It informs you if all the bookings have taken place for an event yet or not.

mazevo invoicing event complete screenshot 1

Making changes

Ideally, there will not be any changes to event charges after generating an invoice, but things don't always work out that way. Mazévo makes it easy to update or change an invoice, even if you have already processed payment.

Speaking of regenerating invoices, we know it can be a pain in some scheduling systems to void and regenerate an invoice. In Mazévo, the streamlined process allows you to delete/void an invoice and create a new corrected invoice with a single click. When you discover that the invoice is not correct, make the necessary changes to the event and click the regenerate button found on the event's invoicing tab. Simple and painless.

mazevo event invoicing tab regenerate button

Revenue Reporting

Aging Report

Ensuring that you get paid for your services and account for all the revenue generated by your department is a critical piece of the billing process. Mazévo has everything you need to handle your events accounts receivable. See an up-to-date list of unpaid invoices sorted by date. For your customers that may need a little reminding about their overdue invoice, resend it to them with the click of a button.

Revenue Analytics

Mazévo's Revenue Analytics report allows you to view the detail of all your charges and applies them to your internal chart of accounts. Typically this report functions as a general ledger for your event charges and may be used to reconcile your department's finances with another accounting system within your organization.


Communicating to customers

Invoices generated by Mazévo are emailed to customers as a link in the body of the email. Clicking that link will show them the latest version of the invoice, including any payments.

invoice showing payments mazevo

Batch Invoicing

Depending on the amount of billing you do every month, you may generate invoices one at a time or all at once. With Mazévo's invoicing process, you can choose to do it either way. If you create them individually, Mazévo allows you to review the invoice first before finalizing it and email it to the customer. If you choose to do your invoices as a batch, you can create all the invoices at one time and have Mazévo automatically send them to your customers.

Want to learn more about Mazévo's invoicing tools?  Contact us to get your questions answered.


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